[My Co-stars Call Me Selfish. They Say, 'You Are Only Interested In Yourself And What You Are Only Interested Is Yourself And What You Are Doing In Front Of The Camera.' I Reply, 'I Can't Help It; It's What Got Me Where I Am.']

Author: Kareena Kapoor Khan Quotes

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Phumzile Mlambo Ngcuka Quotes

"Im certainly hoping that all the recommendations that we have heard will be implemented."

David Rodigan Quotes

"Music is a treasure and a love and a delight. It clears peoples souls and lifts them high."

Kimberly Gardner Quotes

"...Goddamn himself for letting his independence slip away from him. He didnt even know how it had happened, how he had lost the ability to function on his own, or what the hell he was going to do about it now."

Fyodor Sologub Quotes

"I wanted to burn her, the wicked witch."

Ellen S Jaffe Quotes

"Over the water of time I call to youIn a language I do not know."

Lawrence R Klein Quotes

"I, Lawrence Klein, was born in Omaha, Nebraska, as were my elder brother and younger sister."

Mindy McCready Quotes

"I never wanted to marry Roger Clemens. I wanted him to do right by his family."

Andrea Michaels Quotes

"Sharing your success with others reveals your true humanity. Dont ever be afraid to open your heart to that practice. It has made all the world of difference to me."

Aaron Overfield Quotes

"She tried to keep in mind how scared and hurt Hunter was and decided to let him have that one. She chose to give him the benefit of the doubt and not take it personally. Besides, she wasnt sure if she walked over there and slapped him, he wouldnt slap her back. Not only did Veil put an end to chivalry—and the dichotomous gender myth overall—but it was Hunter. When combining gay, irreverent, and unpredictable, chances were high that somewhere in the mix, slapping a woman wouldnt be unheard of."

Wendy Ely Quotes

"I put fear into the eyes of a member of the Mafia. Im doing well, she thought, now keep him scared."

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"Companies that are made up of clusters of leaders will actually accelerate their growth by speeding up their rate of innovation as their competition pulls back, build better teams by investing in people while their rivals shrink training budgets, and pick up top talent as their industry peers lay people off. And so fast companies get that unsettling times are actually gifts for them and periods to get so far ahead of the competition that they can never catch up." - Author: Robin S. Sharma

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"Im normally fairly busy rushing from job to job, so have little time in the mornings for my beauty regime. However, this usually means my hair and makeup is done for me when I get there, which is great!" - Author: Poppy Delevingne

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"Wisdoms daughter walks alone—""Ella!" Frank stood suddenly. "Maybe its not the best time—""The Mark of Athena burns through Rome," Ella continued, cupping her hands over her ears and raising her voice. "Twins snuff out the angels breath, Who holds the key to endless death. Giants bane stands gold and pale, Won with pain from a woven jail." - Author: Rick Riordan

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"The making of miracles to edification was as ardently admired by pious Victorians as it was sternly discouraged by Jesus of Nazareth. Not that the Victorians were unique in this respect. Modern writers also indulge in edifying miracles though they generally prefer to use them to procure unhappy endings, by which piece of thaumaturgy they win the title of realists." - Author: Dorothy L. Sayers

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"I want to be a jerk like the rest of my friends, and have fun, and not care about the consequences, but I just cant now." - Author: Leonardo DiCaprio

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"Today is a new day! Let today be the day you free your mind from the prison of self doubt. Your thoughts can either hinder you or propel you to the next level. Precautions are necessary to maintain your safety and well-being. But fear and precautions are two different things. When you are afraid your doubt is increased. Do what makes you happy in order to satisfy the core of your existence. Fear: to be afraid of something or someone whether the threat is real or imaginedPrecaution: a measure taken in advance to prevent something from happening, prudent foresightDoubt:a feeling of uncertainty or lack of conviction" - Author: Amaka Imani Nkosazana

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"You cant change an unpleasant reality if you wont acknowledge it, Mac. You can only control what youre willing to face. Truth hurts. But lies can kill." - Author: Karen Marie Moning

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"But everything good in this shit world is either by prescription, sold out, or so expensive you have to sell your soul to taste it. Life is a restaurant you cant afford. Death the bill for the food you didnt even have a chance to eat. So you order the most expensive thing on the menu - youre in for it anyway, right? - and if youre lucky, you get a mouthful." - Author: Jo Nesbø

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"Part of me wasnt sure why I didnt tell Brian about that, but to be honest, I was probably being a little chickenshit. Because, yes, Id been hiding my friendship with Antonio from Brian." - Author: T.A. Webb

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"Tom isnt one of the men whose legs trailed by a hank of sinews, or whose guts cascaded from their casing like slithering eels. Nor were his lungs turned to glue or his brains to stodge by the gas. But hes scarred all the same having to live in the same skin as the man who did the things that needed to be done back then. He carries that other shadow, which is cast inward." - Author: M.L. Stedman