[Men Who Have Excessive Faith In Their Theories Or Ideas Are Not Only Ill Prepared For Making Discoveries; They Also Make Very Poor Observations. Of Necessity, They Observe With A Preconceived Idea, And When They Devise An Experiment, They Can See, In Its Results, Only A Confirmation Of Their Theory. In This Way They Distort Observation And Often Neglect Very Important Facts Because They Do Not Further Their Aim…. But It Happens Further Quite Naturally That Men Who Believe Too Firmly In Their Theories, Do Not Believe Enough In The Theories Of Others. So The Dominant Idea Of These Despisers Of Their Fellows Is To Find Others' Theories Faulty And To Try To Contradict Them. The Difficulty, For Science, Is Still The Same. CLAUDE BERNARD, An Introduction To The Study Of Experimental Medicine, 1865]

Author: Gary Taubes Quotes

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