[. . . My Obsession With Gratefulness. I Can't Stop. Just Now, I Press The Elevator Button And Am Thankful That It Arrives Quickly. I Get Onto The Elevator And Am Thankful That The Elevator Cable Didn't Snap And Plummet Me To The Basement. I Go To The Fifth Floor And Am Thankful That I Didn't Have To Stop On The Second Or Third Or Fourth Floor. I Get Out And Am Thankful That Julie Left The Door Unlocked So I Don't Have To Rummage For My King Kong Key Ring. I Walk In, And Am Thnkful That Jasper Is Home And Healthy And Stuffing His Face With Pineapple Wedges. And On And On. I'm Actually Muttering To Myself, 'Thank You. . .thank You. . . Thank You.' It's An Odd Way To Live. But Also Kind Of Great And Powerful. I've Never Before Been So Aware Of The Thousands Of Little Good Things, The Thousands Of Things That Go Right Every Day.]

Author: A.J. Jacobs Quotes

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"im jeff goldblum in jurassic park for ui point out human beings exploitation of the natural worldthats my main functionalso im arrogant and i like u"

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