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Author: Kiana Tom Quotes

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Thomas Hillgrove Quotes

"Ladies should also remember that gentlemen look more to the effect of a dress in setting off the figure and countenance of a lady than to its cost. Very few gentlemen have any idea the value of ladies dresses. This is a subject for female criticism. Beauty of person and elegance of manners in women will always command more admiration from the opposite sex than beauty, elegance or costliness of clothing."The Scholars Companion and Ball Room Vade MecumThomas Hillgrove, 1857"

Emma Donoghue Quotes

"When I tell her what Im thinking and she tells me what shes thinking, our each ideas jumping into the others head, like coulouring blue crayon on top of yellow that makes green."

Ben Elton Quotes

"Yes, OK, farty is a silly word. I wish Id never used it. Im 34. Perhaps it was a word for my 20s."

Toi Derricotte Quotes

"My Father Still Sleeping After SurgeryIn spite of himself,my father loved me. In spiteof the hands that beat me, in spiteof the mouth that kept silent, in spiteof the face that turned cruelas a gold Chinese king,he could not control the lovethat came out of him.The body is monumental, a colossusthrough which he breathes.His hands crawl over his stomachjerkily as sand crabs on five legs;he makes a fistlike the fist of a newborn."

Sam Houston Quotes

"All new states are invested, more or less, by a class of noisy, second-rate men who are always in favor of rash and extreme measures, but Texas was absolutely overrun by such men."

Laura Lippman Quotes

"...Baltimore. Its imperfect. Boy, is it imperfect. And there are parts of its past that make you wince. Its not all marble steps and waitresses calling you hon, you know. Racial strife in the sixties, the riots during the Civil War. F. Scott Fitzgerald said it was civilized and gay, rotted and polite. The terms are slightly anachronistic now, but I think he was essentially right."

Mike Mullin Quotes

"I was glad nobody had noticed.I might have been offended if my uncle had punched me in the shoulder and said something inane like, "so you`re a man now."

Allen Carr Quotes

"Allen Carr saved my life."

Gail McHugh Quotes

"Im going to break you, Emily Cooper. Im going to break you down and slowly build you back up. Second by second, piece by piece, and memory by memory, Im going to make you realize youre worth what Im going to give to you. If I have to open a dictionary every day and make you stare at the word worth, Ill do it... Ill even paste a picture of myself next to it."

Norman Jewison Quotes

"But Madonna has a small amount of talent when it comes to movies."

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Quotes About There Is No Love

"I held his gaze. I could see the storm in his eyes. I knew he was confused. I could see the fear. Then there was the love. I saw it. The fierceness in his eyes. I believed it. I could see it clearly. But it was too late now. The love wasnt enough. Everyone always said that love was enough. It wasnt. Not when your soul was shattered." - Author: Abbi Glines

Quotes About Miah

"Komunitas yang bangkit ini tidak berasal dari kalangan militer atau politikus kerana kedua kelompok ini sedang berada dalam bayang-bayang cobaan sehingga tidak mampu berperan lagi di persimpangan sejarah yang kritis ini. Kerana itu hampir semua sisi kesejarahan meniscayakan tanggungjawab dan menawarkan peran bagi kalangan intelektual untuk merekonstruksi khazanah ilmu pengetahuan dan kebudayaan yang diluluhlantakkan serbuan Mongol di Timur dan Sepanyol di Barat. Mereka harus membangun kedua modal itu sehingga kejayaan ilmiah dapat menggantikan kejayaan politik yang hilang akibat bencana perpecahan dan fanatisme golongan yang akut. Keduanya juga diperlukan guna membangun jaring ruhani dan pemikiran yang memelihara eksistensi dan identitas umat Islam dari keruntuhan, erosi dan perpecahan." - Author: Yusri Abdul Ghani Abdullah

Quotes About Rules Of The Game

"He couldnt have pulled back the lock, they couldnt simply have climbed over the sides of the stall in all of three seconds, because those werent the rules of the game.Theirs was the intoxication of the hunter, his the terror of the prey. Once they had actually captured him the fun was over and the punishment more of a duty that had to be carried out. If he gave up too early there was a chance they would put more of their energy into the punishment instead of the hunt." - Author: John Ajvide Lindqvist

Quotes About Drinking Reddit

"Tequila. Straight. Theres a real polite drink. You keep drinking until you finally take one more and it just wont go down. Then you know youve reached your limit." - Author: Lee Marvin

Quotes About Friendship Betrayal Tagalog

"The friendship we share grows amidst the craggy rock pond; reeds of water spray fireflies scented with bonfires." - Author: Bradley Chicho

Quotes About Charity Work

"Many religious leaders dont want it [unity]. they talk about unity and dabble in it, and feign attempts at oneness, but deep down they dont want to give up what they have so they postpone critical commitments to unity. They also contend that differences in belief are the great obstacle to unity. They say this because they presume purity of beliefs among their followers, which is false. People dont all believe what their leaders teach them, nor do all Catholics or Lutherans or Methodists believe the teachings of their bishops. Charity should be the first step to unity. Then, when people are worshiping together and working together as a Christian family, their love will make possible a unity of belief and a willingness to accept the guidance of Peter." - Author: Joseph F. Girzone

Quotes About Economic Competition

"Advertising as the printed form of selling would seem... ultimately to be justified in so far as it serves as a means of increasing legitimate human wants, as an agency of fair and economic competition in the distribution of goods, and as a stimulant to social progress." - Author: Daniel Starch

Quotes About Emotional Child Abuse

"How do we find words for describing levels of betrayal and emotional, physical, sexual and spiritual torture that fragment and destroy a child or cast and case traumatic shadows over the whole of adult life? We might, as a society, slowly find it possible to accept that one in four citizens are likely to have experience some form of emotional, psychical, sexual or spiritual abuse (McQueen, Itzin, Kennedy, Sinason, & Maxted, 2008), in itself a figure unimaginable and hidden twenty years ago. However, accepting the way a hurt and hurting parent or stranger re-enacts their disturbance with a vulnerable child or children remains far easier to digest than to consider the intellectually planned, scientific, methodical, procedures of organized child-abusing perpetrators-in other words, torture." - Author: Valerie Sinason

Quotes About Looking Down Upon

"A man in a topiary maze cannot judge of the twistings and turnings, and which avenue might lead him to the heart; while one who stands above, on some pleasant prospect, looking down upon the labyrinth, is reduced to watching the bewildered circumnavigations of the tiny victim through obvious coils - as the gods, perhaps, looked down on besieged and blood-sprayed Troy from the safety of their couches, and thought mortals weak and foolish while they themselves reclined in comfort, and had only to snap to call Ganymade to theeir side with nectar decanted.So I, now, with the vantage of my years, am sensible of my foolishness, my blindness, as a child. I cannot think of my blunders without a shriveling of the inward parts - not merely the disiccation attendant on shame, but also the aggravation of remorse that I did not demand explanation, that I did not sooner take my mother by the hand, and-I do not know what I regret. I sit with my pen, and cannot find an end to that sentence." - Author: M.T. Anderson

Quotes About Canadian Culture

"Even though Im very Westernized as an individual and very Canadian, I guess Ive lost some of my Chinese culture." - Author: Patrick Chan