[Love Is Not Limited.]

Author: Sandra Dallas Quotes

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Helen Ellis Quotes

"A pink razor is like a mouse, where ever it is the pussy will follow."

Maria Edgeworth Quotes

"The bore is usually considered a harmless creature, or of that class of irrationa bipeds who hurt only themselves."

Joseph Bologna Quotes

"I think grown-ups dont go to movies because theyre much more discerning."

Michele Mcknight Baker Quotes

"Depression can be a form of self hatred. We dont feel comfortable in our own skin."

Heidi Betts Quotes

"The Howard Hughes thing hadnt actually sounded like such a bad deal until about...oh, eight thirty-five this morning. Something about having his ex carry him to the bathroom and help him wash his balls just took all the fun out of becoming an eccentric recluse."

Donna Reed Quotes

"Forty pictures I was in, and all I remember is What kind of bra will you be wearing today, honey? That was always the area of big decision - from the neck to the navel."

Amy Tan Quotes

"I think Kwan intended to show me the world is not a place but the vastness of the sou. And the soul is nothing more than love, limitless, endless, all that moves us toward knowing what is true....If people we love die, then they are lost only to our ordinary senses. If we remember, we can find them anytime with our hundred secret senses."

Lloyd Dorfman Quotes

"Individual and corporate support is vital to building on Londons leadership in the arts, and I hope others will join me in wanting to build on the Nationals role at the heart of modern theatre and sustaining it long into the future."

Clyde Dsouza Quotes


Roberto Juarroz Quotes

"Poesía Vertical 22Inventar el regreso del mundodespués de su desaparición.E inventar un regreso a ese mundodesde nuestra desaparición.Y reunir las dos memorias,para juntar todos los detalles.Hay que ponerle pruebas al infinito,para ver si resiste."

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Quotes About Being Fully Present

"Though riches had charms, poverty had no terrors for an inexperiencedgirl like me. Indeed, to say the truth, there was something exhilaratingin the idea of being driven to straits, and thrown upon our own resources.I only wished papa, mamma, and Mary were all of the samemind as myself; and then, instead of lamenting past calamities we mightall cheerfully set to work to remedy them; and the greater the difficulties,the harder our present privations, the greater should be our cheerfulness to endure the latter, and our vigour to contend against the former." - Author: Anne Brontë

Quotes About Flaws Being Beautiful

"This was middle school, the age of miracles, the time when kids shot up three inches over the summer, when breasts bloomed from nothing, when voices dipped and dove. Our first flaws were emerging, but they were being corrected. Blurry vision could be fixed invisibly with the magic of the contact lens. Crooked teeth were pulled straight with braces. Spotty skin could be chemically cleared. Some girls were turning beautiful. A few boys were growing tall." - Author: Karen Thompson Walker

Quotes About Procrustes

"The Procrustean bed. . .suggests itself with dispiriting aptness as a metaphor for the Culture Wars, right down to the blandishments with which Procrustes must have lured his guests over the threshold. (I picture him as a handsome fellow with a large vocabulary and an oleaginous tongue, not unlike the chairmen of many English departments.) Theres just one crucial difference. Sometimes Procrustes lopped off his victims, and sometimes he stretched them, but the Culture Wars always lop. I have never seen cultural politics enlarge a work of literature, only diminish it." - Author: Anne Fadiman

Quotes About Haters Dan Artinya

"Bi al-Lughoh narifu al-‘ilma wa bi duunihaa kunna fi adh-dhalaam. Dengan bahasa kita bisa menguasai ilmu dan tanpanya kita akan berada dalam kegelapan (kebodohan)" - Author: Dian Nafi

Quotes About Unhappy Families

"Happy or unhappy, families are all mysterious. We have only to imagine how differently we would be described - and will be, after our deaths - by each of the family members who believe they know us." - Author: Gloria Steinem

Quotes About The Lord Works In Mysterious Ways

"The lord works in mysterious ways. Indeed. And a shorter way to say that is:God is a sneak" - Author: Demetri Martin

Quotes About Definition Of Happiness

"This is the definition of happiness: a whole day stretching out ahead of me, beautiful in its emptiness and simplicity." - Author: Tabitha Suzuma

Quotes About Lose

"And some go the other way, the most lethal way of all: when the pressure gets to be too much, its not their nerve that breaks, its their fear. They lose the capacity to be afraid, even when they should be. These cant ever go home again. Theyre like those First World War airmen, the finest ones, shining in their recklessness and invincible, who got home and found that home had no place for what they were. Some people are undercovers all the way to the bone; the job has taken them whole." - Author: Tana French

Quotes About Anthology

"A canon is a guarded catalogue of that speech, music and art which houses inside us, which is irrevocably familiar to our homecomings. And this will include, if honestly arrived at and declared (even if solely to oneself), all manner of ephemera, trivial, and possibly mendacious matter…No manor woman need justify his personal anthology, his canonic welcomes. Love does not argue its necessities." - Author: George Steiner

Quotes About The Hare And The Tortoise

"In real life, it is the hare who wins. Every time. Look around you. And in any case it is my contention that Aesop was writing for the tortoise market. Hares have no time to read. They are too busy winning the game." - Author: Anita Brookner