[Most Arguments For Instituting Or Raising A Minimum Wage Are Based On Fairness And Redistribution. Even If Workers Are Getting A Competitive Wage, Many Of Us Are Deeply Disturbed That Some Hard-working Families Still Have Very Little.]

Author: Christina Romer Quotes

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"We should be as careful of the books we read, as of the company we keep. The dead very often have more power than the living."

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"The years thunder by.The dreams of youth grow dimwhere they liecaked in dust on the shelves of patience.Before we know it, the tomb is sealed.Where, then lies the answer?In choice.Which shall it be:Bankruptcy of Purseor Bankruptcy of Life?"

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"Writers seek to create order out of the chaos of everyday life, and to extract meaning from both the tragic and the mundane"

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"Perhaps imagination is only intelligence having fun."

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"You care so much for that special person because it feels like that person is part of you."

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"The corporate reform movement has co-opted progressive themes and language in the service of radical purposes. Advocating the privatization of public education is deeply reactionary. Disabling or eliminating teachers unions removes the strongest voice in each state to advocate for public education and to fight crippling budget cuts. In every state, classroom teachers are experts in education; they know what their students need, and their collective voice should be part of any public decision about school improvement. Stripping teachers of their job protections limits academic freedom. Evaluating teachers by the test scores of their students undermines professionalism and encourages teaching to the test. Claiming to be in the forefront of a civil rights movement while ignoring poverty and segregation is reactionary and duplicitous." - Author: Diane Ravitch