[..luxury Is The Enemy Of Observation, A Costly Indulgence That Induces Such A Good Feeling That You Notice Nothing. Luxury Spoils And Infantilizes You And Prevents You From Knowing The World. That Is Its Purpose, The Reason Why Luxury Cruises And Great Hotels Are Full Of Fatheads Who, When They Express An Opinion, Seem As Though They Are From Another Planet. It Was Also My Experience That One Of The Worst Aspects Of Travelling With Wealthy People, Apart From The Fact That The Rich Never Listen, Is That They Constantly Groused About The High Cost Of Living – Indeed, The Rich Usually Complained Of Being Poor.]

Author: Paul Theroux Quotes

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Edward Everett Hale Quotes

"Make it your habit not to be critical about small things."

Michael N Castle Quotes

"This is a value-added college education if I have heard one described. And what is the most remarkable about Delaware State University graduates - is they just keeping giving back."

Juice Newton Quotes

"I cant live off of yesterday - thats in the past."

Hart Bochner Quotes

"Certainly as an actor, half of your work is not going to end up on the screen anyway, because in the editorial process, they need to cut to the other actor in the scene. Very often, your best work ends up on the cutting room floor, because it just doesnt work with the overall narrative drive of the story."

Breanna Sampson Quotes

"If we cannot be contented with our current lives and possessions, then we are feeding an appetite that no amount of money will ever satiate."

Phil Knight Quotes

"I still get real nervous when I go in front of more than two people."

Johannes P Muller Quotes

"To speak, therefore, of an electric current in the nerves, is to use quite as symbolic an expression as if we compared the action of the nervous principle with light or magnetism."

Adel Sakura Quotes

"YES and NO is just a word but it have big meanings inside it."

Heidi Baker Quotes

"I believe that Jesus would have given His life for just one person. Jesus emptied Himself, He humbled Himself and He so yielded Himself to His Fathers love that He had no ambition of His own. He was not looking to build an empire, He did not want praise or adulation or to impress people with who or how many followed Him. He stopped over and over again for just one person, for just one life."

Rene Cazelles Quotes

"I should like my house to be similar to that of the ocean wind, all quivering with gulls."

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"Language is changing constantly; printing and modern education have slowed it but have not stopped it. Given all this change, when, exactly, was language PERFECT, in the language pundits mind? One has the feeling that the decline-mongers would feel rather sheepish has reading any answer. The 1950s? The Edwardian era? The real answer, however rarely expressed, seems to be "when Island it as a young person." - Author: Robert Lane Greene

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"So, you wanna know what I want? I want it all. I want to be in love so much it hurts. The frissons. The pin pricks. The mind-blowing sex. The connection. And I want to be married with kids I adore and a husband who makes me feel safe, sexy, smart, secure, silly, serious, salacious, sinful, serene, satisfied. I want someone who makes me laugh until milk comes out of my nose (only I dont drink milk). I want to finish someones sentences. I want to believe in someone, in something, in a future thats not just about laundry and soccer practice and subdivisions and minivans and guilt-tripping grandparents. I want to make someone a better person. I want to be a good example. I want to love some kids into the world. I want someone who stimulates my brain as much as my body. I want to taste everything and go everywhere. I want to give and I want to get. I want too much and I want it all in one person." - Author: Bill Shapiro

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"Marriage is a conspiracy from Tiffany, florists, the diamond industry, and Christian fundamentalists. The only thing good about it is the diamond ring, the wedding gifts, and the honeymoon." - Author: Suzanne Finnamore

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"Is it really worth dying for the person you love?"[Maureen] thinks about this for a moment. "Thats not the real question, Oliver. What you should be asking is, Can you live without her?" - Author: Jodi Picoult

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"Never listen to a leftist who does not give away his fortune or does not live the exact lifestyle he wants others to follow. What the French call "the caviar left," la gauche caviar, or what Anglo-Saxons call champagne socialists, are people who advocate socialism, sometimes even communism, or some political system with sumptuary limitations, while overtly leading a lavish lifestyle, often financed by inheritance—not realizing the contradiction that they want others to avoid just such a lifestyle. It is not too different from the womanizing popes, such as John XII, or the Borgias. The contradiction can exceed the ludicrous as with French president François Mitterrand of France who, coming in on a socialist platform, emulated the pomp of French monarchs. Even more ironic, his traditional archenemy, the conservative General de Gaulle, led a life of old-style austerity and had his wife sew his socks." - Author: Nassim Nicholas Taleb

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"Heresy," by the way, simply means "choice." It came to mean "thoughtcrime," implying it was blasphemy to presume to choose your own belief instead of swallowing what the bishops spoonfed you." - Author: Robert M. Price

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"The trains [in a country] contain the essential paraphernalia of the culture: Thai trains have the shower jar with the glazed dragon on its side, Ceylonese ones the car reserved for Buddhist monks, Indian ones a vegetarian kitchen and six classes, Iranian ones prayer mats, Malaysian ones a noodle stall, Vietnamese ones bulletproof glass on the locomotive, and on every carriage of a Russian train there is a samovar. The railway bazaar with its gadgets and passengers represented the society so completely that to board it was to be challenged by the national character. At times it was like a leisurely seminar, but I also felt on some occasions that it was like being jailed and then assaulted by the monstrously typical." - Author: Paul Theroux