[Momiji Sohma: Are You Sure? Shigure Said It Hurt Really Bad.Hatori Sohma: Yes, Well, I Did That On Purpose.Shigure Sohma: Oh, Ha'ri, You're Killing Me! Why Would You Be So Cruel?Hatori Sohma: It Seemed To Be The Only Way To Shut You Up At The Time.]

Author: Natsuki Takaya Quotes

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Eric Lewis Quotes

"Ive never broken a piano. However, Ive been banned from particular clubs for breaking piano strings."

Jeremy Luke Quotes

"When Im on set, I never really get intimidated by people."

Selena Kitt Quotes

"I made a deal with the devil.I sold my soul for vengeance."

Paul Nouge Quotes

"If words allow themselves to be handled, it is with the help of infinite carefulness. One has to welcome them, listen to the, before asking any service of them. Words are living things closely involved with human life."

Kevin James Moore Quotes

"Her honey-blonde hair is strewn across her face as she sways her head. Shes working a red sequined bikini separated by a tan, flat stomach, and a butterfly tattoo resting on her left hip. Her legs are clad in black fishnets that run into a pair of white-heeled boots—still a knockout."

Ritter Von Leopold Sacher Masoch Quotes

"We are faithful as long as we love, but youdemand faithfulness of a woman without love, and the giving ofherself without enjoyment. Who is cruel there--woman or man?"

Ted Chang Quotes

"Our universe might have slid into equilibrium emitting nothing more than a quiet hiss. The fact that it spawned such plenitude is a miracle, one that is matched only by your universe giving rise to you."

Stevenson Alexa Quotes

"The ending shouldnt determine the meaning of anything, a story or a life. Logically, I dont think it can--didnt Heidegger say something to that effect? That the meaning of all our moments cannot be contingent upon an end-point over which we have no control? That if we are happy right now, that means something, even if we die tomorrow? Narrative integrity is overrated. I dont need to know that the story of my life has a happy ending to enjoy it. A good thing, too, because I hear all the characters die in the end."

Ronald Perelman Quotes

"I am placed in situations with opportunities in those situations that others are not. I dont believe that that is happenstance. I believe that there is a God that has a plan for me."

Fritjof Capra Quotes

"A person functioning exclusively in the Cartesian mode may be free from manifest symptoms but cannot be considered mentally healthy. Such individuals typically lead ego-centred, competitive, goal-oriented lives. Overpreoccupied with their past and their future, they tend to have a limited awarenessof the present and thus a limited ability to derive satisfaction from ordinary activities in everyday life. They concentrate on manipulating the external world and measure their living standard by the quantity of material possessions, while they become ever more alienated from their inner world and unable to appreciate the process of life. For people whose existence is dominated by this mode of experience no level of wealth, power, or fame will bring genuine satisfaction"

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"She stared out. She saw a vastness, a rising shape, indistinct in the rain, gray in the misty drizzle. At first she had thought it was a cloud, a great bank of fog drifting up over the mountains, but now she realized with a cold awe that it was real, a vast building climbing the mountainside, rising in a countless series of rooms, stairways, balconies, and galleries, far away and immense, its topmost roofs white with snow. And up there, like a needle sharp with ice, one uttermost pinnacle flew the remote black pennant of the Watch.The Tower of Song." - Author: Catherine Fisher

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"No, it was simply that I was uninterested in making, as I saw it, a Xerox of some old emotional state. I was in my mid-thirties, with a marriage more or less behind me. I was no longer vulnerable to curiositys enormous momentum. I had nothing new to murmur to another on the subject of myself and not the smallest eagerness about being briefed on Danielles supposedly unique trajectory—a curve described under the action, one could safely guess, of the usual material and maternal and soulful longings, a few thwarting tics of character, and luck good and bad. A life seemed like an old story." - Author: Joseph ONeill

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"Every night you turned me down was worth it, if all I ever get is just this one." - Author: LeighAnn Kopans

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"Should it concern us that the bible never calls us to ask Jesus into our hearts. Should it concern us that the bible never mentions such a superstitious sinners prayer and yet that is exactly what we have sold to so many as salvation." - Author: David Platt

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"The essential truth of life, he was coming to realize, wasnt romantic an took only two words to label: Shit. Happens." - Author: J.R. Ward

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"I already have my bathroom time scheduled, so youll have to work around it. Please note the bathroom is unavailable for the hour before each of my scheduled usage times (I dont like to feel as if someone has just been in there when I have to go). However, for your convenience, there is also a toilet available with minimal wait time on the first floor lobby if you have an emergency and need immediate use." - Author: Kyle Adams

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"You cant learn to write in college. Its a very bad place for writers because the teachers always think they know more than you do" - Author: Ray Bradbury

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"Moje uznanie, Reinmarze. Łeż to, jak widzę, że uniwersytety mogą młodzika nauczyć jeno pijaństwa, wszeteczeństwa i plugawej mowy. Łeż, zaprawdę." - Author: Andrzej Sapkowski

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"Bengalis love to celebrate their language, their culture, their politics, their fierce attachment to a city that has been famously dying for more than a century. They resent with equal ferocity the reflex stereotyping that labels any civic dysfunction anywhere in the world another Calcutta." - Author: Bharati Mukherjee

Quotes About Literacy Rate

"Still, it strikes me that, taken together, they do make an argument, and it is this: the rise of American democracy is bound up with the history of reading and writing, which is one of the reasons the study of American history is inseparable from the study of American literature. In the early United States, literacy rates rose and the price of books and magazines and newspapers fell during the same decades that suffrage was being extended. With everything from constitutions and ballots to almanacs and novels, American wrote and read their way into a political culture inked and stamped and pressed in print." - Author: Jill Lepore