[My Third Maxim Was To Try Always To Master Myself Rather Than Fortune And Change My Desires Rather Than Changing How Things Stand In The World.]

Author: Descartes Quotes

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Thomas Dolby Quotes

"Its been over 15 years since I toured... over 12 years since I did any recording under my own name. I never really intended to take that long of a hiatus."

Jonathan Kellerman Quotes

"The characters emerge from my rather twisted mind. Thats another enjoyable part of the job making stuff up."

Jerry Garcia Quotes

"every mind is at least as heavy as mine"

Sue Grafton Quotes

"If love is what injures us, how can we heal?"

Benjamin Ford Crouch Quotes

"A part of you feels lost and not at home, while another part just wants to be home. Inside you feel its better to be lost then to be home where you think you belong. Theres a battle inside of you, but you dont know which side to fight on. Is it better to be lost or is it better to be home? When youre lost, you have freedom from yourself. When your lost youre not yourself, you dont know what to do or who you are anymore. When youre home, you feel safe, but "home is a battlefield. Back home theyre all tying to ‘get you. Get you to open up, be somebody youre not sure you are anymore. Or I could be wrong." Maybe its better to be lost then to be home, but sometimes you just got to come home for awhile! Sometimes home is where you should be even when you want to be lost."

Sk Wasim Ali Quotes

"Never stop yourself from doing something new never happened before, as when u go to do something new world will say u mad, but later they follow your path.. listen to heart and play your game."

John Hull Quotes

"Our starting point then was trying to find a way to incorporate mean reversion into the HoLee model."

William Astbury Quotes

"We are at the dawn of a new era, the era of molecular biology as I like to call it, and there is an urgency about the need for more intensive application of physics and chemistry, and specially of structure analysis, that is still not sufficiently appreciated."

Maximilien Robespierre Quotes

"The secret of freedom lies in educating people, whereas the secret of tyranny is in keeping them ignorant."

Mary ONeill Quotes

"Think of what starlight And lamplight would lack Diamonds and fireflies If they couldnt lean against Black. . . ."

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"Right near where I live theres a man who raises roosters. Must have had them for years and years. In half an hour or so theyll be crowing up a storm. This is my favourite time of the day. The pitch-black night sky starting to glow in the east, the roosters crowing for all theyre worth like its their revenge on somebody. Any roosters near you?" - Author: Haruki Murakami

Quotes About Calm Under Pressure

"And youre okay with this?..." I studied his calm expression, my own features anything but calm."Noooo…" Aeron drew the word out lazily with a slow, deliberate shake of his head. His face remained strangely composed."Then can I please have some of whatever sedative you took…because this," I waved my hand, motioning from his head to his feet, "is way too cool under pressure." - Author: M.A. George

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"I got a lot of flak for having Kirk as the lead because they all claimed it was a much harder sell, but no one else could have done that part for many reasons." - Author: Donal Logue

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"I had reached up and pulled the castle of dreams down around him." - Author: Susan Kay

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"Killing me still on the agenda, tough girl?"I walked over to the desk. "Yup, right here next to buy Brendan a leash.""Glad to know you have a sense of humour.""I wasnt joking." I mumbled, knowing he would be able to hear me." - Author: Elizabeth Morgan

Quotes About Alf Cats

"Contentment has learned how to find out what she needs to know. Last year she went on a major housecleaning spree. First she stood on her head until all the extra facts fell out. Then she discarded about half her house. Now she knows where every thing comes from—who dyed the yarn dark green and who wove the rug and who built the loom, who made the willow chair, who planted the apricot trees. She made the turquoise mugs herself with clay she found in the hills beyond her house. When Contentment is sad, she takes a mud bath or goes to the mountains until her lungs are clear. When she walks through an unfamiliar neighborhood, she always makes friends with the local cats." - Author: J. Ruth Gendler

Quotes About Cheapen

"But nobody else ever romped with White Fang. He did not permit it. He stood on his dignity, and when they attempted it, his warning snarl and bristling mane were anything but playful. That he allowed the master these liberties was no reason that he should be a common dog, loving here and loving there, everybodys property for a romp and good time. He loved with single heart and refused to cheapen himself or his love." - Author: Jack London

Quotes About Roses And Thorns

"The gardener uses both roses in the flowerbed and thorns in making fences." - Author: Hazrat Inayat Khan

Quotes About Jerked

"Neverfell was tired, so very tired. Waiting in her room to learn of her fate, her mind kept dropping away into sleep for numb instants no longer than a blink. Next moment her thoughts would jar her awake again, thrashing and crashing and clattering like a monstrous waterwheel, turning and turning without end or purpose. She jerked and stared and barely knew where she was, dream pieces floating like iceberg shards across her half-waking mind." - Author: Frances Hardinge

Quotes About Irk

"So what did you bring? Lip gloss and a hairbrush?"Smirking, she unpacked the sandwiches Morts cook had made for her, along with an ample slice of chocolate cake. "You owe me an apology.""Omigod, its a feast! Okay, youre forgiven." - Author: Jana Oliver