[Me Quota Ang Pag-ibig. Sa Bawat Limang Umiibig, Isa Lang Ang Magiging Maligaya. Ang Iba, Iibig Sa Di Sila Iniibig. Iibig Nang Di Natututo. O Iibig Sa Wala. O Di Iibig Kailanman.]

Author: Ricky Lee Quotes

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Jerry Weller Quotes

"Tax reform and expanded trade are going to be so important to the economy of Illinois, particularly the 11th Congressional District, which is a major manufacturing and a major agricultural district."

Tatyana Ali Quotes

"I even lived on campus to get the college experience. I had five roommates and I still keep in touch with them while Im on the road."

Saba Tekle Quotes

"You must really know how powerful you are—so power-filled its absolutely mind-boggling. Just like X-men, we just need to understand our powers, as humans, to be able to create consciously. We need a "Xavier" to direct it, sculpt it, and shed us from the world of living on accident. Im no Xavier but I am here to guide you on living on purpose..."

Caroline Corr Quotes

"Its been crazy trying to tour with a baby. But its actually working out okay."

Rafael Abalos Quotes

"perhaps death is nothing but a calm and eternal dream"

Oliver St John Quotes

"If a queen bee were crossed with a Friesian bull, would not the land flow with milk and honey?"

Ferguson Jenkins Quotes

"Mental attitude and concentration are the keys to pitching."

Peter Pace Quotes

"We prefer that the leaders of the Iraqi armed forces do the honorable thing; stop fighting for a regime that does not deserve your loyalty."

ER Turner Quotes

"One day you may make wake up and think your all alone.One day you may feel this house is not my home.One day you may find that things around you have change.But one thing for sure God still knows your first and last name."

H James Harrington Quotes

"Measurement is the first step that leads to control and eventually to improvement. If you cant measure something, you cant understand it. If you cant understand it, you cant control it. If you cant control it, you cant improve it."

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Quotes About Silhouette

"As if on cue, a line of silhouettes emerged from behind a desert scrub—shapes that moved like cats. They wandered through the landscape of corpses, touching each with a gentle nudge. They grew closer, and it became clear that Chuluum was leading the other cats on their sorrowful homage, giving the fallen librarians the honor they deserved." - Author: Rahma Krambo

Quotes About Getting Better At Basketball

"Were constantly getting these messages to mind our own business and look the other way if we want to be well liked, to not tell the truth or speak our mind or say anything too intense. Well, Im telling you here that this approach not only makes you party to other peoples crimes against themselves but is a prescription for mediocrity and delusion" - Author: Kelly Cutrone

Quotes About Tricky Love

"Its always that tricky thing with a remake, especially when its something thats well loved. Youre coming to something that has a built-in fascination, but with that comes people ready to feel disgruntled that its being remade at all." - Author: David Tennant

Quotes About Ordre

"Lordre véritable cest le temple. Mouvement du coeur de larchitecte qui noue comme une racine la diversité des matériaux et qui exige pour être un, durable et puissant, cette diversité même." - Author: Antoine de Saint Exupéry

Quotes About Wanting Someone To Change

"I enjoyed so much working with the guys from Wilco, and riffing off of them, and having someone come up to me with ideas, because normally in the studio its me who has to come up with all the ideas." - Author: Billy Bragg

Quotes About Todos

"Recuerdo que mucha gente pensó que todos los que dejasen de dormir venderían su cama. No pasó; la cama aún tenía muchas funciones en la vida de esa gente: amar, tener sexo, descansar con los ojos abiertos, tumbarse, vivir… Se vendieron más camas que nunca." - Author: Albert Espinosa

Quotes About Irrelevant Opinions

"Its a question of why they come for your advice. Whatever I tell you, it doesnt matter, it is completely irrelevant in a way. I know so many actors who were discouraged and put that aside. You will get half-baked opinions." - Author: Michael York

Quotes About Mother On Their Birthdays

"[M]y mother read a horror novel every night. She had read every one in the library. When birthdays and Christmas would come, I would consider buying her a new one, the latest Dean R. Koontz or Stephen King or whatever, but I couldnt. I didnt want to encourage her. I couldnt touch my fathers cigarettes, couldnt look at the Pall Mall cartons in the pantry. I was the sort of child who couldnt even watch commercials for horror movies - the ad for Magic, the movie where marionette kills people. sent me into a six-month nightmare frenzy. So I couldnt look at her books, would turn them over so their covers wouldnt show, the raised lettering and splotches of blood - especially the V.C. Andrews oeuvre, those turgid pictures of those terrible kids, standing so still, all lit in blue." - Author: Dave Eggers

Quotes About Scandinavian

"The Norse way of speaking, no one really knew what the Vikings sounded liked, they were Norsemen. The accent is really a combination of a Scandinavian accent, maybe with a Swedish accent and an old way of speaking." - Author: Katheryn Winnick

Quotes About Christian Obedience

"Obedience unlocks the riches of the Christian experience. Prayer prompts and nurtures obedience, putting the heart into the proper "frame of mind" to desire obedience.Of" - Author: R.C. Sproul