[Look," Grace Said. "How Strange! In Spite Of The Rain, You Can Still See The Stars. How Bright They Are Tonight." She Pointed, But Lorcan Didn't Look. His Eyes Remained Fixed Intently On Her."I Can't Think Of A Finer Sight In The Whole World Than The One I'm Looking At Right Now," He Said.In Spite Of Being Drenched, Grace Flushed At His Words.Lorcan's Eyes Sparkled At Her, Brighter Than Ever Before. It Was As If The Rare Blue Gems Of His Iriseshad Been Washed By The Rain Amd Buffed By The Moonlight To A New Intensity. "Grace, There's Been Something I've Wanted To Do For A Very Long Time Now, But Things Have Kept Getting In The Way." He Reached Forward, Bringing A Hand To The Side Of Her Face. Then He Gently But Firmly Drew Her Wet Face Toward His. He Gazed At Her, As If Seeing Her For The First Time. Then He Brought His Soft Lips Down To Hers And Kissed Her.]

Author: Justin Somper Quotes

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