[Maybe If We Both Wish Hard Enough, I Will Become Invisible, With Watery Veins And Glass Bones. My Translucent Heart Will Beat On But My Father Will Not Notice Me. He Sees Only My Mother In The Spaces Around Him.]

Author: Corrine Jackson Quotes

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"Peace in Palestine is inevitable. The question is how do we make it happen today."

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"Im your big bad wolf."

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"The body of Our Saviour shat but Our Saviour shat not."

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"I once went through the dustbin outside David Bowies house."

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"We may smile at these matters, but they are melancholy illustrations."

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"Unless you interfere with your belief system, which is where you make most of your decisions, you will recreate the status quo."

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"Even apocalypse looks less dire when viewed over a plate of bacon."

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"A method involving apparent obscurity is surely justified when it is the clearest, the simplest, the only method possible of saying in full what the writer has to say"

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"Since we had little money and few documents, we had nothing."

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"Im a lover of songs."

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"For this is the truth about our soul, he thought, who fish-like inhabits deep seas and plies among obscurities threading her way between the boles of giant weeds, over sun-flickered spaces and on and on into gloom, cold, deep, inscrutable; suddenly she shoots to the surface and sports on the wind-wrinkled waves; that is, has a positive need to brush, scrape, kindle herself, gossiping." - Author: Virginia Woolf