[Most Of The Hotel Gym's Are Not Adequate. I Mean You Might Be Able To Train Your Arms, But You Aren't Going To Be Able To Train Legs, Back, Or Even Chest If They Don't Have Dumbbells And Benches.]

Author: Warren Cuccurullo Quotes

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"Modeling isnt boring."

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"I started wrestling at ten. I played a lot of other sports: soccer, football. I really enjoyed skiing. But wrestling just took off for me. It seemed to be the sport I had an affinity for; I liked the individual, combative nature. Theres something special about that. It took me all the places I wanted to go."

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"I was told in high school that the last game during your senior year stays with you forever, which is true."

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"Diese Wohnung war meine Festung, meine Höhle, mein Rückzugsort, mein Heiligtum – die Kathedrale meiner Wünsche, Träume, Sehnsüchte und meines vergessenen Abwaschs."

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"Shed never imagined that her vagina had the power to destabilize a whole country."

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"There has been enough suffering in our country, there has been enough of children whose dreams die before they have a chance to grow and there has been enough of our elders who, having served their nation, are forced into indignity in their old age."

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"Theories of love are found in the works of scientists, philosophers, and theologians."

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"God does not bring two people together for the benefit of just one"

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"Mine is the tongue tied silence of awkwardness, hers the smiling silence of anticipation, and then we utter inanities to each other, like "beautiful weather arranged for us" and "I like these kind of clouds."

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"In the luxury business, you have to build on heritage."

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"It would be good to see what the Queen gets up to at Buckingham Palace. I bet she spends her whole time watching Coronation Street." - Author: Amelia Warner

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"(...) emprestando-lhe formas encantadoras de simplicidade, de aparente franqueza, e até de uma altivez independente que parecia inspirada pelo desinteresse. Isso era falso, mas a vantagem da atitude estava bem mais a favor de Morel, considerando-se que, enquanto aquele que ama está sempre forçado a voltar à carga, a insistir, pelo contrário, é fácil ao que não ama seguir uma linha reta, inflexível e graciosa." - Author: Marcel Proust

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"At the Theatre: To the Lady Behind MeDear Madam, you have seen this play;I never saw it till today.You know the details of the plot,But, let me tell you, I do not.The author seeks to keep from meThe murderers identity,And you are not a friend of hisIf you keep shouting who it is.The actors in their funny wayHave several funny things to say,But they do not amuse me moreIf you have said them just before;The merit of the drama lies,I understand, in some surprise;But the surprise must now be smallSince you have just foretold it all.The lady you have brought with youIs, I infer, a half-wit too,But I can understand the pieceWithout assistance from your niece.In short, foul woman, it would suitMe just as well if you were mute;In fact, to make my meaning plain,I trust you will not speak again.And—may I add one human touch?—Dont breathe upon my neck so much." - Author: A.P. Herbert

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"Indoors, the evening gets youd say festive, with Maxine riding Horst for the better part of an hour, not that its anybodys business of course, and coming a number of times, at last fiercely in sync with Horst, not long after which, owing to some extrasensory cue from the television, whose mute feature has been engaged, they surface from their post-orgy daze in time to witness Derek Jeters clutch tenth-inning homer and another trademark Yankee win. "Yes!" Horst beginning to scream in delighted disbelief. "And it better be Keanu Reeves in the biopic!" - Author: Thomas Pynchon

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"In the afternoon dark clouds suddenly color the sky a mysterious shade and it starts raining hard, pounding the roof and windows of the cabin. I strip naked and run outside, washing my face with soap and scrubbing myself all over. It feels wonderful. In my joy I shut my eyes and shout out meaningless words as the large raindrops strike me on the cheeks, the eyelids, chest, side, penis, legs, and butt - the stinging pain like a religious initiation or something. Along with the pain theres a feeling of closeness, like for once in my life the worlds treating me fairly. I feel elated, as if all of a sudden Ive been set free. I face the sky, hands held wide apart, open my mouth wide, and gulp down the falling rain." - Author: Haruki Murakami

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"A thousand moments lost because you took them for granted, just because you expected a thousand more." - Author: Saleem Sharma

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"But unvented - ahh! One un-vents something; one unearths it; one digs it up, one runs it down in whatever recesses of the eternal consciousness it has gone to ground. I very much doubt if anything is really new when one works in the prehistoric medium of wool with needles. The products of science and technology may be new, and some of them are quite horrid, but knitting? In knitting there are ancient possibilities; the earth is enriched with the dust of the millions of knitters who have held wool and needles since the beginning of sheep. Seamless sweaters and one-row buttonholes; knitted hems and phoney seams - it is unthinkable that these have, in mankinds history, remained undiscovered and unknitted. One likes to believe that there is memory in the fingers; memory undeveloped, but still alive." - Author: Elizabeth Zimmermann

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"life iss just like a voyage where the waaves of time pushes us forward" - Author: Abrar Ahmed chowdhury

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"Im a killer, Gabrielle." He snarled the words at her. "Thats all you need to know. Is that what you want sliding into your bed every night, lass? Touching your body with hands that were soaked in blood minutes before?" - Author: Jessica Lee

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"Libraries are like houses of worship: Whether or not you use them yourself, its important to know that they are there. In many ways they define a society and the values of that society. Librarians to me are the keepers of the flame of knowledge. When I was growing up, the librarian in my local library looked like a meek little old lady, but after you spent some time with her, you realized she was Athena with a sword, a wise and wonderful repository of wisdom." - Author: Jane Stanton Hitchcock