[More Company Increases Happiness, But Does Not Lighten Or Diminish Misery.]

Author: Thomas Traherne Quotes

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John Stumpf Quotes

"When I wake up in the morning, the first thing I look at is the checking account report from the day before. I love checking accounts. I dream about them."

Sarah Micklem Quotes

"He pushed up his visor and came over to me. He put his shield arm around me and pulled me close. This new skin of his was cold and hard, and I was glad of it. But I wished I could take him by the hair and dip him in metal, so that he was covered all over, for I didnt like the chinks, the way a dagger could find the back of his knee and hamstring him, or a sword find its way through the mail under his arm. We are imperfect vessels. We leak so easily."

Josephine Angelini Quotes

"Thats the way Greek drama worked."

JK Miller II Quotes

"People need something to worship, lad. They need a belief in something beyond this world. Look at it now. This world is in chaos. People are killing each other for conquest, stealing, bringing each other down whenever they get the chance. Believe it or not, most people know this in one way or another. Perhaps they dont understand the magnitude, but they see that this world is anything but perfect. They need something that makes their comings and goings here worthwhile."

Eric Andre Quotes

"I grew up in Boca Raton, Florida - the worst place on earth."

Manny Farber Quotes

"The Big Sleep is an unsentimental, surrealist excitement in which most of the men in Hollywoods underworld are murdered and most of the women go for an honest but not unwilling private sleuth (Humphrey Bogart)."

Bear Bryant Quotes

"I plan on staying at Alabama for the rest of my career. I guarantee that Ill be here for you through it all, regardless of what happens."

Brad Pitt Quotes

"Let us be the ones who say we do not accept that a child dies every three seconds simply because he does not have the drugs you and I have. Let us be the ones to say we are not satisfied that your place of birth determines your right for life. Let us be outraged, let us be loud, let us be bold."

Adam Lindsay Gordon Quotes

"Life is mostly froth and bubble,Two things stand like stone.Kindness in anothers trouble,Courage in your own."

James Emery White Quotes

"The great opposition to reading is what I allow to fill my time instead of reading. To say we have no time to read is not really true; we simply have chosen to use our time for other things, or have allowed our time to be filled to the exclusion of reading. So dont add reading to your to-do list. Just stop doing the things that keep you from doing it. But read."

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Quotes About Mezzofiction

"What method acting is for the stage, mezzofiction is for the page." - Author: Fierce Dolan

Quotes About Being Manic Depressive

"I go from being hugely hopeful and entertaining to... really not. Im not manic depressive, but I can really go to the darker side." - Author: Selma Blair

Quotes About City And Village Life

"Dads death didnt hollow me out the way Helens had. After all, everyone had assumed Dad was a goner back when he got kicked in the head as a child. Instead, he had cheated death and, despite his gimp and speech impediment, lived a long life doing pretty much what he wanted. He hadnt drawn the best of cards, but hed played his hand darned well, so what was there to grieve over?" - Author: Jeannette Walls

Quotes About Moody Weather

"As those who have seen Jurassic Park will know, this means a tiny disturbance in one place, can cause a major change in another. A butterfly flapping its wings can cause rain in Central Park, New York. The trouble is, it is not repeatable. The next time the butterfly flaps its wings, a host of other things will be different, which will also influence the weather. That is why weather forecasts are so unreliable." - Author: Stephen Hawking

Quotes About Stay Away

"Stay away from lazy parasites, who perch on you just to satisfy their needs, they do not come to alleviate your burdens, hence, their mission is to distract, detract and extract, and make you live in abject poverty." - Author: Michael Bassey Johnson

Quotes About Flipper

"I guess theyre having what you might call panic attacks. Its an old place and smells a little musty. The hallways are sort of long and narrow. The exhibits are gory. The people are listening to some creepy, nasty stuff on their earphones. It apparently just overwhelms some of them, especially on a busy day when there might be some congestion in the rooms and hallways. Youll have flippers, fainters and barfers every so often. ‘Its sounding more fun all the time. ‘Not as much fun as the heart attacks. ‘You get heart attacks? ‘I dont, they do. Not often, though." - Author: Richard Laymon

Quotes About Bakersfield

"Songs like the Buck Owens tune, for example, are very simple and straightforward, and recording it really gave me a chance to get into and get a sense of Bucks personality, a feel for that whole Bakersfield sound." - Author: Juice Newton

Quotes About Brawling

"Mandorallen turned to Barak. "If it please thee, my Lord," he requested politely, "deliver my challenge as soon as they approach us." Barak shrugged. "Its your skin," he noted. He eyed the advancing knights and then lifted his voice in a great roar. "Sir Madorallen, Baron of Vo Mandor, desires entertainment," he declaimed. "It would amuse him if each of your parties would select a champion to joust with him. If, however, you are all such cowardly dogs that you have no stomach for such a contest, cease this brawling and stand aside so that your betters may pass." "Splendidly spoken, my Lord Barak," Madorallen said with admiration. "Ive always had a way with words," Barak replied modestly." - Author: David Eddings

Quotes About Hooves

"Coach Hedge came pounding up the stairs with Hazel at his hooves."Where are they?" he demanded. "Who do I kill?""No killing!" Annabeth ordered. "Just defend the ship!""But they interrupted a Chuck Norris movie!" - Author: Rick Riordan

Quotes About Enquiry

"A man that is of Copernicus Opinion, that this Earth of ours is a Planet, carryd round and enlightnd by the Sun, like the rest of them, cannot but sometimes have a fancy  …   that the rest of the Planets have their Dress and Furniture, nay and their Inhabitants too as well as this Earth of ours.… But we were always apt to conclude, that twas in vain to enquire after what Nature had been pleased to do there, seeing there was no likelihood of ever coming to an end of the Enquiry  …   but a while ago, thinking somewhat seriously on this matter (not that I count my self quicker sighted than those great Men [of the past], but that I had the happiness to live after most of them) me thoughts the Enquiry was not so impracticable nor the way so stopt up with Difficulties, but that there was very good room left for probable Conjectures." - Author: Copernicus