[Literary Theory Has Become A Parody Of Science, Generating Its Own Arcane Jargon. In The Process, Tragically, It Discourages Love Of Literature For Its Own Sake.]

Author: Nancy Pearcey Quotes

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Bernard Of Clairvaux Quotes

"I was made a sinner by deriving my being from Adam; I am made just by being washed in the blood of Christ and not by Christs words and example."

Michael Madsen Quotes

"Well, one thing for sure, I wont be remembered for Free Willy. Or maybe I will."

Eugene Benge Quotes

"Getters dont get--givers get."

Fred Davis Quotes

"Whenever I design any variant, or when anybody sends me one, I always say if at all possible within the context of the game dont have two home supply centers touching each other."

Cammie McGovern Quotes

"I thought helping someone else might take me out of my own head for a while."

Lindsay Clarke Quotes

"His guess was confirmed when they approached the well-built harbour of a prosperous town and saw the banners flying from the bastions of the citadel. After the sultry heat of Zarzis, the sailors hearts were lifted and refreshed by the airy music reaching their ears as they pulled in towards the marble wharf. Only when they docked did they realise that they were listening to the sound of the breeze strumming through countless wind-harps and chiming among webs and lattices of translucent shell. It felt as though the wind that had blown them there was now celebrating their arrival."

Julia Penelope Quotes

"Language forces us to perceive the world as man presents it to us."

Louise Caiola Quotes

"Trying to fall out of love is like trying to climb a mountain. Blindfolded, on crutches, naked in a hail storm."

Neil Cross Quotes

"Whats the golden rule of social networking?"Luther hangs up his coat. "Dont do it?"

Karen Miller Quotes

"In this office we do not have problems. We have interesting developments. We have challenges. If we absolute must we may, on occasion, have a slight difficulty. But under no circumstances whatsoever do we have problems."

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Quotes About Trying To Make Love Work

"...falling in love and trying to make someone fall in love with you and working to stay in love and forcing yourself to fall out of love with someone who will never love you back is much, much more exhausting than being alone." - Author: Marla Miniano

Quotes About Photo Gallery

"You sometimes heard about the marginally talented wives of powerful men publishing childrens books or designing handbags or, most commonly, becoming photographers. There might even be a show of the wifes work in a well-known but slightly off gallery. Everyone would come see it, and they would treat the wife with unctuous respect. Her photographs of celebrities without makeup, and seascapes, and street people, would be enormous, as though size and great equipment could make up for whatever else was missing." - Author: Meg Wolitzer

Quotes About Consiousness

"Imam Ali(as) said, " The body experinces six different states: health, sickness, death, life, sleep, and wakefulness, and so does the spirit. Its life is its knowledge and its death is ignorance; its sickness is doubt whereas its health is certainty; its sleep is negligence and its wakefulness is consiousness." - Author: Ali

Quotes About Secluded

"Furthermore, even if ideas were gettable - say, stacked in a secluded cave like the Dead Sea scrolls - I wouldnt go there. An idea, especially one adhered to from start to finish, can be disastrous for a compelling piece of fiction." - Author: Ron Rash

Quotes About Stockpile

"Bill Gates (and his successor at Microsoft, Ray Ozzie) are famous for taking annual reading vacations. During the year they deliberately cultivate a stack of reading material—much of it unrelated to their day-to-day focus at Microsoft—and then they take off for a week or two and do a deep dive into the words theyve stockpiled. By compressing their intake into a matter of days, they give new ideas additional opportunities to network among themselves, for the simple reason that its easier to remember something that you read yesterday than it is to remember something you read six months ago." - Author: Steven Johnson

Quotes About Techno

"Ancient miracles are technological wonders." - Author: Toba Beta

Quotes About Exotic Beauty

"Shes grateful for what she was born with. She should be. Its an awesome face, a perfect face, an ethereal face. The kind people write songs and poems and suicide notes about. Its that exotic kind of beauty that men in romance novels obsess over, even if they have no idea who you are, because they must possess you. That kind of beauty." - Author: Katja Millay

Quotes About Blackberry Fruit

"Our rocky ledge overlooking the valley. Perhaps a little less green than usual, but the blackberry bushes hang heavy with fruit. Here began countless days of hunting and snaring, fishing and gathering, roaming together through the woods, unloading our thoughts while we filled our game bags. This was the doorway to both sustenance and sanity. And we were each others key." - Author: Suzanne Collins

Quotes About Life Interpretation

"There are as many Africas as there are books about Africa -- and as many books about it as you could read in a leisurely lifetime. Whoever writes a new one can afford a certain complacency in the knowledge that his is a new picture agreeing with no one elses, but likely to be haugthily disagreed with by all those who believed in some other Africa. ... Being thus all things to all authors, it follows, I suppose, that Africa must be all things to all readers.Africa is mystic; it is wild; it is a sweltering inferno; it is a photographers paradise, a hunters Valhalla, an escapists Utopia. It is what you will, and it withstands all interpretations. It is the last vestige of a dead world or the cradle of a shiny new one. To a lot of people, as to myself, it is just home." - Author: Beryl Markham

Quotes About Failure

"My interest in this pack of failures betrays my character." - Author: Leonard Cohen