[Luckily For Me I Have A Very Supportive Family And A Loving Group Of Friends.]

Author: Andrew Rannells Quotes

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"Tell me you wont go, tell me youll stay forever, tell me you love me."

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"What are you? The Mother Theresa of sluts?"

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"My wife and I volunteer for the Guide Dog Foundation, and we have two giant labs."

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"I may plan to make Christ the center of Christmas, but when I wait until December to focus on celebrating His birthday, I become entangled in Christmas lights, holiday baking, and festive engagements, often wondering if Ive experienced the illusive "true meaning" of Christmas."

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"They might have a long way to go before truly accepting gay people into their lives, but they have accepted the show into their living rooms each and every week."

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"If I were asked to define Motherhood. I would have defined it as Love in its purest form. Unconditional Love. ~~ Revathi Sankaran"

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"My first plan of escape having failed, I now determined upon another."

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"Si il y a des sorcières, cetta fille-là en est une."

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"Although I was raised Jewish, my upbringing didnt include any formal religious education or training."

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"Have while you write!"

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"Chris Hedges said that Michael Jacksons memorial service was a variety show with a coffin, that MJ transformed himself through surgery and perhaps female hormones from a brown-skinned African American male to a chalk-faced androgynous ghoul with no clear sexual identity." - Author: Chris Hedges

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"I am a technological activist. I have a political agenda. I am in favor of basic human rights: to free speech, to use any information and technology, to purchase and use recreational drugs, to enjoy and purchase so-called vices, to be free of intruders, and to privacy." - Author: Bram Cohen

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