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Author: James Broughton Quotes

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Ben Brooks Quotes

"Because Time has been around for a long time, it often gets bored. In order to briefly relieve its boredom, Time enjoys constructing massively unlikely series of events. If the events are of the romantic kind, theyre called Fate, and if they are of the negative kind, we call them Unfortunate Coincidence."

Swati Jain Quotes

"Sorry & Thanks are the only two words in the dictionary of life wherein its presence connects two strangers, and its absence departs two loved ones."

T Greenwood Quotes

"My mother, stuck in Two Rivers with a head full of unfulfilled dreams, escaped every chance she got via the Two Rivers Free Library - her library card both a passport and necessary currency for her travels."

Pharrell Williams Quotes

"I love when things are transparent, free and clear of all inhibition and judgement."

Shawn Hatosy Quotes

"Maybe Im a little biased, but shows like Dexter and Southland, Im just enthralled by that sort of storytelling, kind of clever and patient."

Charles Inglis Quotes

"THIS Duty implies that we should affectionately interest ourselves in whatever concerns the Honour, the Fame and Security of our Sovereign and his Government."

Ilene Beckerman Quotes

"When I was your age...I wish Id known that I already had everything I needed within myself to be happy, instead of looking for happiness at beauty counters."

Abe Fortas Quotes

"Government in our democracy, state and national, must be neutral in matters of religious theory, doctrine, and practice. It may not be hostile to any religion or to the advocacy of no-religion; and it may not aid, foster, or promote one religion or religious theory against another or even against the militant opposite. The First Amendment mandates governmental neutrality between religion and religion, and between religion and nonreligion.[Epperson v. Arkansas, 393 U.S. 97, 1968.]"

AE Croft Quotes

"Writing is my passion, not my job. I need to write as much as I need to breathe, if not more."

Ken Ilgunas Quotes

"only feel wronged when we realize something has been stolen from us. We cant miss the million-strong flocks of passenger pigeons that once blackened our skies. We dont really miss the herds of bison that grazed in meadows where our suburbs stand. And few think of dark forests lit up with the bright green eyes of its mammalian lords. Soon, the glaciers will go with the clear skies and clean waters and all the feelings they once stirred. Its the greatest heist of mankind, our inheritance being stolen like this. But how can we care or fight back when we dont even know what has been or is being taken from us?"

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Quotes About Nita

"Lespressione infantile del viso, unitamente alla delicata bellezza del busto, componevano il suo particolare incanto, che lui ben ricordava; ma quello che in lei lo coglieva sempre di sorpresa era lespressione degli occhi, miti, tranquilli e sinceri, e in particolare il suo sorriso, che trasportava sempre Levin in un mondo incantato, dove lui si sentiva ingentilito e intenerito, come poteva ricordare di essere lui stesso in rari giorni della sua prima infanzia" - Author: Leo Tolstoy

Quotes About Therapeutic Cloning

"I think we can allow the therapeutic uses of nuclear transplant technology, which we call cloning, without running the danger of actually having live human beings born." - Author: David Baltimore

Quotes About Good Biography

"This gave me occasion to observe, that when Men are employd they are best contented. For on the Days they workd they were good-naturd and chearful; and with the consciousness of having done a good Days work they spent the Evenings jollily; but on the idle Days they were mutinous and quarrelsome, finding fault with their Pork, the Bread, and in continual ill-humour. (Autobiography, 1771)" - Author: Benjamin Franklin

Quotes About Battute

"Da piccolo leggi di pirati e cowboy e astronauti, e una volta che pensi che il mondo sia pieno di cose meravigliose, ti dicono che invece è fatto di balene morte e di foreste abbattute e di scorie nucleari che infettano la Terra per milioni di anni. Se proprio vuoi saperlo, secondo me così non vale la pena di diventare grandi." - Author: Neil Gaiman

Quotes About Having Things In Common

"Who are these people sharing the street with me? What is going on in their worlds, inside their heads? Are they in love? If so, is it the kind that Mum and Dad have? Based on having things in common, like raspberry picking and a love of dogs, and Shakespeare, and long country walks? Or is it the knock-you-out, eat-you-up, set-you-on-fire kind of love that I have longed for-and avoided-all my life?" - Author: Alison Larkin

Quotes About Hate Being Lied To

"For people who say they hate being lied to, just start telling them nothing but the pure truth--about everything. That will teach them" - Author: Seth Adam Brown

Quotes About Sharon Tate

"What I have a problem with is not so much religion or god, but faith. When you say you believe something in your heart and therefore you can act on it, you have completely justified the 9/11 bombers. You have justified Charlie Manson. If its true for you, why isnt it true for them? Why are you different? If you say "I believe theres an all-powerful force of love in the universe that connects us all, and I have no evidence of that but I believe it in my heart," then its perfectly okay to believe in your heart that Sharon Tate deserves to die. Its perfectly okay to believe in your heart that you need to fly planes into buildings for Allah." - Author: Penn Jillette

Quotes About Natural Living

"The birds and I share a natural history. It is a matter of rootedness, of living inside a place for so long that the mind and imagination fuse." - Author: Terry Tempest Williams

Quotes About Changes In Technology

"Moreover, we have seen enough by now to know that technological changes in our modes of communication are even more ideology-laden than changes in our modes of transportation. Introduce the alphabet to a culture and you change its cognitive habits, its social relations, its notions of community, history and religion. Introduce the printing press with movable type, and you do the same. Introduce speed-of-light transmission of images and you make a cultural revolution. Without a vote. Without polemics. Without guerrilla resistance. Here is ideology, pure if not serene. Here is ideology without words, and all the more powerful for their absence. All that is required to make it stick is a population that devoutly believes in the inevitability of progress. And in this sense, all Americans are Marxists, for we believe nothing if not that history is moving us toward some preordained paradise and that technology is the force behind that movement." - Author: Neil Postman

Quotes About Partner In Life

"It is strange, pursued he, that while I love Rosomond Oliver so wildly-with all the intensity, indeed, of a first passion, the object of which is exquisitely beautiful, graceful, and fascinating--I experience at the same time a calm, unwarped consciousness, that she would not make me a good wife; that she is not the partner suited to me; that I should discover this within a year after marriage; and that to twelve months rapture would succeed a lifetime of regret. This I know." - Author: Charlotte Brontë