[Most Of The Hotel Gym's Are Not Adequate. I Mean You Might Be Able To Train Your Arms, But You Aren't Going To Be Able To Train Legs, Back, Or Even Chest If They Don't Have Dumbbells And Benches.]

Author: Warren Cuccurullo Quotes

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"So You Want To Be A Wizard?"

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"We were a group of people connecting both honestly and dishonestly, appearing composed at dusk and bedraggled at day break, committed, whether we wanted it or not, to share conditions of need, agitation, and sometimes joy, which is to say: we were a community."

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"Homeschool doesnt give you a get out of teenage jail free card. It justgives you fewer opportunities to become the butt of someones lame Facebook joke."

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"It takes a lot of moola to fool around with national magazines, regardless of their politics. It takes even more if the paper is hell bent on shoving a hot poker up the rear end of the Establishment, as that editorial posture is not conducive to a massive influx of advertising dollars...a lot of people on the left still cherish the idea that Ramparts went under because I bought people drinks."

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"Horse have so much to teach us."

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"The child tends to be stripped of all social influences but those of the market place, all sense of place, function and class is weakened, the characteristics of region and clan, neighborhood or kindred are attenuated. The individual is denuded of everything but appetities, desires and tastes, wrenched from any context of human obligation or commitment. It is a process of mutilation; and once this has been achieved, we are offered the consolation of reconstituting the abbreviated humanity out of the things and the goods around us, and the fantasies and vapors which they emit. A culture becomes the main determinant upon morality, beliefs and purposes, usurping more and more territory that formerly belonged to parents, teachers, community, priests and politics alike."

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"People become wealthy when they become specific... when they know what that means to them, not only in terms of the objects and amounts involved - ... but also in terms of how they want this wealth to make them feel."

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"Even through my college years, I was trying out plays and shows, but I never really thought it made much sense to try to be an actor. I thought it was foolish, really."

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"I felt a responsibility to present a viable alternative to the popular electric sound."

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"My love, cant you seehow much i love theeFor i through your eyesshall seeOur great lovefor all eternity"

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"People who die in Detroit and then go to hell probably think theyre in heaven. I know, because Ive been to Cleveland." - Author: Jarod Kintz

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"People might feel sorry for a man whos fallen on hard times, but when an entire nation is poor, the rest of the world assumes that all its people must be brainless, lazy, dirty, clumsy fools. Instead of pity, the people provoke laughter. Its all a joke: their culture, their customs, their practices. In time the rest of the world may, some of them, begin to feel ashamed for having thought this way, and when they look around and see immigrants from that poor country mopping their floors and doing all the other lowest paying jobs, naturally they worry about what might happen if these workers one day rose up against them. So, to keep things sweet, they start taking an interest in the immigrants culture and sometimes even pretend they think of them as equals." - Author: Orhan Pamuk

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"Höderer: You dont love men, Hugo. You love only principles. Hugo: Men? Why should I love them? Do they love me?Höderer: Then why did you come to us? If you dont love men, you cant fight for them.Hugo: I joined the party because its cause is just, and I shall leave it when that cause ceases to be just. As for men, its not what they are that interests me, but what they can become.Höderer: And I, I love them for what they are. With all their filth and and all their vices. I love their voices and their warm grasping hands, and their skin, the nudest skin of all, and their uneasy glances, and the desperate struggle each has to pursue against anguish and against death. For me, one man more or less in the world is something that counts. Its something precious. You, I know you now, you are a destroyer. You detest men because you detest yourself. Your purity resembles death. The revolution you dream of is not ours. You dont want to change the world, you want to blow it up." - Author: Jean Paul Sartre