[Man Knows, And In The Course Of Years He Comes To Know It Increasingly Well, Feeling It Ever More Acutely, That Memory Is Weak And Fleeting, And If He Doesn't Write Down What He Has Learned And Experienced, That Which He Carries Within Him Will Perish When He Does. This Is When It Seems Everyone Wants To Write A Book. Singers And Football Players, Politicians And Millionaires. And If They Themselves Do Not Know How, Or Else Lack The Time, They Commission Someone Else To Do It For Them...engendering This Reality Is The Impression Of Writing As A Simple Pursuit, Though Those Who Subscribe To That View Might Do Well To Ponder Thomas Mann's Observation That, 'a Writer Is A Man For Whom Writing Is More Difficult Than It Is For Others]

Author: Ryszard Kapuściński Quotes

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Matthew Battles Quotes

"The middle ages did not care much for alphabetical order, because they were committed to rational order. To the medieval mind, the universe [is] a harmonious whole whose parts are related to one another. It was the responsibility of the author or scholar to discern these rational relationships -- of hierarchy, or of chronology, or of similarities and differences, and so forth."

Eugenie Laverne Mitchell Quotes

"Open your eyes to loveOpen your mind for loveOpen your heart and love"

Mark L Van Name Quotes

"Please recall that she rescued you from torture not so many years ago, and do try to be nice" LoboI remembered, but the last thing I wanted was social coaching from a killing machine. Jon"

Stanley Clarke Quotes

"I really like sometimes to do action pictures; I get a really big kick out of doing those."

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"One day, I saw a tiny nopalito (cactus sapling) growing not too far from an old tree. I wanted to dig it up and replant it near our house in Zacatecas. I told my mom that I would protect it from the wind and that I would water it every day so that it could grow nice and tall and strong. My mom frowned at me. "Youd be destroying what makes it special," she said. "Its a nopalito, it is its struggle that makes it so beautiful..."

Alicia Coppola Quotes

"You know, I always say this - As an actor, were lucky to get a job. Then were lucky that anybody gives a damn to watch the thing that were in."

CJ Sansom Quotes

"It seems a universal rule in this world that people will always look for victims and scapegoats, does it not? Especially at times of difficulty and tension."

Lord Haw Haw Quotes

"Apart from my absolute belief in National Socialism and my conviction of Hitlers superhuman heroism, I had always been attracted to Germany."

Francis Assikinack Quotes

"In my opinion, it was chiefly owing to their deep contemplation in their silent retreats in the days of youth that the old Indian orators acquired the habit of carefully arranging their thoughts.They listened to the warbling of birds and noted the grandeur and the beauties of the forest. The majestic clouds—which appear like mountains of granite floating in the air—the golden tints of a summer evening sky, and the changes of nature, possessed a mysterious significance.All of this combined to furnish ample matter for reflection to the contemplating youth."

John F Lehman Jr Quotes

"We are opening up an enormous new era in archaeology. Time capsules in the deep oceans."

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"Hes been asleep since the war began. He knows this now. In defending himself from death he lost his grip on life. He thinks of Emina, risking her life to deliver expired pills to someone shes never met. Of the young man who ran into the street to save her when she was shot. Of the cellist who plays for those killed in a mortar attack. He could run now, but he doesnt." - Author: Steven Galloway

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"The key to finding happiness in this life is realizing that the only way to overcome is to transcend; to find happiness in the simple pleasures, to master the art of just being." - Author: Brianna Wiest

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"Wow, shit. Gotten us a place? I am gone. Over Dorcas Cantrell, a girl who convinced me in a one-minute phonecall that I meant nothing to her." - Author: Tammara Webber

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"I do Skid Row every night." - Author: Sebastian Bach

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"The books I liked became a Bible from which I drew advice and support; I copied out long passages from them; I memorized new canticles and new litanies, psalms, proverbs, and prophecies, and I sanctified every incident in my life by the recital of these sacred texts. My emotions, my tears, and my hopes were no less sincere on account of that; the words and the cadences, the lines and the verses were not aids to make believe: but they rescued from silent oblivion all those intimate adventures of the spirit that I couldnt speak to anyone about; they created a kind of communion between myself and those twin souls which existed somewhere out of reach; instead of living out my small private existence, I was participating in a great spiritual epic." - Author: Simone de Beauvoir

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"I still cant wrap my mind around crossing that line of human behavior – civilized people punching and fighting, making violence their communication of choice. Is it because Im a woman, Ive never considered hitting someone who acted inappropriately? Even one of my best male friends, a gentle man, a believer in spirit and mankind, has thrown a few punches in his time. As a writer, my weapons are words. The thought of hurting someone physically to prove my point has never and will never be an option for me. Well, let me amend that: if someone hurt my child in front of me, tiger-mothers claws would come out." - Author: Rachel Thompson

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"My wife is a lovely leathery green, the blue-tongued lizard said;Her eyes are as red as bulldog ants, lurking in holes in her head;Her body is made of the speckled grass, a violet grows on her tongue,And I could watch her for fifty years if nobody blundered along." - Author: Douglas Stewart

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"Human. Happiness. Death.Everything becomes one palememory in the flow of time.Spirit - always want the impossible and feel pain. Memory - an attempt to find entirety in the endless parodycalled human life. Freedom, policy, power, sex, violence, destruction, war. All extremes of ego are unconscious rebellion against death and loneliness. When you realize, the meaning is lost. I just want to believe:when I die, I will flying like a bird... or like dream..." - Author: Alexandar Tomov

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"You know...its like you live your life opening doors. One after the other. You open a door onto a hallway, which leads to another door, which leads to another hallway. But then one day you open a door and its to a closet. It doesnt go anywhere." - Author: Elizabeth Berg

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"Charlie slowly crumpled to the floor, Allison soon joining him. "Dinner is served!" Stanley trumpeted, as he reached into the steaming mass of offal and fished around for the teens livers. "Aha!" he crowed, as he lifted one liver in each hand over his head.Stanley brought his right hand down and took a large bite from the first liver, spreading blood and gore over his face. He chewed for a moment and swallowed, and then bit off a large hunk of the other one. "All I need are some fava beans and a nice Chianti!" he said as he slurped." - Author: Abramelin Keldor