[Musicians Always Come Off Sounding A Little Bit Pretentious, And A Little Bit... I Don't Know, Hypocritical, From What They Do, Talking About Strong Issues.]

Author: James Iha Quotes

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Minoru Yamasaki Quotes

"So what we have tried to do in our later buildings is to try to be completely consistent, as a painter is consistent or as a sculptor is consistent. Architecture also must be very consistent."

Simone Signoret Quotes

"He bore no grudge against those he had wronged."

Eugenio Corti Quotes

"...il proprio falcetto: <>."

Andrew Ross Sorkin Quotes

"I got my start in the New York Times because I used to read Stuart Elliot, the advertising columns. I still do. And I read him so religiously, I wanted to work for him before I died."

James Treadwell Quotes

"Time, though infinite, is paradoxically also short, and, to be blunt, getting shorter."

Dwight Yoakam Quotes

"Its meant to reaffirm the validity of that music - clean, minimalist, honest, classic music."

Elfriede Jelinek Quotes

"Ti ljupko oblikovani primjerci ljudske vrste u ovom prigradskom kmu rade svoj posao ne pokazujući nikakve znakove boli, čak ni bilo kakve naznake da bi mogli osjetiti bol. Kao da su od gume. Bol je samo posljedica volje za užitkom, za razaranjem, uništavanjem i napokon, u svojem najsavršenijem obliku, neka vrsta užitka. Erika bi rado prekoračila granicu vlastitog uništenja. U nespretnim ševama prigradskih kina ima puno više nade da će glumci osjetiti bol, da će njihova lica ukrasiti izraz boli. Ti jadni, otrcani naturščici s puno se više ljubavi unose u svoj posao jer su puno zahvalniji da mogu nastupiti u pra¬vom filmu. Puni su nedostataka, na koži im se vide mrlje, prištevi, ožiljci, bore, kraste, celulit i naslage sala. Kosa im je loše obojena. Znojni su. Prljavih nogu. U estetski zahtjevnim filmovima u tapeciranim kinima u središtu grada može se vidjeti samo površina muškaraca i žena. I jedni i drugi kao da su presvučeni najlonskom opnom otpornom na prljavštinu."

Michael K Williams Quotes

"I havent had a problem with being typecast, but if I was only getting one type of role, I wouldnt mind. What Im worried about is not working."

Gail Giles Quotes

"You know what I figured out?"I hate this part." Dr. Martin leaned back in his chair. "It means Im about to lose income or Im about to learn what a crappy shrink I am." (276)"

Michael Tolkin Quotes

"Its impossible not to be taken in by the spectacle of oneself, which is the biggest sin of the culture right now."

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"If I told her how I feel, shed miss me even more. Afterall, Im the guy who keeps breaking her heart by making her wait an eternity... even though Im always by her side. I dont wanna see her cry anymore. Even if it means I no longer have a place in her heart. Seems pretty childish of me, doesnt it? -Edogawa Conan" - Author: Gosho Aoyama

Quotes About Unwed Mothers

"60% of children are born to unwed mothers. I should start pulling out." - Author: Jarod Kintz

Quotes About Medelijden

"Een beetje medelijden en een beetje ruimhartigheid, zei ik, ik zei geen liefde: in universele liefde geloof ik niet zo. Liefde van iedereen voor iedereen, dat kunnen we misschien beter overlaten aan Jezus. Liefde is immers iets heel anders. Het lijkt helemaal niet op ruimhartigheid en evenmin op mededogen. Integendeel. Liefde is een eigenaardig mengsel van twee tegengestelde dingen, een mengsel van het ergste egoïsme en de meest volmaakte toewijding. Een paradox! Bovendien, liefde, de hele wereld praat voortdurend maar over liefde, liefde, maar liefde kies je niet, je raakt ermee besmet, als een ziekte. Liefde overvalt je, als een ramp. Dus wat kies je dan wel? Waartussen moet een mens bijna elk moment kiezen? Óf ruimhartigheid, óf kwaadaardigheid." - Author: Amos Oz

Quotes About Courage Bible

"The fact is, when people choose to be brave instead of smart, their courage is generally so threatening to those who are smart rather than brave that they end up being maligned, not congratulated. This is what the Bible says we can expect." - Author: Gary Haugen

Quotes About Putting A Ring On Her Finger

"You are not showing her my baby pictures!" He sounded horrified, which made me laugh. "Come on, Evan," I teased with a laughing smile, "you were adorable." - Author: Rebecca Donovan

Quotes About Vietnam Memorial

"The Vietnam memorial is a masterpiece. The names of the dead are listed there, chronologically. Just the names." - Author: William Westmoreland

Quotes About Oxford Shoes

"I love traditional shoes. I have a nice couple of pairs of traditional Oxford-style shoes, a pair of Edward Green shoes, and I aspire to a pair of hand-made George Cleverley shoes. Mark McNairy, all those are amazing." - Author: Jamie Cullum

Quotes About Labor Laws

"Who will protect your rights better? A king, president or you? Who will protect the truth? A reporter, a labor union or you? Who will protect and teach your children to seek truth? A textbook committee, an education bureaucrat, or you? Did a commission of wise men stop the Holocaust? Did a committee of Congress end Jim Crow? No. In each case, the work was done by individuals who would not abide convenient lies. They saw injustice and they called it out. They saw their nation wage war against a single group and they said "not in my name." They didnt wait for the conventions of society to catch up to Gods laws. They pushed. They pressed. And they were victorious." - Author: Glenn Beck

Quotes About Ahole

"Why would you turn right on a red light when we can all just sit here behind you waiting to die... #AHOLE" - Author: A.O. Storm

Quotes About Papa Jack

"People think blood red, but blood dont got no colour. Not when blood wash the floor she lying on as she scream for that son of a bitch to come, the lone baby of 1785. Not when the baby wash in crimson and squealing like it just depart heaven to come to hell, another place of red. Not when the midwife know that the mother shed too much blood, and she who dont reach fourteen birthday yet speak curse pon the chile and the papa, and then she drop down dead like old horse. Not when blood spurt from the skin, on spring from the axe, the cat-o-nine, the whip, the cane and the blackjack and every day in slave life is a day that colour red. It soon come to pass when red no different from white or blue or black or nothing. Two black legs spread wide and mother mouth screaming. A black baby wiggling in blood on the floor with skin darker than midnight but the greenest eyes anybody ever done seen. I goin call her Lilith. You an call her what they call her." - Author: Marlon James