[(mother)" She Used To Tell Me To Get My Nose Out Of My Book And Go Get Some Fresh Air.]

Author: Emily Giffin Quotes

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Stewart Alsop Quotes

"Bill, The United States is not a company. It is a country."

Kshitij Gaur Quotes

"dont be so good in this bad world,dont be so shy in pointing the wrong one.life is given to us once,just clean all the shit of this world."

Meggie Royer Quotes

"Life is a photograph too, so thank you,for not removing yourself from the picture just yet."

Abhishek Kumar Singh Quotes


Claire Merle Quotes

"Belief in a higher power was a form of psychosis."

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"I feel like we need more aggression today."

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"Remember Me."

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"Far in the back of her mind she was thinking. But she could not dredge up these half-formed feelings, these obscure bits of ideas, into clear, definite thoughts. . . . Her mind ticked away, singing a song she could not decipher."

Mark Strong Quotes

"My mother moved abroad when I was 11, my dad wasnt around from the time that I was a baby, so I was not the product of a family, but a product of observation - of watching what went on around me, of watching who I liked, what I didnt like, what I thought was good behavior and what I thought was bad behavior and tailoring myself accordingly."

Anna Gunn Quotes

"Im not a gambler, lets just say that, nor have I ever been a dealer at a casino."

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"We resent being faced with facts wed prefer to ignore as much as being wrongly accused of doing something we havent." - Author: Aidan Chambers

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"Were very good in America at talking about stuff, often stuff to buy. We tend to talk about our iPods. We tend to talk about cars or new fads." - Author: Milton Glaser

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"In one of the earlier Sherlock Holmes mysteries, Arthur Conan Doyle (not yet a Sir) made an observation on logical deduction. When you have eliminated the impossible, whatever remains, however improbable, must be the truth. There is, however, a specific flaw in that maxim. It assumes people can recognize the difference between what is impossible and what they believe is impossible." - Author: Peter Clines

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"Although I myself dont go to church or synagogue, I do, whether its superstition or whatever, pray every time I get on a plane. I just automatically do it. I say the same thing every time." - Author: Barbara Walters

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"The amusement fled from Royces face and with a groan he pulled her roughly against his chest, crushing her to him. "Jenny," he whispered hoarsely, burying his face in her fragrant hair. "Jenny, I love you."She melted against him, molding her body to the rigid contours of his, offering her lips up for his fierce, devouring kiss, then she took his face between both her hands. Leaning back slightly against his arm, her melting blue eyes gazing deeply into his, his wife replied in a shaky voice, "I think, my lord, I love you more." - Author: Judith McNaught

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"They lied, you know," said Cpl. Allan Richmond. He hugged thewall next to Owens. Beside him, PFC Bucky Hatton crouched low, aBrowning 1911 semiautomatic gripped tightly in his hand."Who?" asked Bart, glad to be out of the wind and rain, even if itwas only for a short time."The assholes who said France was beautiful." - Author: Brian W. Matthews

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"I was bi and my heart was off-limits to no one, at least not for any reason like what they had between their legs or whether their chests were flat or round. And maybe because of that I never really could believe or understand that Griff, or anyone else, could be deterred from falling in love by such a trivial thing as gender." - Author: Ben Monopoli

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"It was the end and he couldnt decide if the truth had been worth telling. All he knew was that it was time to go. Because sometimes doing what was best for someone you loved was more important than taking care of yourself. Because sometimes the things that were never meant to last were what ended up mattering the most. Because sometimes even a door thats always been open has to close." - Author: Megan Hart

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"Sunny laughed. "Its okay. Youre right, Emma. My name is unusual, but I like to think of it as... special also."Special?Sam cocked his head as he studied Sunny. Almost all of her hair had escaped out of her ponytail now. She wore a baggy pink sweatshirt and had on the kind of drawstring plaid pants that wouldve set Bozo the Clowns heart pitter-pattering with envy. Her yellow tennis shoes were covered with dog hair.Yeah, special was one word for her." - Author: Jennifer Shirk

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"And this fear that US models are replacing everything else now spills over from the sphere of culture into our two remaining categories: for this process is clearly, at one level, the result of economic domination - of local cultural industries closed down by American rivals." - Author: Fredric Jameson