[Luckily For Me I Have A Very Supportive Family And A Loving Group Of Friends.]

Author: Andrew Rannells Quotes

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Julia Donaldson Quotes

"I opened a book and in I strode.Now nobody can find me.Ive left my chair, my house, my road,My town and my world behind me.Im wearing the cloak, Ive slipped on the ring,Ive swallowed the magic potion.Ive fought with a dragon, dined with a kingAnd dived in a bottomless ocean.I opened a book and made some friends.I shared their tears and laughterAnd followed their road with its bumps and bendsTo the happily ever after.I finished my book and out I came.The cloak can no longer hide me.My chair and my house are just the same,But I have a book inside me."

Clay Mitchell Quotes

"To standing in the bow wind with no charted course."Clay Mitchell, "Half-Past Eternity" book II "Eterna"."

Aphole Quotes

"What is birthday, but a celebration of death."

Evanescence Quotes

"I like to use two basic elements for my clothing: rock... you know, metal and chains and stuff - mixed with fairies and drama and Victorian clothing - fantasy."

Arthur Boyd Quotes

"I stress the uniqueness of the Australian landscape and its metaphysical and mythic content."

Tim Robbins Quotes

"Directing is creating a whole. Youre able to combine different elements and create a film that is unique and true to your vision."

Harry Von Zell Quotes

"As a designer, the mission with which we have been charged is simple: providing space at the right cost."

Corin Nemec Quotes

"Id just gotten into Los Angeles from Texas, where I live, and the phone rang and it was the guy calling about the Willie Nelson video. I was totally excited about it."

Julia Bacha Quotes

"When conflicts end non-violently, its more likely that the result will be longer-lasting, democratic societies."

Les Wexner Quotes

"Entrepreneurs, guys that start businesses, grow with them. Its more painful than it would appear."

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Quotes About Famous Huckleberry Finn

"I give Finn a wicked smile. "Dont you think a peg leg would be charming? Like a pirate? The first mate of the Calypso had one, didnt he?""It would add a certain rakish factor. Have you got a spare eye patch?""Be serious, you two. Gangrene is no laughing matter," Mrs. OHare scolds." - Author: Jessica Spotswood

Quotes About Befriend

"The adventure of life is to learn. The purpose of life is to grow. The nature of life is to change. The challenge of life is to overcome. The essence of life is to care. The opportunity of like is to serve. The secret of life is to dare. The spice of life is to befriend. The beauty of life is to give." - Author: William Arthur Ward

Quotes About True Love And Passion

"Beyond love, beyond unrequited love, perhaps even beyond any other passion known to humanity, deep, deep in the depths of the turgid, clinging, swamplike pit of despair that lies dormant within every soul, lurks JEALOUSY. Jealousy, that most demeaning and debilitating of emotions. Jealousy, which can double the strength of the love upon which it is based, but whilst doubling it, warp and pervert it, untill it is no longer recognizable as the thing of beauty it once was. Jealous love is no more like true love than Mr Hyde was like Dr Jekyll or a stagnant swamp is like a freshwater lake." - Author: Ben Elton

Quotes About Italians

"As our larynxes descended, we were able to make sounds with our mouths in new and far more expressive ways. Verbal language soon overtook physical gesturing as the primary means of communication for all human beings except Italians. (Earth (The Book), p. 36)" - Author: Jon Stewart

Quotes About Monique

"Monique, I realize that its a short list of men in this town you havent tied up, held down or sent to the free clinic, but why dont you just leave Leo alone. At least until he can update his vaccinations." - Author: Barbra Annino

Quotes About Sigmund

"youre quite wrong there, Collie. One does miss sex. The body has a life of its own. We do miss what we havent had, you and I. Biologically. Ask Sigmund Freud. It is revealed in dreams. The absent touch of warm limbs at night, the absent" - Author: Muriel Spark

Quotes About Birthday And Love

"Your daughter is ugly.She knows loss intimately,carries whole cities in her belly.As a child, relatives wouldnt hold her.She was splintered wood and sea water.They said she reminded them of the war.On her fifteenth birthday you taught herhow to tie her hair like rope and smoke it over burning frankincense.You made her gargle rosewaterand while she coughed, saidmacaanto girls like you shouldnt smellof lonely or empty.You are her mother.Why did you not warn her,hold her like a rotting boatand tell her that men will not love herif she is covered in continents,if her teeth are small colonies,if her stomach is an islandif her thighs are borders?What man wants to lay down and watch the world burn in his bedroom? Your daughters face is a small riot,her hands are a civil war,a refugee camp behind each ear,a body littered with ugly thingsbut God, doesnt she wearthe world well." - Author: Warsan Shire

Quotes About Wow

"Oh, hey, kettle, Im pot and wow, youre black." - Owen" - Author: Olivia Cunning

Quotes About Requel

"God? Nope." requels smile told me she was joking around to make this easier for me "santa clause? No again." - Author: Claudia Gray

Quotes About Forgiveness Search Quotes

"She would search for him. In the land that lay east of the sun and west of the moon. But there was no way there." - Author: Edith Pattou