[...Med Students Panic Their First Year When They Learn All The Diseases. It's Not Until The Second Year That They Learn The Cures.]

Author: A.J. Jacobs Quotes

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Naresh Sharma Quotes

"har baat kahte ho juban se mujhe tum... Kabhi apna haal bejuban bhi to bata dil.."

Deborah L Halliday Quotes

"Their roar is around me. I am on the brink Of the great waters—and their anthem voiceGoes up amid the rainbow and the mist.Their chorus shakes the ground. I feel the rocksOer which my feet hang idly—as they hungOer babbling brooks in boyhood—quiveringUnder the burst of music. Awful voice! And strong, triumphant waters! Do I standIndeed amid your shoutings! Is it mineTo shout on this gray summit, where the bird,The cloudy, monarch bird shrieks from his crag,Oer which hes wheeled for centuries? I lift upMy cry in echo; but no sound is there,And my shout seems but whisper. Extract from the poem "Niagara" by Grenville Mellen, 1839."

Elizabeth Jarrett Andrew Quotes

"The basements of the churches Ive loved reveal the foundation of the spiritual life to be not belief so much as engagement with the mystery lurking at the base of all things. We build a framework on top of mystery because we need someplace to live, some manner of surviving natures fury and our mundane daily needs."

Isabel Aanya Leigh Quotes

"No one to notice No one to stareNo one to compromise withNo one to care"

Felicity Lawrence Quotes

"Some 1.2 billion people in the world still have too little to eat; the same number today suffer from being overweight…..For the first time in 100 years medical experts are predicting that life expectancy in developed countries will fall. Thanks to obesity our children face the prospect of dying younger than us."

Onwukwe Chimdinma Quotes


J Frank Dunkin Quotes

"Whether a man favors crepes and classical or cornbread and country, the complexities of life are all the same.-The Rabbi-"

Jim Rogers Quotes

"The price of a commodity will never go to zero. When you invest in commodities futures, youre not buying a piece of paper that says you own an intangible piece of company that can go bankrupt."

Ricky Maye Quotes

"We have it backward. Faith is not business, and there is no such thing as quarterly growth of the inward life."

Adrastus Rood Quotes

"And, for the gods sake, dont waste the whole day working! Make time for a bit of adventure dear. This life is only so long."

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Quotes About Being Thankful To See Another Birthday

"Humans are storytellers. It is our nature to make up stories, to interpret everything we perceive. Without awareness, we give our personal power to the story and the story writes itself. With awareness, we recover the control of our story. We see we are the authors and if we dont like our story, we change it." - Author: Miguel Ruiz

Quotes About Aristocrats

"Anaxagoras belief that lying on the right side during sex would produce a boy was so influential that centuries later some French aristocrats had their left testicles amputated." - Author: Matt Ridley

Quotes About Pilates

"Grandma was wearing a blond Marilyn Monroe wig, a hot pink tank top, black Pilates pants, and black kitten heels. She looked like the senior version of an inflatable sex toy doll that needed more air." - Author: Janet Evanovich

Quotes About Permissive Parenting

"Indeed - judicious, consistent parenting is a dream of mine. No judgements, learning space and listening carefully are my goals." - Author: Emma Thompson

Quotes About Useful

"With educated people, I suppose, punctuation is a matter of rule; with me it is a matter of feeling. But I must say I have a great respect for the semi-colon; its a useful little chap." - Author: Abraham Lincoln

Quotes About Usurpers

"As the people of Ein Hod were marched into despossession, Moshe and his comrades guarded and looted the newly emptied village. While Dalia lay heartbroken, delirious with the loss of Ismael, Jolanta rocked David to sleep. While Hasan tended to his familys survival, Moshe sang in drunken revelry with his fellow soldiers. And while Yehya and the others moved in anguished steps away from their land, the usurpers sand "Hatikva," and shouted, "Long live Israel!" - Author: Susan Abulhawa

Quotes About Graceful

"You know, Ive been wanting to tell you what the word Aria means on my world, but I just never seemed to get the chance. It refers to a beautiful song. A graceful melody that floats on air and delights the senses. Its a fitting name for you." - Author: Donald Swan

Quotes About Nsa Surveillance

"There is no better illustration of that crisis than the fact that the president is openly violating our nations laws by authorizing the NSA to engage in warrantless surveillance of U.S. citizens." - Author: John Conyers

Quotes About Accessorizing

"Now, an hour later, Ethan stood at a window, gazing at the rain, like threads of seed pearls, accessorizing the hills of Bel Air. Watching weather clarified his thinking. Sometimes only nature felt real, while all human monuments and actions seemed to be the settings and the plots of dreams." - Author: Dean Koontz

Quotes About Bible Awakening

"The Bible was penned by men. The Epistles of Paul were penned by that evangelist salesman and his students, desperate to bring mystery and excitement into a quiet philosophy, turning it into a religion promising the secret of an afterlife, answers to questions that previously no one could answer. Always remember, words written by men have an agenda. Sometimes their agenda is for the better, but its usually for the self, and that almost always leads down a dangerous path."~Character Mark from The Awakening, book one of The Judas Curse series." - Author: Angella Graff