[My Dearest Mary,Both My Words And My Conduct At Our Last Meeting Were Ungentlemanly - Born Of Haste And High Emotion, Rather Than Friendship And Good Judgement - And Yet I Cannot Find It Within Me To Apologize. I Am Glad I Kissed You; Glad To Have Revelled In Your Scent, Your Taste, The Touch Of Your Hands; Glad, Even, To Have Quarrelled With You Because During Those Moments Of Anger, I Was In Your Presence.Mary, You Are The Most Singular Woman I Know: Intelligent, Brave And Honest, And I Crave Your Friendship. I Confess To Only The Haziest Notion Of What I Ask, Having Never Been Friends With A Woman Before. My Friendships Are Male And Conventional; Pleasant And Without Distinction. But A Friendship With You Would Be A Bright, New, Rare Thing - If You Would Do Me The Honour.I Expect That What I Ask Is Impossible. But It Is Sweet To Dream, Mary, And Thus I Tender One Last, Insolent, Unapologetic Request: Write To Me Only If You Can Say Yes.Yours,James]

Author: Y.S. Lee Quotes

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