[My Personal Savior Is Common Sense. And As Far As God Goes, I Prefer To Believe In One That Would Want Me To Use The Excellent Brain He Gave Us All.]

Author: Bill Maher Quotes

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Frances Hodgson Burnett Quotes

"Mistress Mary Quite Contrary"

Shanon Grey Quotes

"Your life is a book; make it a bestseller."

Tom Daley Quotes

"Im not allowed to celebrate as normal eighteen year olds probably would but Im going to save it for after the Olympics!"

Mike Farrell Quotes

"Its mostly the financial chicanery thats going on. People are saying What kind of trust can we put in this market?"

James Thomson Quotes

"Surely I write not for the hopeful young, Or those who deem their happiness of worth, Or such as pasture and grow fat among The shows of life and feel nor doubt nor dearth,Or pious spirits with a God above themTo sanctify and glorify and love them, Or sages who foresee a heaven on earth.For none of these I write, and none of these Could read the writing if they deigned to try;So may they flourish, in their due degrees, On our sweet earth and in their unplaced sky.If any cares for the weak words here written,It must be someone desolate, fate-smitten, Whose hope and faith are dead, and who would die."

Gary Calamar Quotes

"The record store was a place of escape. It was a library and a clubhouse" - Cameron Crowe quoted"

Todd Bridges Quotes

"Never give up on your child. But also, you have to love your child."

David Dobkin Quotes

"I honestly never thought in my career I was going to do a body-switching movie."

Kurt Eichenwald Quotes

"Excuse me, Ben," Bowen said. "Am I wrong, or arent you the corporate treasurer?"Glisan bristled. "Yes.""What do you mean, you think you can get one?" Bowen shot back. "This is the current fucking maturities schedule! Go get it. You have to have a maturities schedule!"But they didnt. With all the focus on deals and earnings- with finance groups transformation into a profit center rather than a division to support the business- the workday, boring details had been sloughed off.p. 560"

Samantha Bond Quotes

"My father Philip was an actor and appeared in everything from The Onedin Line to Hedda Gabler with Dame Diana Rigg."

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Quotes About Watching Our Words

"When he reached his own room again, he found Khloe curled up on his bed, asleep. He stood over her, watching her sleep peacefully for a few moments before taking a deep breath and moving to the other side of the bed. He sat down on top of the covers next to her and watched the rise and fall of her chest as she slept. He withdrew a leather bond journal from the nightstand drawer and tried to push Hecates words from his mind.Khloe is yours to deal with." - Author: Lia Davis

Quotes About Having More Guy Friends Than Girlfriends

"Granted, we need to have a sound immigration policy that allows people into our country who are going to produce more than they are going to consume, but the bottom line is illegal aliens consume far more of our tax resources than they generate." - Author: Mo Brooks

Quotes About Pernicious

"The feeling of righteousness is the core mood alteration among religious addicts. Religious addiction is a massive problem in our society. It may be the most pernicious of all addictions because its so hard for a person to break his delusion and denial. How can anything be wrong with loving God and giving your life for good works and service to mankind?" - Author: John Bradshaw

Quotes About Gilan

"The average author hawks their books at many events. They are vigilant promoters, waiting for a breakthrough. They do this, or else watch their novel wither away." - Author: Michael J. Kannengieser

Quotes About Smoking Cigars

"When she was drinking his liquor and smoking his cigars, Charity couldnt help warming to Sir Humphrey. She almost forgot what a crashing bore he really was." - Author: Elizabeth Jane Howard

Quotes About Bipolar Friends

"Compared to bipolars magic, reality seems a raw deal. Its not just the boredom that makes recovery so difficult, its the slow dawning pain that comes with sanity - the realization of illnesss, the humiliating scenes, the blown money and friendships and confidence. Depression seems almost inevitable. The pendulum swings back from transcendence in shards, a bloody, dangerous mess. Crazy high is better than crazy low. So we gamble, dump the pills, and stick it to the control freaks and doctors. They dont understand, we say. They just dont get it. Theyll never be artists." - Author: David Lovelace

Quotes About Kidnap

"Kinley stepped up behind Law, peering out from behind his back. "Are you sorry you kidnapped me?"He had to be honest with her. "No. If I hadnt, you wouldnt be here. Id be a lot sorrier about that. I think you would, too."She pursed her lips. "Are you sorry that your dog raped mine?"He wasnt about to take that. "No, your dog led mine into sin. He has a thing for bows. She used it against him."He caught the faintest hint of a smile from her. "Ill admit, shes a flirty thing. So if youre not apologizing for kidnapping me or very likely turning my dog into a single mother, what are you sorry about?"So many things. "For being rude to you." - Author: Shayla Black

Quotes About Formal Dress

"That civet-jasmine blend youre wearing tonight absolutely clashes with the third-level formal style of your dress, you know." - Author: Lois McMaster Bujold

Quotes About Jazz Age

"Jazz. Here in Germany it become something worse than a virus. We was all of us damn fleas, us Negroes and Jews and low-life hoodlums, set on playing that vulgar racket, seducing sweet blond kids into corruption and sex. It was a plague sent out by the dread black hordes, engineered by the Jews. Us Negroes, see, we was only half to blame - we just cant help it. Savages just got a natural feel for filthy rhythms, no self-control to speak of. But the Jews, brother, now they cooked up this jungle music on purpose. All part of their master plan to weaken Aryan youth, corrupt its janes, dilute its bloodlines." - Author: Esi Edugyan

Quotes About Self Inventory

"Imagine a society entirely absorbed in its own historicity. It would be incapable of producing historians. Living entirely under the sign of the future, it would satisfy itself with automatic self-recording processes and auto-inventory machines, postponing indefinitely the task of understanding itself" - Author: Pierre Nora