[Most Writers Are Unhappy With Film Adaptations Of Their Work, And Rightly So. 'Field Of Dreams,' However, Caught The Spirit And Essence Of 'Shoeless Joe' While Making The Necessary Changes To Make The Work More Visual.]

Author: W. P. Kinsella Quotes

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Daniel Inouye Quotes

"I do not personally agree with some of the positions that Mr. Gonzales has advocated, but that should come as no surprise, because I do not agree with many of the proposals made by the man who nominated him, President Bush."

J Norman Collie Quotes

"The text-book is rare that stimulates its reader to ask, Why is this so? Or, How does this connect with what has been read elsewhere?"

Claudio Monteverdi Quotes

"Music is spiritual. The music business is not."

Dwayne Oneal Quotes

"Music is like a journey that never ends"

Marissa Haddlin Quotes

"The day we get comfortable with our lives is the day we sacrifice adventure."

Yumi Tamura Quotes

"Even though hes my enemy I dont know anything about him. Am I afraid to know about him? Do I want to think of him as a monster rather than a human being? (Sarsa, Basara, Vol. 13)"

Charles Krauthammer Quotes

"I believe in what I believe, and I think after all these years Ive heard a lot of arguments, and Im convinced by the superiority of the arguments that are made on the conservative side. I think thats a better way to run a society."

John Thackway Quotes

"The speaker calls for a careful examination of Christs principle of turning the other cheek before we use it as a demand or excuse for total personal pacifism. After all, when literally struck on the cheek, Jesus did question the legitimacy of the authority by which this was done."

Kjerstin Gruys Quotes

"Id learned that the same internal voice that told me I wasnt good enough had a habit of judging other women, too. They fed into each other, so it was best to quell such thoughts before they gathered strength."

Michael Rapaport Quotes

"I had a boom box, but I didnt go too far with it because I had a really, really big one. It was like the size of a suitcase, and I was just a little kid."

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Quotes About New Traditions

"What is new in all of this is that the old poles of attraction represented by nation-states, parties, professions, institutions, and historical traditions are losing their attraction." - Author: Jean Francois Lyotard

Quotes About Training Programs

"In addition the bill would expand an existing law conscience clause that protects physician training programs that refuse to provide training for abortion procedures." - Author: Ken Calvert

Quotes About Strength During Death

"Each of us is aware hes a material being, subject to the laws of physiology and physics, and that the strength of all our emotions combined cannot counteract those laws. It can only hate them. The eternal belief of lovers and poets in the power of love which is more enduring that death, the finis vitae sed non amoris that has pursued us through the centuries is a lie. But this lie is not ridiculous, its simply futile. To be a clock on the other hand, measuring the passage of time, one that is smashed and rebuilt over and again, one in whose mechanism despair and love are set in motion by the watchmaker along with the first movements of the cogs. To know one is a repeater of suffering felt ever more deeply as it becomes increasingly comical through a multiple repetitions. To replay human existence - fine. But to replay it in the way a drunk replays a corny tune pushing coins over and over into the jukebox?" - Author: Stanisław Lem

Quotes About Destiny And True Love

"For those who dispair that their lives are without meaning and without purpose, for those who dwell in a lonelines so terrible that it has withered their hearts, for those who hate because they have no recognition of the destiny they share with all humanity, for those who would squander their lives in self-pity and in self-destruction because they have lost the saving wisdom with which they are born, for all these and many more, hope waits in the dreams of a dog, where the scared bature of life may be clearly experienced without all but binding filter of human need, desire, greed, envy and endless fear. And here, in dream woods and fields, along with the shores of dream seas, with the profound awareness of the playful presence abiding in all things, Curtis is able to prove what she thus far only dared to hope is true: that although her mother never loved her, there is one who always has." - Author: Dean Koontz

Quotes About Borges

"It is forgetting, not remembering, that is the essence of what makes us human. To make sense of the world, we must filter it. "To think," Borges writes, "is to forget." - Author: Joshua Foer

Quotes About Violas Disguise

"The costumes help. They make it less real, disguise what it really is both for the actors and for the people wholl see it on the screen. Its like the people who read Anna Karenina, and because its in Russia they can say, Oh, thats not my pain theyre talking about. And Chris is tough. She goes from one thing to the next and doesnt worry about the past. When a cat sits mere purring on your lap, you know for a fact she isnt thinking about her former owner; shes thinking about her dinner. Thats Chris." - Author: Barbara Hambly

Quotes About The Worst Is Over

"The worst is over, the worst is yet to come" - Author: Carolyn Forché

Quotes About Eventos

"Nadie en mi familia es rico, pero parece que todos ahorran lo necesario para este tipo de eventos, y todos fingimos que somos ricos por un día." - Author: Stephen Chbosky

Quotes About Inconspicuous

"It is unlikely that many of us will be famous, or even remembered. But not less important than the brilliant few that lead a nation or a literature to fresh achievements, are the unknown many whose patient efforts keep the world from running backward; who guard and maintain the ancient values, even if they do not conquer new; whose inconspicuous triumph it is to pass on what they inherited from their fathers, unimpaired and undiminished, to their sons. Enough, for almost all of us, if we can hand on the torch, and not let it down; content to win the affection, if it may be, of a few who know us and to be forgotten when they in their turn have vanished. The destiny of mankind is not governed wholly by its "stars." - Author: F.L. Lucas

Quotes About Cheating

"I stuck with that size because I could bend the strings so well, and somewhere along the line I must have gotten it into my mind that I had small hands, so I was thinking Id never be able to play a full-scale guitar, but I also felt like I was cheating or cutting corners." - Author: John Fogerty