[My Spine Shoots Up Straight Like I'd Been Plugged Into An Eight-volt, And The Mere Sight Of Him Literally Causes My Breath To Leave My Body.]

Author: Allison Winn Scotch Quotes

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John L Lewis Quotes

"The men in the steel industry who sacrificed their all were nor merely aiding their fellows at home but were adding strength to the cause of their comrades in all industry."

Ken Bruen Quotes

"Its said the difference between one friend and none is infinity."

Deborah Copaken Kogan Quotes

"Female readers, on the other hand, were unmoved by the book, one of them going so far as to give it the ultimate insult on a well-trafficked book blog: She "flung it across the room."

Rafe Esquith Quotes

"But to paraphrase Henry Drummond in Inherit the Wind, ignorance and mediocrity are forever busy, and the forces of mediocrity arent content with being mediocre; theyll do everything in their power to prevent even the humblest of teachers and children from accomplishing anything extraordinary. For good work shines a light on the failures of the mediocre, and that is a light which terrifies those who conspire to keep our nations children, like themselves, ordinary."

Stephen Ambrose Quotes

"Even before Watergate and his resignation, Nixon had inspired conflicting and passionate emotions."

Susan Dormady Eisenberg Quotes

"The dirty secret shed learned about grief was that nobody wanted to hear about your loss a week after the funeral. People youd once considered friends would turn their heads in church or cross to another side of a shopping mall to avoid the contamination of your suffering. "You might imagine Im coping day by day," she murmured. "But its more a case of hour by hour, and during my worst times, minute by minute."

Joanna Denny Quotes

"The past is a reality that exists just beyond our reach."

Daniel Kraus Quotes

"Darkness is a defining characteristic of Rotters. But its worthy to remember that darkness is just that—its dark—and what is being concealed in the dark is not just the horrible and fearsome, its also the inspirational and moving. Horror means nothing without happiness; dark means nothing without light. Rotters may make you feel scared, but hopefully it will also make you simply feel. Its that kind of book, or at least I hope it is."

Ross Perot Quotes

"War has rules, mud wrestling has rules - politics has no rules."

Robert LaSardo Quotes

"Creativity can release you from the limitations that the world has constructed around you; the everyday, mundane, 9-5 jail cell where everybody is waiting for the weekend to party so they can get outside of their head."

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"Whether it be personal or musical, I just think Im a walking art piece, just a ball of creativity." - Author: Chris Brown

Quotes About Early 20s

"When I was in my early 20s, my dream was to write mystery novels. I wanted to do what my favourite crime writer, Ross Macdonald, did - crank out a book a year. The only problem - and it was a considerable one - was that I stank." - Author: Linwood Barclay

Quotes About Funny Reagan

"I think that Obama is very cool. And I think hes clever, and I think he can be witty. But I dont think hes funny in either the way that Reagan was funny - or John McCain and Dick Cheney are both funny in that ruthless, kind of mean way." - Author: Mo Rocca

Quotes About Imagination And Play

"Imagination is our inner-child and creativity, its playground." - Author: Jaeda DeWalt

Quotes About Baseball Fans

"Baseball is known for superstitious players and cursed teams—and at the root of every curse theres a story. Bostons curse was to trade Babe Ruth to the Yankees. Cubs fans claim a billy goat is responsible for their futility. And Clevelands curse? The club struggled after its Pennant-winning 1954 season, but it was rich with optimism just two years later as an onslaught of new talent promised to lift the club once more to the ranks of baseballs elite—and by 1959 the club was contending for the Pennant again. And then GM Frank Lane traded Rocky Colavito to the Detroit Tigers and cursed everything." - Author: Tucker Elliot

Quotes About Kernel

"A kernel of truth lurks at the heart of religion, because spiritual experience, ethical behavior, and strong communities are essential for human happiness. And yet our religious traditions are intellectually defunct and politically ruinous. While spiritual experience is clearly a natural propensity of the human mind, we need not believe anything on insufficient evidence to actualize it." - Author: Sam Harris

Quotes About Superconducting

"After that cancellation [of the Superconducting Super Collider in Texas, after $2 billion had been spent on it], we physicists learned that we have to sing for our supper. ... The Cold War is over. You cant simply say "Russia!" to Congress, and they whip out their checkbook and say, "How much?" We have to tell the people why this atom-smasher is going to benefit their lives." - Author: Michio Kaku

Quotes About Victims Of Love

"The morgue is a Victorian update of a system established by Alfred the Great. Its the place where certain deaths are resolved - those where the cause is unclear or is the result of some intended or accidental violence. The bodies are almost always victims in some way - of crime, suicides and car crashes, but also victims of loneliness. Its where you go if you die alone in your flat and your body lies undisturbed for days. Its where you go if no one knew you were dying and no GP attended your final hours. Its where you go if no loved one held your hand as you slipped away. In one way or another, then, all the people who pass through this room are the people who die screaming." - Author: Stephen Armstrong

Quotes About Bait

"Were going to bash them birds, Them rat-feathered birds. Them bad-butt owls aint never heard Bout Gylfie, Soren, Dig, and Twilight Just let them get to feel my biteTheir lil ole gizzards gonna turn to pusAnd our feathers hardly mussed. Oh, me. Oh, my. They gonna cry. One look at Twilight, They know theyre gonna die. I see fear in their eyes And that aint all. They know that Twilights got the gall. Gizzard with gall that makes him great And every bad owl gonna turn to bait." - Author: Kathryn Lasky

Quotes About Writing Expression

"Weve inherited many ideas about writing that emerged in the eighteenth century, especially an interest in literature as both an expression and an exploration of the self. This development — part of what distinguishes the "modern" from the "early modern" — has shaped the work of many of our most celebrated authors, whose personal experiences indelibly and visibly mark their writing. Its fair to say that the fiction and poetry of many of the finest writers of the past century or so — and Im thinking here of Conrad, Proust, Lawrence, Joyce, Woolf, Kafka, Plath, Ellison, Lowell, Sexton, Roth, and Coetzee, to name but a few — have been deeply autobiographical. The link between the life and the work is one of the things were curious about and look for when we pick up the latest book by a favorite author." - Author: James Shapiro