[Man Knows, And In The Course Of Years He Comes To Know It Increasingly Well, Feeling It Ever More Acutely, That Memory Is Weak And Fleeting, And If He Doesn't Write Down What He Has Learned And Experienced, That Which He Carries Within Him Will Perish When He Does. This Is When It Seems Everyone Wants To Write A Book. Singers And Football Players, Politicians And Millionaires. And If They Themselves Do Not Know How, Or Else Lack The Time, They Commission Someone Else To Do It For Them...engendering This Reality Is The Impression Of Writing As A Simple Pursuit, Though Those Who Subscribe To That View Might Do Well To Ponder Thomas Mann's Observation That, 'a Writer Is A Man For Whom Writing Is More Difficult Than It Is For Others]

Author: Ryszard Kapuściński Quotes

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Brendan Gleeson Quotes

"Its interesting going between small parts and then bigger roles where you carry the film. If the writing is good, and if the people involved have integrity, then youll do it, even if its only five minutes on screen."

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"If you want to be with somebody who gets you, you prefer collusion to desire, safety to excitement (sometimes good things to prefer but not always the things most wanted). The wish to be understood may be our most vengeful demand, may be the way we hang on, as adults, to the grudge against our mothers; the way we never let our mothers of the hook for their not meeting our every need. Wanting to be understood, as adults, can be, among many other things our most violent form of nostalgia."

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"Wed had a bunch of classes together over the years, but I couldnt be sure wed ever spoken one-on-one and now that made me sad."

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"We must make a radical turn, at 360 degrees."

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"I get bored real easy. Im so used to L.A. and the pace that when I go home now I start thinking, Somethings not right, somethings not feelin right. I just gotta do what I gotta do in Oklahoma and get back to the fast-paced city."

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"The thing is, I was so bursting for the loo that I thought my bladder was going to explode. I could hardly speak, let alone make it up your stairs. When you threw the key down and I had to bend over to pick it up, I thought that was it, I was going to flood the road! And Im not even exaggerating. Ive never been so desperate in my life."

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"I stood with my hands on the horses necks, feeling the electricity of their thinking, the blood moving throughout their veins, and the history held neatly within the fabric of every organ of their equine anatomy, as if the body were a storage unit of memory. As I absorbed every nuance of the four-legged creatures, I touched my own stomach, lower back, liver, and spleen to see what the energies felt like. I compared one horse to another, then to myself, fascinated by the way each was so unique yet so the same."

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"There you go with the breasts too big again. I rub my eraser over the sketchbook page and brush the crumbs away before reworking my lines over the ghosted image. With each stroke of the pencil my dream girl comes to life, her heart-shaped face graced with huge blue eyes and plump bow lips. Oh, how I want to kiss those lips"

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"American capitalism is derided for its superficial banality, yet it has unleashed profound, convulsive social change. Condemned as mindless materialism, it has burst loose a flood tide of spiritual yearning. The civil rights movement and the sexual revolution, environmentalism and feminism, the fitness and health-care boom and the opening of the gay closet, the withering of censorship and the rise of a "creative class" of "knowledge workers" – all are the progeny of widespread prosperity."

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"I am not going to pretend to write a love letter to another man."

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"Many composers use software to write music - programs like Finale or Sibelius. There are also recording programs. I should say Im still very old-fashioned, I still use pencil and paper. But almost every composer I know does it the new way." - Author: Eric Whitacre

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"We played this game from the west village to the upper east side til around midnight when the Chrysler building was far behind us and we werent sure if we were in love anymore." - Author: Darnell Lamont Walker

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"Rubbish!" screamed a fat, elderly woman, in Richards ear, as he passed her malodorous stall. "Junk!" She continued. "Garbage! Trash! Offal! Debris! Come and get it! Nothing whole or undamaged! Crap, tripe, and useless piles of shit. You know you want it." - Author: Neil Gaiman

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"My protagonists are my mothers voice and the mind I had when I was thirteen." - Author: Harold Brodkey

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"Lawyers are alright, I guess — but it doesnt appeal to me", I said. "I mean theyre alright if they go around saving innocent guys lives all the time, and like that, but you dont do that kind of stuff if youre a lawyer. All you do is make a lot of dough and play golf and play bridge and buy cars and drink Martinis and look like a hot-shot. And besides, even if you did go around saving guys lives and all, how would you know if you did it because you really wanted to save guys lives, or because you did it because what you really wanted to do was be a terrific lawyer, with everybody slapping you on the back and congratulating you in court when the goddam trial was over, the reporters and everybody, the way it is in the dirty movies? How would you know you werent being a phony? The trouble is you wouldnt." - Author: J.D. Salinger

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"But since death is inevitable we dont have to deal with it (itll deal with us when it decides to). What we do have to deal with is the psychic, physical, and fusion diseases wrought during our so-called lives as byproducts of the elemental clash. In other words were all terminally psychotic and no doctor, hospital, pill, needle, book or guru holds the cure. Because the disease is called life and there is no cure for that but death and deaths just part of the set-up designed to keep you terrified and thus in bondage from the cradle to the crypt so ha ha the jokes on you except theres no punchline and the comedian forgot you ever existed as even a comma." - Author: Lester Bangs

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