[My Dad, As A Guy, Had To Quit School In The Ninth Grade, Fought In The Battle Of The Bulge. And Spent His Life Pushing Wheel Barrels Of Heavy Wet Cement. So We've Gone From Pushing Cement To Now In One Generation Pushing Legislation. But We Always Want Any President To Succeed, To Do Well; That Means America Does Well And Americans Do Well.]

Author: John Barrasso Quotes

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Alfred Eisenstaedt Quotes

"When I have a camera in my hand, I know no fear."

Namy Quotes

"Youre fine the way you are. Dont try to change it, try to better it."

Rachel Hunter Quotes

"Once I was chased by the king of all scorpions. I have the most notorious animal stories."

Kion Ahadi Quotes

"Love is the most mysterious force in the universe.It locks two souls together across space and time.Once that spark is ignited it consumes all else.It was that shard of light that transformed a dark soul forever.Now let that love burn bright like a sun for eternity…"

Kim Hyesoon Quotes

"Women who have been disappeared by violence are howling. The voices of disappeared women are echoing. I sing with these voices."

Scott Snyder Quotes

"- What are those?- Teeth. Wood.- But w...- I like to bite them back."

Robert Haas Quotes

"Its such an ugly time, beauty is the real protest."

Chad Hugo Quotes

"Groups like The Mountain Brothers just have to keep on doing what theyre doing - just make it dope and just make it different. And not try to compete with other people of color."

Ben Brantley Quotes

"If you agree with a critic, you admire him or her. If you disagree, you despise them. We all feel a great need to be confirmed in our opinions."

St Gregory The Theologian Quotes

"God always was, and always is, and always will be. Or rather, God always Is. For Was and Will be are fragments of our time, and of changeable nature, but He is Eternal Being. And this is the Name that He gives to Himself when giving the Oracle to Moses in the Mount. For in Himself He sums up and contains all Being, having neither beginning in the past nor end in the future; like some great Sea of Being, limitless and unbounded, transcending all conception of time and nature, only adumbrated [intimated] by the mind, and that very dimly and scantily."

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Quotes About Old Age And Illness

"Old age is not a disease - it is strength and survivorship, triumph over all kinds of vicissitudes and disappointments, trials and illnesses." - Author: Maggie Kuhn

Quotes About Employee Welfare

"I am opposed to animal welfare campaigns for two reasons. First, if animal use cannot be morally justified, then we ought to be clear about that, and advocate for no use. Although rape and child molestation are ubiquitous, we do not have campaigns for "humane" rape or "humane" child molestation. We condemn it all. We should do the same with respect to animal exploitation. Second, animal welfare reform does not provide significant protection for animal interests. Animals are chattel property; they are economic commodities. Given this status and the reality of markets, the level of protection provided by animal welfare will generally be limited to what promotes efficient exploitation. That is, we will protect animal interests to the extent that it provides an economic benefit." - Author: Gary L. Francione

Quotes About Human Rights Tumblr

"The church is missionary by nature because God through the Spirit calls, creates, and commissions the church to communicate to the world that the redemptive reign of God has broken into human history." - Author: Craig Van Gelder

Quotes About Unsettled

"It was the week after Easter holidays, and he was journeying along with Smart the mare and the light spring-cart, watching the damp slopes of the hill-sides as they steamed in the warmth of the sun, which at this unsettled season shone on the grass with the freshness of an occasional inspector rather than as an accustomed proprietor." - Author: Thomas Hardy

Quotes About Clowning Around

"Of course, theyre not clowning around trying to make me laugh. Theyre doing their best to live very serious lives, and they just happen to fall down sometimes. I think thats cool." - Author: Haruki Murakami

Quotes About Losing All Hope

"The process of growing up is to be valued for what we gain, not for what we lose. Not to acquire a taste for the realistic is childish in the bad sense; to have lost the taste for marvels and adventures is no more a matter for congratulation than losing our teeth, our hair, our palate, and finally, our hopes." - Author: C.S. Lewis

Quotes About Sunday Night Blues

"Wherever I am in the world, I never get Sunday night blues. I suppose its because Ive never worked at any one thing long enough to start hating it." - Author: Hayley Mills

Quotes About Prens

"..."para intentar ser mejores o más que los otros y entender equivocadamente que el mundo es una carrera de competidores a quienes hay que vencer sin saber que no tienen nada que demostrar a nadie, que solo la valía se la da uno mismo en tanto y cuanto esta en concordancia con los valores que nos permitan ser mejores personas, respetar a los demás y vivir en comprensión y tolerancia con el mundo"." - Author: F.J. Vizcarra

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"Meditate. Breathe consciously. Listen. Pay attention. Treasure every moment. Make the connection." - Author: Oprah Winfrey

Quotes About Sad Reality Of Life

"Adrian was a vampire. Adam was the Dark Heir of the Fae. Larissa was dead. Alden was facing danger to help us. I was homeless, jobless, and attracted to the one thing that would surely kill me in the end. The reality set in that I had even lost my dog, and now my life was just one tragedy away from becoming a sad country song." - Author: Amelia Hutchins