[Man Knows, And In The Course Of Years He Comes To Know It Increasingly Well, Feeling It Ever More Acutely, That Memory Is Weak And Fleeting, And If He Doesn't Write Down What He Has Learned And Experienced, That Which He Carries Within Him Will Perish When He Does. This Is When It Seems Everyone Wants To Write A Book. Singers And Football Players, Politicians And Millionaires. And If They Themselves Do Not Know How, Or Else Lack The Time, They Commission Someone Else To Do It For Them...engendering This Reality Is The Impression Of Writing As A Simple Pursuit, Though Those Who Subscribe To That View Might Do Well To Ponder Thomas Mann's Observation That, 'a Writer Is A Man For Whom Writing Is More Difficult Than It Is For Others]

Author: Ryszard Kapuściński Quotes

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"Journalists are notoriously prone to exaggerate the beneficial impact of elections and to ignore more complex developments."

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"You need me to inspire you and remind you how wonderful you are. You need me to kiss you." He lowered his head and pressed his lips on her neck. "You need me to love you.""But more than that," he continued, "I need you. I need you to come home to. I need you to talk to and laugh with. I need you to love me back."

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"First, not a word more from you about the past. There was an error in your calculations. I know what that is. It affects the whole machine, and failure is the consequence. You will profit by the failure, and will avoid it another time. I have done a similar thing myself, in construction, often. Every failure teaches a man something, if he will learn; and you are too sensible a man not to learn from this failure." - Author: Charles Dickens

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