[Modern Candidates Seem To Have To Live With Political Matters All The Time. In My Father's Time, A Politician's Home Was Still His Castle.]

Author: Rose Kennedy Quotes

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Prashant Quotes

"time does stop sometimes, you see everyone passing by, following their destiny and the destination it is leading, and you conclude its better where you are then moving again....often history repeats itself before it changes....."

Emil Ostrovski Quotes

"But—but in falling, we fly, dont we? We fly vertically. Thats the paradox of vertical flight. Falling is the only way we can fly."

Laura Story Quotes

"Be my God, so I can just be me."

Louise Murphy Quotes

"Make love to me," she whispered. "If you make love to me then it is two of us. There is just one of him when he takes my blood, but we are two." "We are two and more than two," he whispered in her ear, and then he lifted her and carried her to the bed."

Joyce Hollyday Quotes

"I ponder the rhythms of letting go and embracing whatever is around the corner, trusting that the empty spaces will be filled. And knowing that sometimes community can happen only in the gaps where mystery resides."

Donna Barr Quotes

"Guys always think tears are a sign of weakness. Theyre a sign of FRUSTRATION. Shes only crying so she wont cut your throat in your sleep. So make nice and be grateful."

Hermann Bondi Quotes

"Religion divides us, while it is our human characteristics that bind us to each other."

Candice Bergen Quotes

"Men say they love independence in a woman, but they dont waste a second demolishing it brick by brick."

Archie Bunker Quotes

"Youre a chimp off the old block"

J G Ballard Quotes

"The chief role of the universities is to prolong adolescence into middle age, at which point early retirement ensures that we lack the means or the will to enforce significant change."

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Quotes About Scripps

"Playing Sgt, Trotter in The Mousetrap is the same as playing Scripps in The History Boys, in the sense that theyre dream roles that Ive always wanted to do. The fact theyre letting me do this professionally and Im getting paid for it, I find astonishing." - Author: Thomas Howes

Quotes About Ugliest

"He used to say the uglier things are the longer they live, and the ugliest things live forever." - Author: Mal Peet

Quotes About Friends Attempting Suicide

"A friend is a possession we earn, not a gift. ....The Lord has declared that those who serve him and keep his commandments are called his servants. After they have been tested and tried and are found faithful and true in all things, they are called no longer servants, but friends. His friends are the ones he will take into his kingdom and with whom he will associate in an eternal inheritance." - Author: Marvin J. Ashton

Quotes About Weather And Life

"Summer has weeks left, but once the calendar displays the word "September," youd think it was Latin for "evacuate." I pity them for missing the best weather and the most energized time of year…Its an extremely impressive display of life at the apogee of summer, the years productivity mounded and piled past the angle of repose. It is a world lush with the living, a world that-despite the problems- still has what it takes to really produce." - Author: Carl Safina

Quotes About Egoistic Man

"Such excessive preoccupation with his faults is not a truly spiritual activity but, on the contrary, a highly egoistic one.The recognition of his own faults should make a man humbler, when it is beneficial, not prouder, which the thought that he ought to have been above these faults makes him." - Author: Paul Brunton

Quotes About Constantly

"The self may be royal, but it hungers like a pauper. [...] And it is a king imperilled, a sovereign forever at the mercy of many insurgents, of fear, for example, and anxiety, of isolation and bewilderment, of a strange unspeakable pride and a wild, silent shame. The self is beset by secrets, secrets eat at it constantly, secrets will tear down its kingdom and leave its sceptre broken in the dust." - Author: Salman Rushdie

Quotes About Throwback

"Im typing away, wondering why I had that Pepsi Throwback at such a late hour. Caffeine is a compulsion. Art is an obsession. Writing is both. It weaves in and out, this obsession, forming a basket, a basket I can hide in while pulling its lid over top; it shuts out the noise and normalcy of living. It shuts out the people and caffeinated relationships I love so well. Can you live with an artsy hermit? A sketchy-betchy, meditative, BabyBoomingPseudoHippie? Then short-term visits are in order." - Author: Chila Woychik

Quotes About Stay Away From Love

"Here is my experience. Stay away from the ones you love too much. Those are the ones who will kill you. What you want to live and be happy in the world is a woman who has her own life and lets you have yours." - Author: Donna Tartt

Quotes About Virgin Mary

"He said focus. The word focus. I hear angels singing. Everything goes dark except for a light that beams down on Sean. It is a God-given sign- like when people see the Virgin Mary in their grilled cheese, except this isnt religious and Im actually not a big fan of dairy. I stare at the back of his head. His HEAD. Something I see every day but never really see because its been there forever. Since the first day of third grade.I crumple up my web. I dont need it. Praise be, the Focus Gods have spoken.I am going to write about Sean Griswolds Head." - Author: Lindsey Leavitt

Quotes About Gangsta Life

"Gangsta to us didnt have anything to do with Al Capone and stuff like that. Its just about living your life the way you want to live it. And youre not going to let nothing stop you." - Author: Ice Cube