[Most Of All, Kink Comes Up In My Writing Because That Is, Very Simply, Just The Way The Cat O' Nine Tails Flails. Any Writer Knows That There Isn't Always An Explanation For The Behaviors Of His Or Her Characters And The Subjects Of His Or Her Storylines. For Whatever Reason, Kink Just Kind Of Comes Out Of Me.]

Author: Alistair Cross Quotes

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Valerie Thomas Quotes

"Sometimes having no script, having no idea what is going to happen next, having no map, might be the way to go. Because life just happens, and when it does, how you handle it will teach you more about who you are than any class or test ever can. The best preparation for the rest of your life is, maybe, no preparation at all. Dive right in. Make mistakes. Break a few rules. Wing it."

Robert Collier Quotes

"Playing safe is probably the most unsafe thing in the world. You cannot stand still. You must go forward."

Erma Bombeckk Quotes

"The family. We were a strange little band of characters trudging through life sharing diseases and toothpaste, converting one anothers desserts, hiding shampoo, borrowing money, locking each other out of our rooms, inflicting pain and kissing to heal it in the same instant, loving, laughing, defending and trying to figure out the common thread that bound us all together."

Hugh Ross PhD Quotes

"The optimization of cosmic darkness and of Earths location within the dark universe that sacrifices neither the material needs of human beings nor their capacity to gain knowledge about the universe reflects masterful engineering at a level far beyond human capability- and even imagination. It testifies of a supernatural, superintelligent, superpowerful, fully deliberate Creator."

Sergei Rachmaninov Quotes

"Music is enough for a lifetime, but a lifetime is not enough for music"

Grace Jones Quotes

"I dont think pop should mean that you had no talent."

Ovadia Yosef Quotes

"We should have a banquet on the day haters die."

Lara Stone Quotes

"I love mens wear."

Bernard Barton Quotes

"As I walkd by myself, I talkd to myself, And myself replied to me; And the questions myself then put to myself, With their answers I give to thee."

Bob Packwood Quotes

"You can tax the rich all you want. The problem is there arent enough of the rich."

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Quotes About What Heaven Is

"Time, the Captain said, is not what you think. He sat down next to Eddie. Dying? Not the end of everything. We think it is. But what happens on earth is only the beginning... I figure its like in the Bible, the Adam and Eve deal...Adams first night on earth? When he lays down to sleep? He thinks its all over, right? He doesnt know what sleep is. His eyes are closing and he thinks hes leaving this world, right? Only he isnt. He wakes up the next morning and he has a fresh new world to work with, but he has something else, too. He has his yesterday...Thats the way I see it, thats what were getting here, soldier. Thats what heaven is. You get to make sense of your yesterday.~The Captain on heaven, pgs 91-92" - Author: Mitch Albom

Quotes About Accepting Imperfections

"I didnt want my level of self-love to limit how much I can love my children or my husband. Why? Because loving them and accepting their imperfections is much easier than turning that light of loving-kindness on myself." - Author: Brené Brown

Quotes About Gynecology

"What kind of emergency?""Uh …""Gynecology or acupuncture?"What the heck would an acupuncture-related emergency be like?" - Author: Carrie Harris

Quotes About Kishan

"Whats all the yelling about?" Kishan asked."Would you please tell your sorry excuse for a brother that Im not talking to him anymore?"Kishan grinned. "No problem. Shes not talking to you anymore." - Author: Colleen Houck

Quotes About Ellipsis

"Death is the period at the end of a sentence.Someone gone, but still out there, is an ellipsis...or a question to be answered." - Author: Samantha Schutz

Quotes About Laudanum

"He couldnt have eaten that horrid soup!""He did,and he even pretended to like it.""Pretended?""No one could have liked that meal." She wrinkled her nose. "Mary was mortified.""Mary can be mortified all she wishes; we cant have MacLean da-"Sophia slipped the spoon into his mouth and dumped the contents.Red choked, his face contorting, and he looked around wildly."Do not spit that out."He glared at her, and after what appeared and sounded like a heroic effort, he swallowed the laudanum. "Blech! There! I hope yere happy!" He grabbed up a hand cloth and began rubbing his tongue vigorously. She calmly replaced the spoon and recorked the bottle. "As I was saying, MacLean swore that he liked every dish at dinner, even the turnips. They were so hard it almost broke my knife to cut one.""Hm.Thats very odd,it is." - Author: Karen Hawkins

Quotes About Being The Biggest

"Music is a matter of taste. Bitching at someone for liking a certain style of music is like yelling at someone for liking broccoli with melted cheese (which, might I add, is awesome). I dont understand why there are so many snobs out there who deem it necessary to force-feed their opinions to others, and claim that their experience i...n the matter makes their statement any more credible than the next, when, as I said before, its all a matter of taste. If you dig it, awesome. If you dont, awesome. Its just another plate being served at the worlds biggest (in this case musical) buffet. Dont make some kid feel guilty for listening to what he / she enjoys." - Author: Alex Gaskarth

Quotes About Wiser

"Like Odysseus, the President looked wiser when he was seated." - Author: John Maynard Keynes

Quotes About Cinnamon Rolls

"How to announce the return of comfort and well-being except by cooking something fragrant. That is what her mother always did. After every calamity of any significance she would fill the atmosphere of the house with the smell of cinnamon rolls or brownies, or with chicken and dumplings, and it would mean, This house has a soul that loves us all, no matter what. It would mean peace if they had fought and amnesty if they had been in trouble. It had meant, You can come down to dinner now, and no one will say a thing to bother you, unless you have forgotten to wash your hands. And her father would offer the grace, inevitable with minor variations, thanking the Lord for all the wonderful faces he saw around his table." - Author: Marilynne Robinson

Quotes About Bright Students

"I can find in my undergraduate classes, bright students who do not know that the stars rise and set at night, or even that the Sun is a star." - Author: Carl Sagan