[Love Hits You When You Least Expect It, Grabs You, Sucks You In Whole, And Twists You Around Until You Could Hardly Breathe. Love Hurts Like A Sucker Punch, That's Both Glorious And Beautiful. Falling For Summer Was Like That For Me, Every Time.]

Author: Kailin Gow Quotes

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"I love entertaining and making people laugh. Its my favorite thing to do."

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"Does Hollywood do movies about terrorism? Yeah. And why do they do that? Because it sells."

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"Apakah cintaselalu menyediakan airmata?"

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"I think its outrageous if a historian has a leading thought because it means they will select their material according to their thesis."

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"I dont know where Hank Aaron will break Ruths record but I can tell you one thing - ten years from the day he hits it three million people will say they were there."

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"Hear this now. Nothing, not even death, will keep me from loving you. Though this body may wither and become a dry shell, my spirit will pursue you until the end of time. We will never be apart." He covered her mouth with his and tasted her blood. Trailing tender kisses across her cheek and jawline, he nestled against her neck. "Eternally yours," he whispered. She clutched his head and offered her throat. "Together forever," she responded. Broderick hesitated, her erratic pulse beating against his tongue. "Give me peace," she whispered in a tortured breath. "Do this for me." "I will love you forever, Davina." His fangs pierced her cool skin and Broderick drank the life from his wife, granting her wish…and tormenting his already damned soul."

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"In my heart, my first desire was to be a dancer. I always wanted to dance and I danced from the time I was 7 till I was well into my 30s."

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"In ancient times they had no statistics so they had to fall back on lies."

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"Upon the shores of death I have been told there is a place between the tides where time and pain do not exist"

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"I learned Tae Kwon Do and gymnastics and I have a trainer."

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"Milly Brush once might almost have fallen in love with these silences." - Author: Virginia Woolf

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"Ulisses" - Author: James Joyce

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"Humphry Repton, the leading garden theorist of the nineteenth century, defined a garden as a piece of ground fenced off from cattle, and appropriated to the use and pleasure or man: it is, or ought to be, cultivated and enriched by art." - Author: Tom Turner

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"Why not write a book which is as sophisticated as a book for an adult, but is about the concerns that teenagers actually have?" - Author: Matthew Tobin Anderson

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"The donkey nibbled on his butt. "What the hell!" Leaping a foot, Ozzie jerked around. The donkey was right THERE, not two inches from him, his ears laid back and his big brown eyes soulful. How had the damned thing moved so silently? "Hes just being friendly." Marci shared that special smile that felt like a caress. "He likes you." Appalled, Ozzie said, "He likes my ass." And he backed out of the donkeys reach. "I do, too." No, no, no. He wasnt about to touch that one. "Itd help if youd just be quiet, Marci." Unaffected by his dark mood, she laughed. "Lighten up, Osbourne. Its not my fault, or the donkeys that you have such an irresistible bod."-Osbourne and Marcie" - Author: Lori Foster

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"To call such persons "humorists", a loose-fitting and ugly word, is to miss the nature of their dilemma and the dilemma of their nature." - Author: James Thurber

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"I dream dark dreams. I dream of a figure moving through the forest, of children flying from his path, of young women crying at his coming. I dream of snow and ice, of bare branches and moon-cast shadows. I dream of dancers floating in the air, stepping lightly even in death, and my own pain is but a faint echo of their suffering as I run. My blood is black on the snow, and the edges of the world are silvered with moonlight. I run into the darkness, and he is waiting. I dream in black and white, and I dream of him. I dream of Caleb, who does not exist, and I am afraid." - Author: John Connolly

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"Virtù! Sciocchezze! Sta in potere nostro esser così o cosà! Il nostro corpo è il nostro bel giardino, e la volontà nostra il giardiniere: piantare ortiche o seminar lattuga, metter lissopo ed estirpare il timo, guarnirlo derbe duna sola specie o variegarlo con specie diverse, mantenerlo infruttuoso per pigrizia o concimarlo per farlo fruttare, la facoltà di fare tutto questo e dagire nelluno o laltro modo sta tutta nella nostra volontà. Se la bilancia della nostra vita non avesse su un piatto la ragione da controbilanciar quello dei sensi, il sangue e la bassezza degli istinti ci trarrebbero inevitabilmente alle più scriteriate conclusioni. Ma per fortuna abbiamo la ragione a raffreddarci le bramose voglie, gli impulsi della carne, le libidini; delle quali ciò che tu chiami amore è soltanto un pollone od un germoglio." - Author: William Shakespeare