[Most Of Us Are Only Willing To Call 5% Of Our Present Information Into Question Any One Point.]

Author: Ken Wilber Quotes

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Kyle Barger Quotes

"75% Eats 25% Feats"

Marthe Troly Curtin Quotes

"… Your father, for instance, dont you think he would have done three times as much work if it had not been for your—what shall I say—bringing up?""He liked it—time you enjoy wasting is not wasted time.""Oh, but it was in his case—wasted for him and for many lovers of art."

Brian Richardson Quotes

"I watch worry and anxiety being pandered to through technology which is neutral."

Eugene O Neill Quotes

"Youre worse than decent. Youre virtuous."

Wayne Lee Quotes

"All healing is self-healing"

Sherri Chasin Calvo Quotes

"If you have never said "Excuse me" to a parking meter or bashed your shins on a fireplug, you are probably wasting too much valuable reading time."

Pete Hautman Quotes

"We sit on the floor in front of his oscillating fan and talk sci-fi, and I am thinking how strange this is that I should be sitting peacefully with Henry Stagg in his bedroom when only a week or so ago he punched me in the face for no reason whatsoever."

Zoltan Istvan Quotes

"The bold code of the transhumanist will rise. Thats an inevitable, undeniable fact. Its embedded in the undemocratic nature of technology and our own teleological evolutionary advancment. It is the future. We are the future like it or not. And it needs to molded, guided, and handled correctly by the strength and wisdom of transhumanist scientists with their nations and resources standing behind them, facilitating them. It needs to be supported in a way that we can make a successful transition into it, and not sacrifice ourselves—either by its overwhelming power or by a fear of harnessing that power. You need to put your resources into the technology. Into our education system. Into our universities, industries, and ideas. Into the strongest of our society. Into the brightest of our society. Into the best of our society So that we can attain the future."

Jeremy Luke Quotes

"When Im on set, I never really get intimidated by people."

Miller Williams Quotes

"Every word you add dilutes the sentence."

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"The world slowed to the beat of an ancient, ageless drum.Celaena behold the room.The blood was everywhere.Before the bed, Nehemias bodyguards lay with their throats cut from ear to ear, their internal organs spilling out onto the floor.And on the bed...On the bed...She could hear the shouts growing closer, reaching the room, but their words were somehow muffled, as though she were underwater, the sounds coming from the surface above.Celaena stood in the center of the freezing bedroom, gazing at the bed, and the princesss broken body atop it.Nehemia was dead." - Author: Sarah J. Maas

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"You know, this is - one can imagine how life would be different if one body of Congress was controlled by the other party, there would be subpoena power and there would be all - mechanisms to get to the bottom of all sorts of issues of controversy." - Author: Michael Isikoff

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"Since being back in London everything seemed greyer, but clearer. She couldnt explain it. The strangest thing was she couldnt recall her New York self. She wanted that part of herself back, but she couldnt remember what it was like to be that Elle. She would catch a whiff of it, like the snatch of a song that still wont lead you to the chorus, and then it would be gone." - Author: Harriet Evans

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"Nowadays they have 12 directors and 15 producers and 30 writers. And all the writers want their lines said a certain way-which isnt necessarily funny. I mean the lines arent necessarily so funny to begin with." - Author: Tim Conway