[Matagal Na Din Akong Naghintay Dito Sa Bus Stop Sa Pag-aakalang Babalik Sya, Na Muli Siyang Dadaan At Sabay Kaming Aalis. Lumipas Na Ang Ulan. Mataas Na Ang Sikat Ng Araw. Pero Mag-isa Pa Rin Ako Dito. Siguro Naman, Ito Na Ang Tamang Panahon Para Sumakay, Umalis At Lumayo. Paunti-unti. Hindi Naman Biglaan. Konting Andar. Konting Lakad. Konting Kembot Pakanan. Darating Din Ako Doon.Kung Saan Maaliwalas Na Ang Lahat.]

Author: Jayson G. Benedicto Quotes

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"But such occasions of excellence became less and less frequent. As her technique became sounder, [her] sincerity became less necessary."

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"Amazing that you can get a cappuccino at a gas station in L.A. at four in the morning and you cant buy a stamp at the post office in Sofia."

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"Another aspect inviting contemplation is the fact that the affective tone of any feeling depends on the type of contact that has caused its arising. Once this conditioned nature of feelings is fully apprehended, detachment arises naturally and ones identification with feelings starts to dissolve."

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"I loved anything to do with animals from a very early age."

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"Girls who read understand that people, like characters, develop. Except in the Twilight series"

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"In earlier times, so many people sang much more. You know as a kid youd go to some kind of religious training and or summer camp or whatever it was and youd learn to sing a lot of songs."

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"Doesnt seem right, does it? A split second to lose him and a lifetime to grieve over him."

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"Miracles arent always a grand happening like the kind I learned about in Sunday school. Sometimes theyre as small as giving someone a break."

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"By practicing meditation we establish love, compassion, sympathetic joy & equanimity as our home." - Author: Sharon Salzberg

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"This is your one chance. Tell me where the key is.""Okay."Serpine raised an eyebrow. "Really?""No, only joking. Do your worst." - Author: Derek Landy

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"I was shot at for being a Tamil in Sri Lanka, and then, everyone was calling me a Paki in London, and Im not even Pakistani." - Author: M.I.A.

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"Printing ballots in multiple languages costs millions of dollars every year. It also discourages immigrants from integrating into American society and gaining the benefits that come from speaking English." - Author: Ernest Istook

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