[My Dearest Mary,Both My Words And My Conduct At Our Last Meeting Were Ungentlemanly - Born Of Haste And High Emotion, Rather Than Friendship And Good Judgement - And Yet I Cannot Find It Within Me To Apologize. I Am Glad I Kissed You; Glad To Have Revelled In Your Scent, Your Taste, The Touch Of Your Hands; Glad, Even, To Have Quarrelled With You Because During Those Moments Of Anger, I Was In Your Presence.Mary, You Are The Most Singular Woman I Know: Intelligent, Brave And Honest, And I Crave Your Friendship. I Confess To Only The Haziest Notion Of What I Ask, Having Never Been Friends With A Woman Before. My Friendships Are Male And Conventional; Pleasant And Without Distinction. But A Friendship With You Would Be A Bright, New, Rare Thing - If You Would Do Me The Honour.I Expect That What I Ask Is Impossible. But It Is Sweet To Dream, Mary, And Thus I Tender One Last, Insolent, Unapologetic Request: Write To Me Only If You Can Say Yes.Yours,James]

Author: Y.S. Lee Quotes

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"Nature is not kind; it is not good. Do you really think nature cares about any individual living thing?"

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"I require every Taipei student to swim; if they cant pass the test they wont graduate. Why do I do that? Because I think that is very, very important integral part of their education."

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"Hello, Goddess."- Roman Arceneaux"

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"Beloved, we join hands here to pray for gin. An aridity defiles us. Our innards thirst for the juice of juniper. Something must be done. The drought threatens to destroy us. Surely, God who let manna fall from the heavens so that the holy children of Israel might eat, will not let the equally holy children of Niggeratti Manor die from the want of a little gin. Children, let us pray."

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"Perhaps writing a story or a novel was not something that should be done for money, or to win praise, but for the sheer sensual pleasure of it. I liked that idea. It made me want to write lots of stories, to give myself that pleasure."

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"Love is hard. We try to love one another. But generally the quality and quantity of our love for one another is found wanting, because we find it difficult, if not impossible, to look beyond those things that are ugly and unlovable in those we try to love. Even though the things that are ugly and unlovable in ourselves are the very things that cause us to cry out for love."

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"Americas best buy is a telephone call to the right man."

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