[Many Persons Have Been Confused And Discouraged At The Very Outset Of The Study By The Great Variety And The Delicate Distinctions Of The Openings: And This Has Constituted A Fault In Many Otherwise Excellent Manuals For The Learner.]

Author: Howard Staunton Quotes

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Phillip Done Quotes

"The main reason I became a teacher is that I like being the first one to introduce kids to words and music and people and numbers and concepts and idea that they have never heard about or thought about before. I like being the first one to tell them about Long John Silver and negative numbers and Beethoven and alliteration and "Oh, What a Beautiful Morning" and similes and right angles and Ebenezer Scrooge. . . Just think about what you know today. You read. You write. You work with numbers. You solve problems. We take all these things for granted. But of course you havent always read. You havent always known how to write. You werent born knowing how to subtract 199 from 600. Someone showed you. There was a moment when you moved from not knowing to knowing, from not understanding to understanding. Thats why I became a teacher."

Fontenelle Quotes

"Fontenelle was the most civilized man of his time, and indeed of most times."

Yoshikani Taki Quotes

"Mothers should negotiate between nations. Mothers of fighting countries would agree: Stop this killing now. Stop it now."

Elizabeth Duivenvoorde Quotes

"I feel like the queen of the oven! I am the Queen of all oven-dry! Master of heat! You may now address me as "Your Royal Highness"!"

Barnabe Barnes Quotes

"Ah, sweet Content, where doth thine harbour hold."

Abe Lemons Quotes

"I dont have any tricky plays, Id rather have tricky players."

Shane Larkin Quotes

"I was a hyper kid, so I didnt want to play baseball and wait for the ball to come to me. I wanted to play a sport where I could go get the ball."

Mega Elisa Quotes

"Menjadi diri sendiri jauh lebih mudah ketimbang menjadi diri orang lain"

Sarah Churchwell Quotes

"Racism is an effect of slavery, not the other way around. Once slavery was abolished, not only did racism not disappear, neither did the economic system it upheld."

Merrie Haskell Quotes

"I held in the sneeze, though, by thinking of the word cucumber. It always works."

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"Morality becomes hypocrisy if it means accepting mothers suffering or dying in connection with unwanted pregnancies and illegal abortions and unwanted children." - Author: Gro Harlem Brundtland

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"All of the significant art of today stems from Conceptual art. This includes the art of installation, political, feminist and socially directed art." - Author: Sol LeWitt

Quotes About Tantalizing Eyes

"Christ, Heather, I know what I look like. And youre…" His words dropped off lifting a hand towards me and looked away.I folded my arms in front of me. "Im what? Im nothing but an ex-fat child whos completely familiar with self-esteem issues–dont kid a kidder, Ry, Im not perfect either." Thoughts of my tantalizing stretch marks flitted through my mind. Yeah Im far from perfect.His amazing green eyes flipped back to me, a wary pain etched in his face. "So, Im to believe youre not repulsed by the sight of me?" - Author: Beth Mikell

Quotes About Good Business Meetings

"Oh, good grief," said Vimes. "Look, its quite simple, man. I was expected to go "At last, alcohol!", and chugalug the lot without thinking. Then some respectable pillars of the community" - he removed the cigar from his mouth and spat - "were going to find me, in your presence, too - which was a nice touch - with the evidence of my crime neatly hidden but not so well hidden that they couldnt find it." He shook his head sadly. "The trouble is, you know, that once the tastes got you it never lets go.""But youve been very good, sir," said Carrot. "Ive not seen you touch a drop for -""Oh, that," said Vimes. "I was talking about policing, not alcohol. Theres lots of people will help you with the alcohol business, but theres no one out there arranging little meetings where you can stand up and say, "My name is Sam and Im a really suspicious bastard." - Author: Terry Pratchett

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"When the Populist congressman "Sockless" Simpson of Medicine Lodge, Kansas, misspelled his hometown while running for office, he said, "I wouldnt give a tinkers durn for a man who cant spell a word more than one way." - Author: William Least Heat Moon

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"Why bother praying? It does not matter if we have developed bad habits in limiting prayer to only asking for things, but prayer is much, much richer than that. By all means lets keep asking God to keep changing us, but lets also give praise and thanksgiving; crying out in lamentation; affirm our trust and faith; sing of our salvation; and simply wait upon the Lord. There is a way to pray for all seasons under the sun." - Author: Richard Leonard

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"Dragonball is the coolest television cartoon in the last 50,000 years." - Author: James Marsters

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"Tea is an act complete in its simplicity.When I drink tea, there is only me and the tea.The rest of the world dissolves.There are no worries about the future.No dwelling on past mistakes.Tea is simple: loose-leaf tea, hot pure water, a cup.I inhale the scent, tiny delicate pieces of the tea floating above the cup.I drink the tea, the essence of the leaves becoming a part of me.I am informed by the tea, changed.This is the act of life, in one pure moment, and in this act the truth of the world suddenly becomes revealed: all the complexity, pain, drama of life is a pretense, invented in our minds for no good purpose.There is only the tea, and me, converging." - Author: Thích Nhất Hạnh

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"Some countries, like Saudi Arabia, where the population growth is very high, whereby you dont have the mortgage low yet. Still the demand outstrips supply by much." - Author: Al Waleed bin Talal

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"We both want you dead. Im bringing the friendship bracelets to the next meeting." - Author: Nenia Campbell