[My Opponent Called Me A Cream Puff. Well, I Rushed Out And Got The Baker's Union To Endorse Me.]

Author: Claiborne Pell Quotes

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Chris Terrio Quotes

"In Tehran, the 444 days of the Iran Hostage Crisis was the first world event in which you could literally have live events beamed into your living room. Now, every world event plays out on its own, and as a media event."

Diane Grifith Quotes

"A shaft of sunlight pierced the dark cluds and she looked up to see a silver lining. It was a sign, she thought."

Mark Richard Beaulieu Quotes

"Culture is what we choose to repeat."

Christina Lee Quotes

"Two seeds destined to grow in concert, planted together in the field of love." She took in a lungful of air and continued. "‘The sky cast wet buckets of dreams and desires, the roots took shape, and the leaves tangled as one."

Eileen Wilks Quotes

"I need to check your ankle." "Ask." "If you object, I—" "Giving me a chance to object is not the same as asking permission. Youre used to telling people what to do. That works with those guards youre in charge of. You arent in charge of me. You have to ask." One corner of his mouth turned up. "Its more efficient my way." "If your primary goal in life is efficiency, you should just die." That startled him. His head actually jerked back. "What?" "The most efficient way to live a life is to die a couple seconds after youre born. Pfft. Done." She dusted her hands to demonstrate that. "Its too late for you to achieve optimal efficiency, but you could still . . ."

Eve Golden Quotes

"I guess I became an actress because I didnt want to be myself," [Jean Arthur] later conjectured."

Philip Schaff Quotes

"It is more than a book, it is an institution which rules the Christian world."

Ivy Compton Burnett Quotes

"There is more difference within the sexes than between them."

MR S Quotes

"come on just like it"

Michael York Quotes

"Every role Ive played, that couldve happened. Its nice, it happens, but it is rather disconcerting when a young child comes up to at the airport and starts doing your lines, it happens."

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Quotes About Mountaineering

"Mountaineering has always been a huge hobby of mine." - Author: Andy Serkis

Quotes About Sipping Tea

"Come on. Lets go up to the kitchen, make some tea. We can try another one of Zias cupcakes. She made some with chocolate frosting."Lily froze in her tracks. "I hate it," she burst out. "Im here, sipping tea and nibbling cupcakes while Brunos out there? What, should I maybe crochet a white lace doily while Im at it?"Tam and Edie exchanged glances.Tam, spoke, her voice dry. "Shot of bourbon, then?" - Author: Shannon McKenna

Quotes About Being Thankful

"Thanksgiving is the holiday that encompasses all others. All of them, from Martin Luther King Day to Arbor Day to Christmas to Valentines Day, are in one way or another about being thankful." - Author: Jonathan Safran Foer

Quotes About Guiding

"Before you disagree make sure you understand. In other words, we must make sure that we can describe anothers theological position as he would describe it before we criticize or condemn. Another guiding principle should be Do not impute to others beliefs you regard as logically entailed by their beliefs but that they explicitly deny." - Author: Roger E. Olson

Quotes About Transact

"When abandoned women follow their fleeing males with tear-stained faces, screaming you cant do this to me, they reveal that all that they have offered in the name of generosity and altruism has been part of an assumed transaction, in which they were entitled to a certain payoff." - Author: Germaine Greer

Quotes About Donna Karan

"I love jeans and T-shirts, but for red carpets, I like Oscar de la Renta, who is timeless. Marchesa celebrates the female form in an ethereal way. Donna Karan does an Urban Zen collection, which is eco-friendly. I love socially conscious fashion." - Author: Serinda Swan

Quotes About Advertiser

"Its nice that HBO is in business with the audience and not with the advertisers. Theres a difference." - Author: Aaron Sorkin

Quotes About Indigo Child

"Evening brings the people to their windows, balconies, and doorways. Evening fills the streets with strolling crowds. Evening is an indigo tent for the circus of the city, and families bring children to the entertainments that inspire every corner and crossroad. And evening is a chaperone for young lovers: the last hour of light before the night comes to steal the innocence from their slow promenades. Theres no time, in the day or night, when there are more people on the streets of Bombay than there are in the evening, and no light loves the human face quite so much as the evening light in my Mumbai." - Author: Gregory David Roberts

Quotes About Being Deserved

"Rustin knew that Tommy was right. It was high time he stopped being so passive. After all, hed moved halfway across the country to start his life over. If he didnt have the balls to put himself out there and take the bull by the horns - or the cowboy by the balls - then he deserved to be alone and lonely." - Author: Jeff Erno

Quotes About Twists Of Fate

"The past is dangerous, not least because it cannot go away. It is simply there, never to change, and in its constancy it reflects the eternity of God. It presents to the young mind a vast field of fascination, of war and peace, loyalty and treason, invention and folly, bitter twists of fate and sweet poetic justice. When that past is the past of ones people or country or church, then the danger is terrible indeed, because then the past makes claims upon our honor and allegiance. Then it knocks at the door, saying softly, "I am still here." And then our plans for social control—for inducing the kind of amnesia that has people always hankering after what is supposed to be new, without asking inconvenient questions about where the desirable thing has come from and where it will take us—must fail. For a man with a past may be free; but a man without a past, never." - Author: Anthony Esolen