[Losing People You Love Affects You. It Is Buried Inside Of You And Becomes This Big, Deep Hole Of Ache. It Doesn't Magically Go Away, Even When You Stop Officially Mourning.]

Author: Carrie Jones Quotes

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Jaroslav Pelikan Quotes

"Tradition is the living faith of the dead, traditionalism is the dead faith of the living. And, I suppose I should add, traditionalism gives tradition a bad name."

John Osborne Quotes

"To be as vehement as he is is to be almost non-committal."

Saint Teresa Of Avila Quotes

"There are more tears shed over answered prayers than over unanswered prayers."

Cherry Hill Quotes

"For a human to win, it is not necessary for a horse to lose. You should not have to take things away from a horse or break him in fragments in order to train him; rather you should add to the horse. The goal should be making, not breaking."

Jason Stearns Quotes

"As so often happens in politics, what appears to be politically expedient for those in power rarely overlaps with the public interest. The lesser evils of the regime become entrenched, while the greater good is never realized."

Andri Azis Quotes

"Berjalanlah agar yang indah-indah menjadi terkenang. Melepaskan bukan berarti menghilangkannya. Melepaskan itu justru membebaskan untuk bisa memilih. Memilih bagian mana yang akan tetap tinggal dan mana yang akan pergi."

Nan Little Quotes

"I dont have any babies or ambition. I have it all!"

Jakaya Kikwete Quotes

"If people want to get into leadership through corrupt practices, through corrupt means, I think thats detestable; we have to take action."

Allyson McClain Quotes

"Music is undescribable, and no words can be said to understand it. The only way to understand it is to hear it."

Brad Warner Quotes

"This world is better than Utopia because - and follow this point carefully - you can never live in Utopia. Utopia is always somewhere else. Thats the very definition of Utopia."

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"During the First World War, I told her, Hitler had been a runner, delivering messages between the German trenches, and he was disgusted by seeing his fellow soldiers visit French brothels. To keep the Aryan bloodlines pure,and prevent the spread of venereal disease, he commissioned an inflatable doll that Nazi troops could take into battle. Hitler himself designed the dolls to have blond hair and large breasts. The Allied firebombing of Dresden destroyed the factory before the dolls could ever go into wide distribution." - Author: Chuck Palahniuk

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"I hope the Icelandic government grants me political asylum." - Author: Bobby Fischer

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"You do not mind my humor?""Not at all. Ive not laughed like this …" His brows drew together. "I think Ive never laughed like this.""Usually I exasperate people. And I jest at inappropriate times. Such as during executions. Freya says tis my gift and my bane to frustrate others.""I like your manner, Reginleit. Life is long without humor." - Author: Kresley Cole

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"Measured by any standard, white or black, Washington must be regarded today as one of the great men of this country: and in the future he will be so honored." - Author: Ray Stannard Baker

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"I never like to make plans. Its nice to just hang." - Author: Tom Hiddleston

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"In different circumstances, if we were alone in a dark corner of some bar back home, Id back her right up to the wall and tell her that not only would she like being owned by me, but shed fucking beg for it." - Author: Jessica Clare

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"Dont worry, boss," HARV said. "I get the feeling that this is only the tip of the iceberg of complications.""HARV, youre a machine. You dont get feelings.""Would it make you feel better if I said Ive done a numerical analysis on the probabilities and the results are skewed toward you having more problems with this case?" - Author: John Zakour

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"That day, my first day on the job, was September 11, 2001! I was actually being recognized by Switzerland the very day that the World Trade Center was hit." - Author: Mercer Reynolds

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"I hate you," I say, the sentiment muffled against his heart, hoping to make it true."And I love you," he answers without hesitation, voice resolved and raw as he holds me tighter so I cant break away and react. "A crossroads, my beautiful princess, that was unavoidable—given our situations." - Author: A.G. Howard

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"When you revenge from the one you love; at the end it will be only you bearing the pain." - Author: M.F. Moonzajer