[... Make Your Work IMPORTANT. Important Enough To Ignore Other Things. Mportant Enough To Decide To Finish It. Important Enough To Say 'No' To Anything Else - Until It's Done." - From "How To Focus : Stop Procrastination, Improve Your Concentration, & Get More Done!]

Author: Mani S. Sivasubramanian Quotes

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Regar Asequia Quotes

"Sometimes good is preventing us for being better".rbasequia.."

Carol Van Atta Quotes

"Ridiculous! I couldnt marry, mate, or whatever it entailed with Zane. He was a werewolf. With my assorted backgroundI was all for interracial relationships. Interspecies? — The jury was still out on that possibility. - Chloe Carpenter/I Kissed a Dog"

Jack Miller Quotes

"Cheer up! Youre a worse sinner than you ever dared imagine, and youre more loved than you ever dared hope."

Trevor McDonald Quotes

"Im much more on the phone to Mr. Kevin Pietersen these days than anybody else I know."

K L Jordaan Quotes

"People can learn a lot from one another if their need to be right falls away."

Louis De Broglie Quotes

"Science itself, no matter whether it is the search for truth or merely the need to gain control over the external world, to alleviate suffering, or to prolong life, is ultimately a matter of feeling, or rather, of desire-the desire to know or the desire to realize."

Citra Rizcha Maya Quotes

"Hati tahu ukuran yang tepat bagi setiap orang"

Jane Langton Quotes

"To Homer, libraries were holy places like churches, and the priestly librarians a blessed race, a saving remnant in a world of sin. Whenever God grew impatient and decided to destroy the world he remembered the librarians and stayed his hand."

Margaret Haddix Quotes

"I like playing around with the words; I love it when I feel like Ive picked the exact right word to describe whatever it is Im trying to describe."

Ann Coulter Quotes

"The actual history of interracial rape - according to FBI statistics - is that, since the 70s, approximately 15,000 to 36,000 white women have been raped by black men every year, while, on average, zero black women are raped by black men." (The Department of Justice uses "0" to denote fewer than ten victims."

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Quotes About Paris Metro

"Bus routes reach the most obscure corners of Paris. Theres also the Metro - and especially the great Line No. 1, which runs on tires under the Champs-Elysees and beyond." - Author: Serge Schmemann

Quotes About Populi

"Žmogus dažniausiai palūžta ne gąsdinamas kokių nors konkrečių priešų, ne dėl išorinių aplinkybių. Dažniausiai jį pribaigia atmintis - kokia nors rakštis iš praeities, kuri apnuodija visą organizmą ir virsta nenugalimu košmaru, vėliau įsikūnijančiu į kokį nors populiarų kaip pagyvenęs šlagerių atlikėjas auglį ir keletą nekrologo eilučių." - Author: Sigitas Parulskis

Quotes About Ended Love

"It [love] was a passion neither of the mind nor of the heart, it was a force that comprehended them both, as if they were but the matter of love, its specific substance." —JOHN McGAHERN" - Author: John Edward Williams

Quotes About Obscure Marriage

"Sex can be used either for self-affirmation or for self-transcendence — either to intensify the ego and consolidate the social persona by some kind of conspicuous ‘embarkation and heroic conquest, or else to annihilate the persona and transcend the ego in an obscure rapture of sensuality, a frenzy of romantic passion, more creditably, in the mutual charity of the perfect marriage." - Author: Aldous Huxley

Quotes About Pedant

"Just as we do not today differentiate between the Roman Republic and the imperial period of the Julio-Claudians when we think of the Roman Empire, so in the future no one will bother to make a distinction between the British Empire-led and the American-Republic-led periods of English-speaking dominance between the late-eighteenth and the twenty-first centuries. It will be recognized that in the majestic sweep of history they had so much in common--and enough that separated them from everyone else--that they ought to be regarded as a single historical entity, which only scholars and pedants will try to describe separately." - Author: Andrew Roberts

Quotes About Drawing Comics

"Im still awaiting the idea of drawing comics for a living being a reality. I feel like Ive been dodging work for 20 years, and at some point, Ill have to get a real job." - Author: Adam Hughes

Quotes About Justifies

"Our theory of disaster, of sorrow, of affliction, borrowed from the poets and novelist, is that it is incessant; but every passage in our own lives and in the lives of others, so far as we have witnessed them, teaches us that this is false. The house of mourning is decorously darkened to the world, but within itself it is also the house of laughing. Burst of gaiety, as heartfelt as its grief, relieve the gloom, and the stricken survivors have their jest together, in which the thought of the dead is tenderly involved, and a fond sense, not crazier than many others, of sympathy and enjoyment beyond the silence, justifies the sunnier mood before sorrow rushes back, deploring and despairing, and make it all up again with the conventional fitness of things." - Author: William Dean Howells

Quotes About Lourdes

"I find many drawbacks of myself. But, each time when I visit Lourdes, I receive a lesson of reconciliation. When you see ill people or invalids around, you realize that it is a sin to complain!" - Author: Mireille Mathieu

Quotes About Bread And Love

"They fell to, on the ground. Youve seen a bakerrolling dough. He kneads it gently at first,then more roughly. He pounds it on the board.It softly groans under his palms.Now he spreadsit out and rolls it flat. Then he bunches it,and rolls it all the way out again,thin.Now he adds water and mixes it well.Now salt,and a little more salt. Now he shapes itdelicately to its final shape and slides itinto the oven, which is already hot.You remember breadmaking!This is how your desiretangles with a desired one.And its not justa metaphor for a man and a woman making love.Warriors in battle do this too.A great mutual embraceis always happening between the eternaland what dies, between essence and accident." - Author: Rumi

Quotes About Hope In Tragedy

"Why couldnt he see the tragedy of what was unfolding? Was it because it was too painful, or was it because holding onto hope and dying was better than living if it meant you were forced to see the world for what it was?" - Author: Chris Dietzel