[Moj Otac Ima Bratica Ciji Ocuh Je Oženjen Njegovom Blizankom. Njegov Mu Ujak Obicava Reci: "Drago Moje Dijete, To Su, Dakle, Gliste. Žabe Jedu Gliste; Rode Jedu žabe; Rode Donose Djecu; A Djeca Imaju Gliste. Eto Ti Krvotoka Prirode.]

Author: Johannes Mario Simmel Quotes

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"Whenever I hear the word culture, I reach for my Browning!"

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"Country music historically has been sort of middle-aged peoples music."

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"Obviously, youve never seen a woman skydiving in a hoop skirt."

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"You cannot fashion a wit out of two half-wits."

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"Back in our apartment, lights out, The Professor emerged from beneath the bed." - from "The Professor Spends the Night," in issue 4 of Literary Orphans"

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"The life of faith does not follow automatically when a person becomes a Christian. It requires deliberate action on his part. This is especially true in affluent society. The believer must put himself in a position where he is compelled to trust God...It is only as he gets rid of his reserves and other false supports that he can truly launch out into the deep."

Barrie Kerper Quotes

"The great correspondent of the seventeenth century Madame de Sevigne counseled, "Take chocolate in order that even the most tireome company seem acceptable to you," which is also sound advice today!"

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"You cant force an audience to see something they dont want to see, no matter what it is."

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"Some adventures should never be repeated."

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"Stupidity is actually in a way the mark of intelligence - if youre not doing stupid things that defy logic youre probably not taking enough risks."

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"And I really do believe that the most important thing is the way you live your life on earth. But I think its enormously comforting to believe that youre going to see your loved ones." - Author: Barbara Walters

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"The greedy man who is fond of his fish stew has no compunction in cutting up the fish according to his need. But the man who loves the fish wants to enjoy it in the water; and if that is impossible he waits on the bank; and even if he comes back home without a sight of it he has the consolation of knowing that the fish is all right. Perfect gain is the best of all; but if that is impossible, then the next best gain is perfect losing." - Author: Rabindranath Tagore

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"My phone started to vibrate and I flipped it open. Yes, Im the only person that doesnt have an iPhone.The phone talked to me. "Jackson, hows it going?""Hi, Echo. Veeva Stackpooles here."Silence. "What does she want?""Well, at first she wanted me to run away with her and get a lot of plastic surgery - ""Oooo, can I come too?" she said. I love Echo so much."Hey, Veeva, Echo wants to come. Is that okay?"Veeva sneered and said, "Asshole...""Echo it doesnt look like were going to go now. Veeva doesnt want to." - Author: Dan Ahearn

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"Leaders devoid of crucible experiences are likely to be overly confident about their ideas, and surprisingly more susceptible to fears; this is also true of children who are overly sheltered from facing challenges and experiences that help build their character. Courageously facing our fears in the difficult times gives us both humility and real confidence." - Author: Lee Ellis

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"Im only 35, and I felt that the time was right to try to come back and have a chance for him to see me play." - Author: Mario Lemieux

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"You said parachute. You think were going to parachute out of here?""Yep.""I dont think so.""Ah, come on. Tigers arent afraid of heights, are they?""This isnt about heights. This is about being extremely high up in a tree and hurtling out bodies into oblivion based on a strange fabric that you now claim is a parachute." - Author: Colleen Houck

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"Women, I believe, search for fellow beings who have faced similar struggles, conveyed them in ways a reader can transform into her own life, confirmed desires the reader had hardly acknowledge--desires that now seem possible. Women catch courage from the women whose lives and writings they read, and women call the bearer of that courage friend. [p. 138]" - Author: Carolyn G. Heilbrun

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"Au revoir, jewelled alligators and white hotels, hallucinatory forests, farewell." - Author: J.G. Ballard

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"And the purple parted before it, snapping back like skin after a slash, and what it let out wasnt blood but light: amazing orange light that filled her heart and mind with a terrible mixture of joy, terror, and sorrow. No wonder she had repressed this memory all these years. It was too much. Far too much. The light seemed to give the fading air of evening a silken texture, and the cry of a bird struck her ear like a pebble made of glass. A cap of breeze filled her nostrils with a hundred exotic perfumes: frangipani, bougainvillea, dusty roses, and oh dear God, night-blooming cereus... And rising above one horizon came the orange mansion of the moon, bloated and burning cold, while the sun sank below the other, boiling in a crimson house of fire. She thought that mixture of furious light would kill her with its beauty." - Author: Stephen King