[...My Goal Might Be Impossible For Me. Even So... I Think It Would Be Great If It Came True. So I Keep Believing.]

Author: Natsuki Takaya Quotes

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AM Harte Quotes

"When I am lonely for boys what I miss is their bodies. The smell of their skin, its saltiness. The rough whisper of stubble against my cheek. The strong firm hands, the way they rest on the curve of my back."

Roger Bannister Quotes

"Its amazing that more people have climbed Mount Everest than have broken the 4-minute mile."

Kenneth Grahame Quotes

"Home! That was what they meant, those caressing appeals, Those soft touches wafted through the air, those invisible little hands pulling and tugging, all one way."

Joyce Brothers Quotes

"I dont give advice. I cant tell anybody what to do. Instead I say this is what we know about this problem at this time. And here are the consequences of these actions."

Mike Loffredo Quotes

"I am not half the man I use to think I was."

Amod Shrivastava Quotes

"I knew keeping our relationship wont be that easy,But, never expected you will make it more worse.....!!"

Mia Wasikowska Quotes

"Fame is useful in certain ways, because it helps you get more roles."

Bonnie J James Quotes

"Have you been walking in the woods in the last few days?" Matt asked.Lola cleared her throat anxiously. What had she managed to do now, catch jungle fever? "We went hiking in the Greenhills on Wednesday. Whats wrong?" Her voice sounded squeaky, so she closed her eyes and took a steadying breath."I dont suppose youve heard of poison ivy," Matt asked. He traced the curve of her knee, pushing the hem of her skirt up her thigh. "Small plant, three leaves, glossy green. Causes a rash of small bumps about a day after contact. Sound familiar?"

Paula Danziger Quotes

"I deal with unhappy marriages a lot. Ive never been married, Im single."

Susan Moody Quotes

"We only have one life to live, and must go on with it to the end, that if we feel it is meaningless, then we ourselves must give it meaning."

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Quotes About Robert Browning

"Our interest is on the dangerous edge of things. The honest thief, the tender murderer, the superstitious atheist-Robert Browning, Bishop Blougrams Apology" - Author: Robert Browning

Quotes About Sawm

"The wand waved; the Adams Apple leapt, and they were off. What followed cannot be indicated typographically. But if a cat were a sawmill, and a dog were a gigantic cart full of tin cans bouncing through a stone paved street, and that dog and that cat hated each other and were telling each other so, it would sound much like it." - Author: Don Marquis

Quotes About Gods Benevolence

"Alexander Berkman was a self-declared atheist attempting to lift the stultifying fog of the gods from the mind of humankind." - Author: Alexander Berkman

Quotes About Tax Dollars

"Tax dollars intended for science education must not be used to teach creationism as any sort of real explanation of nature, because any observation or process of inference about our origin and the nature of the universe disproves creationism in every respect." - Author: Bill Nye

Quotes About Sky Full Of Stars

"The sky was full of stars, and the stars reflected on the water like millions of tiny memories, distorted by the ripples and the waves." - Author: Shawn Mihalik

Quotes About Brisa

"Što je bilo, bilo je. Prošlost živi u nama i ne možemo je izbrisati. Pošto su snovi slika onoga sveta, i dokaz njegovog postojanja, susrećemo se u snovima; kleči kraj furune u koju trpa vlažna drva; ili me doziva promuklim glasom. Tada se budim i palim svetlo. Kajanje i bol se polako pretvaraju u sumornu radost sećanja. Naš dugi, strasni i strašni roman ispunio je moj život, osmislio ga je, i ja ne tražim nikakve nadoknade. Mene neće biti u indeksu knjiga Mendela Osipoviča, u njegovim biografijama ili u fusnoti uz neku pesmu. Ja, gospodine, jesam delo Mendela Osipoviča, kao što je i on moje delo. Ima li lepšeg proviđenja?" - Author: Danilo Kiš

Quotes About Smelly Breath

"You love my art?"Adam laughed. "Jesus, I tell you I love you and youre more interested with the fact that I love your fucking art? Yeah, Miles, I love your art. I love your smelly paints and weird concoctions and the way you run your hands throught your hair so it stands on end. I love your crazy-ass bird. I love the way you completely lose yourself so deeply in what youre doing that an atom bomb could go off next door and you wouldnt even notice. I love how you look when weve just made love, and I love when youre all pissy and cranky and yelling. I love this cottage and this resort and I love this room and I love your room. I love you." He took a deep breath and forced himself to meet Miles eyes. "I love you. Do you...can you...""Moron," Miles said with a grin. He took Adams hand and dragged him to Miles own room.There had to be six-no-eight-no, eleven portraits of Adam hanging on the walls of Miles bedroom." - Author: Rowan Speedwell

Quotes About Beautiful Handwriting

"Never lose an opportunity of seeing anything beautiful, for beauty is Gods handwriting." - Author: Ralph Waldo Emerson

Quotes About Burbs

"Sensing her hard separateness in their separate footsteps as they walked towards her home in the sleeping suburbs, he began to feel that by now there should be more between them than this sensual ease. Till now, for him, the luxury of this ease had been perfect. This uncomplicated pleasure seemed the very fullness of life, seemed all that life could yearn towards, and yet it could not go one forever. There comes a point in all living things when they must change or die, and maybe they had passed that point already without noticing, and that already he had lost her, when he was longing to draw closer." - Author: John McGahern

Quotes About Colour And Light

"They came there regularly every evening drawn by some need. It was as if the water floated off and set sailing thoughts which had grown stagnant on dry land, and gave to their bodies even some sort of physical relief. First, the pulse of colour flooded the bay with blue, and the heart expanded with it and the body swam, only the next instant to be checked and chilled by the prickly blackness on the ruffled waves. Then, up behind the great black rock, almost every evening spurted irregularly, so that one had to watch for it and it was a delight when it came, a fountain of white water; and then while one waited for that, one watched, on the pale semicircular beach, wave after wave shedding again and again smoothly, a film of mother-of-pearl." - Author: Virginia Woolf