[Man Knows, And In The Course Of Years He Comes To Know It Increasingly Well, Feeling It Ever More Acutely, That Memory Is Weak And Fleeting, And If He Doesn't Write Down What He Has Learned And Experienced, That Which He Carries Within Him Will Perish When He Does. This Is When It Seems Everyone Wants To Write A Book. Singers And Football Players, Politicians And Millionaires. And If They Themselves Do Not Know How, Or Else Lack The Time, They Commission Someone Else To Do It For Them...engendering This Reality Is The Impression Of Writing As A Simple Pursuit, Though Those Who Subscribe To That View Might Do Well To Ponder Thomas Mann's Observation That, 'a Writer Is A Man For Whom Writing Is More Difficult Than It Is For Others]

Author: Ryszard Kapuściński Quotes

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"A critter reveals his true self at midnight."

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"Lukewarmness I account a sin, as great in love as in religion."

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"... for you will never, I trust, disconnect what you may yourselves be learning from the hope and prospect of being enabled thereby to teach others more effectually. If you do, and your studies in this way become a selfish thing, if you are content to leave them barren of all profit to others, of this you may be sure, that in the end they will prove not less barren of profit to yourselves. In one noble line Chaucer has characterized the true scholar:- "And gladly would he learn and gladly teach." Resolve that in the spirit of this line you will work and live."

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"The real test of progress is how we love God and our neighbor. Everything else is fluff, and potentially dangerous fluff, at that. It gets in the eyes, so that we no longer see clearly as God sees"

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