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Susannah Cahalan Quotes

"When the brain is working to remember something, similar patterns of neurons fire as they did during the perception of the original event. These networks are linked, and each time we revisit them, they become stronger and more associated. But they need the proper retrieval cues--words, smells, images-- for them to be brought back as memories"

Rachel Mead Quotes

"Dont judge the past by the standards of today. It wont work. Theyre incompatible."

Gina Gershon Quotes

"Feeding is a very important ritual for me. I dont trust people who dont like to eat."

Catherine Austen Quotes

"Living with hope is like rubbing up against a cheese grater. It keeps taking slices off you until theres so little left you just crumble."

Mo Rocca Quotes

"Hypocrisy is great fodder for comedy."

Bia Lowe Quotes

"Childhood was our common mythology."

Veronica Roth Insurgent Quotes

"¿Cómo nos conduciremos en este tiempo de conflicto como las personas que buscan la paz?"

Sue Atchley Ebaugh Quotes

"The process of living, for each of us, is pretty similar. For every gain there is a setback. For every success, a failure. For every moment of joy, a time of sadness. For every hope realized, one is dashed."

Stephanie Ericsson Quotes

"The guilt of moving on seeps into my life every time I do something I thought I couldnt do without you. Every time I make a financial decision, I take over your job. Every time I fix the washing machine, choose a wallpaper without consulting you, I feel guilty. How dare I function without you! What could you have possibly meant to me if I can function without you? Much less, function well. Every so often Im overwhelmed with the decisions. In those moments I hate you for leaving me. But I am stronger now, and I like being strong. And for this, I feel guilty. When can I stop proving that I loved you? When will I stop believing that loving you better might have saved you?"

Tina Weymouth Quotes

"We dont always know what were doing. We often just get excited, put something down, and say, Oh, neat."

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Quotes About Twenty Somethings

"Everything said about Gen Xers--both positive and negative--was completely true. Twenty-somethings in the nineties rejected the traditional working-class American lifestyle because (a) they were smart enough to realize those values were unsatisfying, and (b) they were totally fucking lazy. Twenty-somethings in the nineties embraced a record like Nirvanas Nevermind because (a) it was a sociocultural affront to the vapidity of the Reagan-era paradigm, and (b) it fucking rocked. Twenty-somethings in the nineties were by and large depressed about the future, mostly because (a) they knew there was very little to look forward to, and (b) they were obsessed with staring into the eyes of their own self-absorbed sadness. There are no myths about Generation X. Its all true." - Author: Chuck Klosterman

Quotes About Life Eulogy

"You are the best of cut-throats:--do not start;The phrase is Shakespeares, and not misapplied:--Wars a brain-spattering, windpipe-slitting art,Unless her cause by Right be sanctified.If you have acted once a generous part,The World, not the Worlds masters, will decide,And I shall be delighted to learn who,Save you and yours, have gained by Waterloo?I am no flatterer--youve supped full of flattery:They say you like it too--tis no great wonder:He whose whole life has been assault and battery,At last may get a little tired of thunder;And swallowing eulogy much more than satire, heMay like being praised for every lucky blunder;Called Saviour of the Nations--not yet saved,And Europes Liberator--still enslaved.Ive done. Now go and dine from off the platePresented by the Prince of the Brazils,And send the sentinel before your gateA slice or two from your luxurious meals:He fought, but has not fed so well of late..." - Author: George Gordon Byron

Quotes About Scanguard

"What would these young kids do if they didnt have a computer? They wouldnt find their way around the own back pocketsfrom Amaurys Hellion (Scanguards Vampires, #2)" - Author: Tina Folsom

Quotes About Rufus

"Rufus Maleficarus has sorely disappointed me personally. I thought he was making quite a good recovery from what the previous director had unhelpfully referred to as "a soul-searing, sanity-dissolving, profoundly malevolent appetite for power and revenge." As it happens, I think the finger-painting lessons were going very well, at least up until Rufus used the paint to create a summoning circle, and then rode out of here on the back of an obliging Hound of Tindalos..." - Author: Jonathan L. Howard

Quotes About Cooler Weather

"Everybody is waiting for cooler weather--and I am just waiting for you--. (Bob Dylan in a letter)" - Author: Suze Rotolo

Quotes About Letters To The Editor

"Jesus said his disciples would be known for their love, not for their placards of protest and angry letters to the editor." - Author: Brian Zahnd

Quotes About Abortion In A Raisin In The Sun

"The sun shineth upon the dunghill, and is not corrupted." - Author: John Lyly

Quotes About Campus

"ROTC programs at Ivy League campuses would liberalize the military. That can only be good for this country." - Author: Evan Wright

Quotes About Prison System

"People carry around with them internalizations fixed-feature space learned early in life. Man is like other members of the animal kingdom , first, last and always a prisoner of his biological organism. No matter how hard he tries, it is impossible for him to the best himself of his own culture, where it has penetrated to the roots of his nervous system and determines how he perceives the world." - Author: Edward T. Hall

Quotes About Diletta

"But now that so much is changing, isnt it time for us to change? Couldnt we try to gradually develop and slowly take upon ourselves, little by little, our part in the great task of love? We have been spared all its trouble, and that is why it has slipped in among our distractions, as a piece of real lace will sometimes fall into a childs toy-box and please him and no longer please him, and finally it lies there among the broken and dismembered toys, more wretched than any of them. We have been spoiled by superficial pleasures like dilettantes, and are looked upon as masters. But what if we despised our successes? What if we started from the very outset to learn the task of love, which has always been done for us? What if we went ahead and became beginners, now that much is changing?" - Author: Rainer Maria Rilke