[Love Is A Choice, Not A Matter Of Destiny. It Is A Choice Renewed Each Day.]

Author: Dean Francis Alfar Quotes

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Kylie Gilmore Quotes

"Ive already seen what youve got," Liz said, completely out of patience. "Now gimme my wine.""Its not that. I want to show you something at my place."Do I have Idiot stamped on my forehead? They both knew what would happen if they were alone at his place.She leaped to grab the wine and some sloshed out on her head. "Ah!"He bit back a smile. "You shouldnt have done that."

Bronowski Quotes

"When Coleridge tried to define beauty, he returned always to one deep thought; beauty, he said, is unity in variety! Science is nothing else than the search to discover unity in the wild variety of nature,—or, more exactly, in the variety of our experience. Poetry, painting, the arts are the same search, in Coleridges phrase, for unity in variety."

James Gary Vineyard Quotes

"Dont drink your bathwater and dont pee on your feet."

Pamela H Hansen Quotes

"Focusing on worldly achievements and acceptance has never been the way to true happiness, and an obsessive, discontent with our physical appearance can lead to unhappiness if not despair."

Susan Forward Quotes

"Children who are not encouraged to do, to try, to explore, to master, and to risk failure, often feel helpless and inadequate. Over-controlled by anxious, fearful parents, these children often become anxious and fearful themselves. This makes it difficult for them to mature. Many never outgrow the need for ongoing parental guidance and control. As a result, their parents continue to invade, manipulate, and frequently dominate their lives."

Kofi Awoonor Quotes

"On the Gallows OnceKofi AwoonorI crossed quite a fewof your rivers, my gods,into this plain where thirst reignsI heard the cry of mournersthe long cooing of the African wren at duskthe laughter of the children at dawnhad long ceasednight comes fast in our landwhere indeed are the promised vistasthe open fields, blue skies, the singing birdsand abiding love?History records actsof heroism, barbarismof some who had powerand abused it massivelyof some whose progenitorsplanned for themthe secure state of madnessfrom which no storm can shake them;of some who took the last shipsdisembarked on some far-off shores and forgotof some who simply laid down the loadand went home to the ancestors"

Mary Elizabeth Coleridge Quotes

"We never said farewell, not even lookedOur last upon each other, for no signWas made when we the linked chain unhookedAnd broke the level line.And here we dwell together, side by side,Our places fixed for life upon the chart,Two islands that the roaring seas divideAre not more far apart."

Chad Smith Quotes

"Jazz can be so serious, no sense of humor."

Graham OConnell Quotes

"Learning is a journey: from facts to knowledge, on to understanding and eventually wisdom."

Desmond Morris Quotes

"Life is like a very short visit to a toyshop between birth and death."

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Quotes About Leaving Your Wife

"We certainly dont wish to be the cause of any trouble in your home." Lucy smiled in response to the delicate insinuation."Please dont worry. You havent caused any trouble at all.""Theres not a word of truth in that," Raine said with a mellifluous laugh. "Unexpected companys always trouble.But Ill be leaving for England soon,and then youll have your home and your husband all to yourself again."Lucys spine stiffened at the implication that Raine had somehow undermined her position as Heaths wife. "Youre welcome in my home. And dont mind any of the time that my husband wishes to spend with either of his sisters." Lucy emphasized the last word lightly. After giving Raine a few seconds to digest that, she continued in a casual tone. "How exciting the prospect of living in England must be." - Author: Lisa Kleypas

Quotes About Clouds And Sunsets

"I have seen clouds part for the sun. I have seen rainbows. I have seen flowers in the morning, covered in dew, and I have seen sunsets so brilliant with fire they made me want to weep. And I have seen Dan smile at me, his lips still wet from my kiss, and if I had to choose which sight moved me the most I would say it was that one." - Author: Megan Hart

Quotes About Craving Chocolate

"Maybe it was just an over abundance of hormones, a response to a sexual starvation diet. Id been without for so long that my body was craving the worst possible thing for me. Cooper was carnal triple chocolate cheesecake, deep-fried on a stick." - Author: Molly Harper

Quotes About Autism

"Being a typical teenager isnt easy. When you have autism, it can be extra difficult. We need more public awareness about these hurdles as well as compassion towards these young people." - Author: Holly Robinson Peete

Quotes About Telling Someone What They Mean To You

"I think of myth and magic as the hieroglyphics of the human psyche. They are a special language that circumvents conscious thought and goes straight to the subconscious. Non-fiction uses the medium of information. It tells us what we need to know. Science fiction primarily uses the medium of physics and mathematics. It tells us how things work, or could work. Horror taps into the darker imagery of the psychology, telling us what we should fear. Fantasy, magic and myth, however, tap into the spiritual potential of the human life. Their medium is symbolism, truth made manifest in word pictures, and they tell us what things mean on a deep, internal level. I have always been a meaning-maker. I have always been someone who strives to make sense of everything and perhaps that is where my life as a storyteller first began. Life doesnt always make sense, but story must. And so I write stories, and the world comes right again." - Author: Ripley Patton

Quotes About Math And Music

"The greatest mathematics has the simplicity and inevitableness of supreme poetry and music, standing on the borderland of all that is wonderful in Science, and all that is beautiful in Art." - Author: Robert Turnbull

Quotes About Possessive

"Damn straight Im better looking. And why were you noticing?"Colton tweaked him in the side. "More jealousy?""Youl notice Im rather possessive.""You? No! " He tickled him again. "Then again…I do hear the word ‘ mine out of your mouth quite often." - Author: Finn Marlowe

Quotes About Further Education

"It is, of course, further indication that a fundamentalist right has really taken over much of the Republican Party, People might cite George Bush as proof that you can be totally impervious to the effects of Harvard and Yale education." - Author: Barney Frank

Quotes About More

"She has gone back to Brooklyn, her mother would say. And, as the train rolled past Macmire Bridge on its way towards Wexford, Eilis imagined the years already when these words would come to mean less and less to the man who heard them and would come to mean more and more to herself. She almost smiled at the thought of it, then closed her eyes and tried to imagine nothing more." - Author: Colm Tóibín

Quotes About Stocked

"Any good kitchen should be stocked up in oysters, shouldnt they?" - Author: Michael Fassbender