[... Make Your Work IMPORTANT. Important Enough To Ignore Other Things. Mportant Enough To Decide To Finish It. Important Enough To Say 'No' To Anything Else - Until It's Done." - From "How To Focus : Stop Procrastination, Improve Your Concentration, & Get More Done!]

Author: Mani S. Sivasubramanian Quotes

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Abdullah Ahmad Badawi Quotes

"We have now recently launched the national integrity plan."

Josh Brolin Quotes

"I have to tell you, you cant have an ego when youre an actor. A lot of actors have them, but in reality most of those people are just sensitive artists dying for a hug and a compliment."

Peter Greenaway Quotes

"I think that films or indeed any art work should be made in a way that they are infinitely viewable; so that you could go back to it time and time again, not necessarily immediately but over a space of time, and see new things in it, or new ways of looking at it."

Achy Obejas Quotes

"Offspring were a joy or a shame, but still the crown of their elders, natures unpredictable creatures."

Hanneli Mustaparta Quotes

"Im not afraid of problem-solving. There is always a way."

Arthur Findlay Quotes

"...why will men fight and suffer to advance the interests of their masters, who fling them aside when they have no further use for them?"

Steven Soderbergher Quotes

"I want to thank anyone who spends a part of their day creating, I dont care if its a book, a film, a painting, a dance, a piece of theater, a piece of music - anybody who spends part of their day sharing their experience with us - I think this world would be unlivable without art and I thank you."

Nicholas Denmon Quotes

"Things worth telling - take time"

Wilson Bethel Quotes

"Who didnt cry at The Notebook? If you didnt cry at The Notebook, something is probably wrong with you."

Steve McHugh Quotes

"Words actually failed me. I felt as dumb as my lounge-less friend in the corner. "You injected me with vampire blood?" My words were said slowly, ensuring that I didnt get one wrong or accidentally call Francis a fucking asshat. "Youre a vampire?"Francis expression managed to convey how stupid he thought that question was. "I live underground, and youve never seen me outside. Im pale in complexion ands obviously hundreds of years old. What did you think I was? Agoraphobic?"

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Quotes About I Want To Disappear

"I have lived alone, I have fought alone, I have dealt with the pain alone. I will die alone.I think when Im going to leave. I dont want to be seen and I dont want to be followed , I want to disappear quickly and quietly and without any drama , I want as much time in the darkness as I can possibly have . The darkness provides cover, the darkness provides places to hide and the darkness provides comfort." - Author: James Frey

Quotes About Trainspotting

"Every film Ive ever worked on, and that includes Braveheart and Trainspotting, Ive always witnessed a director having a breakdown. Every director will have a day, without exception, where they just cant do it anymore, they dont know what to say to their cameraman, their cast. Its the sign of real, physical exhaustion." - Author: Peter Mullan

Quotes About Kambarage

"Mwalimu Julius Kambarage Nyerere alikuwa baba kwa familia yake. Kwa Tanzania alikuwa mlezi; wa ndoto ya haki, amani, uzalendo, ujamaa, na uhuru." - Author: Enock Maregesi

Quotes About Drum And Bass

"I got heavily into the drum-and-bass scene, which is really wicked." - Author: Ajay Naidu

Quotes About Cassie

"Are you okay?" I (Cassie) call up to him."Um. Define okay." (Ben)"Okay means youre not bleeding to death.""Im okay." - Author: Rick Yancey

Quotes About Orestes

"Electra weeping for the dead Orestes. If we love God while thinking that he does not exist, he will manifest his existence." - Author: Simone Weil

Quotes About Toilet Seat

"GainsThere is no man in the house that I have to try to make happy. There are no more arguments, or nights when I turn away from N in quiet dispair as he snores with an entitled regularity. Everything also stays cleaner; the toilet seat is perpetually down. I have the remote control to the television; no one can take that away. I can watch the Lifetime channel without derision." - Author: Suzanne Finnamore

Quotes About Smoker

"However, you cannot force smokers to stop, and although all smokers secretly want to, until they are ready to do so a pact just creates additional pressure, which increases their desire to smoke. This turns them into secret smokers, which further increases the feeling of dependency." - Author: Allen Carr

Quotes About Bible Nonviolence

"Some parts of the Bible I find a little troubling. For example, if Jesus really believed in nonviolence, why did He destroy the Death Star?" - Author: John Alejandro King

Quotes About Stillness And Quiet

"there is a vast yawning that opens within usit pulls us and claims us and calls us, "come home..."it beckons "come in..."where your teardrops are sacred, where silence is golden, and you are His own. slip deeper,and deeperbeneath all the churning let deepness engulf you let His will be done.for this is your country, your kingdom, your homeland,the place where you know you are never alone. yes, theres a vast yawning,a chasm within you an ache,and a hunger to know and be known "come inand be silent" it call from the stillness come in and allow Me to call you My own there is a vast yawning, a depth you cant fathom,a refuge,a quiet, a rest, and a home"come in and find comfort,come in and find shelter, come in and find peacein your heart thats His home." - Author: Kate Mullane Robertson