[My Childhood Taught Me Nothing... Zero.]

Author: Lee Radziwill Quotes

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Dhani Jones Quotes

"Ideas and thoughts and creativity is more of who I am than football."

Umakant Quotes

"The most of the serious errors happen in our life,when we ignore our owns pain for us!!"

Olympia Brown Quotes

"The grandest thing has been the lifting up of the gates and the opening of the doors to the women of America, giving liberty to twenty-seven million women, thus opening to them a new and larger life and a higher ideal."

Carolyn Roehme Quotes

"The one luxury that Ill never give up is men."

Norodom Sihanouk Quotes

"Time will inevitably uncover dishonesty and lies; history has no place for them."

Nikolaj Coster Waldau Quotes

"I know nothing more annoying when people I dont know jump to conclusions on my person based on nothing but gossip or speculation."

Wilfred A Peterson Quotes

"Our children are watching us live, and what we ARE shouts louder than anything we can say."

Aristippus Quotes

"Those that study particular sciences, and neglect philosophy, are like Penelopes wooers, that make love to the waiting women."

Robert Zeidan Quotes

"Patience is Strength, Anger is Weakness"

Gertrude Atherton Quotes

"Possibly there are few imaginative writers who have not a leaning, secret or avowed, to the occult. The creative gift is in very close relationship with the Great Force behind the universe; for aught we know, may be an atom thereof. It is not strange, therefore, that the lesser and closer of the unseen forces should send their vibrations to it occasionally; or, at all events, that the imagination should incline its ear to the most mysterious and picturesque of all beliefs"

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Quotes About Weight Loss Plateaus

"I believe now that there can be no real sense of loss or seperation withoutthe recognition of death; we were too young to consider any such eventuality,and simply moved on with our lives into some indefinite but illimitable future." - Author: Peter Ackroyd

Quotes About Anorexia From Doctors

"Between 10 and 20 percent of people with anorexia die from heart attacks, other complications and suicide; the disease has the highest mortality rate of any mental illness. Or Kitty could have lost her life in a different way, lost it to the roller coaster of relapse and recovery, inpatient and outpatient, that eats up, on average, five to seven years. Or a lifetime: only half of all anorexics recovery in the end. The other half endure lives of dysfunction and despair. Friends and families give up on them. Doctors dread treating them. Theyre left to stand in the bakery with the voice ringing in their ears, alone in every way that matters." - Author: Harriet Brown

Quotes About Travel Agents

"Travel agents would be wiser to ask us what we hope to change about our lives rather than simply where we wish to go." - Author: Alain de Botton

Quotes About Michigan

"Suppose we concede that if I had been born of Muslim parents in Morocco rather than Christian parents in Michigan, my beliefs would be quite different. [But] the same goes for the pluralist...If the pluralist had been born in [Morocco] he probably wouldnt be a pluralist. Does it follow that...his pluralist beliefs are produced in him by an unreliable belief-producing process?" - Author: Alvin Plantinga

Quotes About Many Paths

"If the many and the One be indeed the same Reality, then it is not all modes of worship alone, but equally all modes of work, all modes of struggle, all modes of creation, which are paths of realization. No distinction, henceforth, between sacred and secular. To labour is to pray. To conquer is to renounce. Life is itself religion. To have and to hold is as stern a trust as to quit and to avoid." - Author: Nivedita

Quotes About Focus

"Eventually, a governess realized I needed spectacles. When I first put them on my face, I cant even tell you . . . it was like a miracle." "Finally seeing properly?""Knowing I wasnt hopeless." A knot formed in her throat. "Id believed there was something incurably wrong with me, you see. But suddenly, I could see the world clear. And not only the parts in the distance, but the bits within my own reach. I could focus on a page. I could explore the things around me, discover whole worlds beneath my fingertips. I could be good at something, for once." - Author: Tessa Dare

Quotes About Diving Into Life

"Youre like a lighthouse shining beside the sea of humanity, motionless: all you can see is your own reflection in the water. Youre alone, so you think its a vast, magnificent panorama. You havent sounded the depths. You simply believe in the beauty of Gods creation. But I have spent all this time in the water, diving deep into the howling ocean of life, deeper than anyone. While you were admiring the surface, I saw the shipwrecks, the drowned bodies, the monsters of the deep" - Author: Alfred de Musset

Quotes About Dying Roses

"Its the only way to know youre really in love, when you ask the question would it be harder to watch him die, or to know hell watch me die? Is there more mercy in being the one who does the watching or in being the one who does the dying? Its when you realize what mercy-killing actually means, its when you actually care to the point of tormenting worry. Its not roses and white horses, its fucking brutal and it can send a person running for the hills. To love is brave." - Author: Renée Carlino

Quotes About Taking A Break In A Relationship

"Women can break down barriers to opportunity, and men, many of them reluctantly, have learned to relate to women as their equals in thought and action. But except for an eccentric few, women do not want to become warriors." - Author: Suzanne Fields

Quotes About Marigold Flower

"They sought each other, missed each other, at cocktail parties, in train terminals, at flower shops, their fin de siecle Nokias gaining symbolic power with each scene." - Author: Sam Lipsyte