[My Voyage Was Never A Well-conceived Plan, Nor Will It Ever Be. I Have Made It Up As I Went Along.]

Author: Jimmy Buffett Quotes

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Henry Wotton Quotes

"An ambassador is an honest man sent abroad to lie and intrigue for the benefit of his country."

Kate From Love And Sex Movie Quotes

"We all want to be loved. And sometimes it doesnt even matter who loves us, as long as it makes us feel less alone"

Bill Lipinski Quotes

"Im leaving because I want to spend more time with my wife in Chicago."

Benjamin Wood Quotes

"Oscar was raised to believe that if he stayed in his room reading about made up worlds it meant he didnt appreciate the life he had, the possessions his parents had worked hard for, like the TV and the video and the newly turfed back garden."

Serpents Shadow Rick Riordan Quotes

"...besides, im a cat. i respect the sanctity of sleep."

Scott H Dearduff Quotes

"Stay in your lane."

Ralph Macchio Quotes

"Guys like Spielberg and Zemeckis and really anybody who is a storyteller-filmmaker today has studied Hitchcock and the way he visually tells a story. He was the master of suspense, certainly, but visually you would get a lot of information from what he would do with the camera and what he would allow you to see as the story was unfolding."

Patricia Richardson Quotes

"I still get the kids to the doctor and dentist and plan their play dates and buy their clothes."

Desmond Biddulph Quotes

"Although social and personal circumstances will play their part in contributing to how an individual suffers, in Buddhist thought blame is seen as a "poison" that will only lead to negative actions and will do nothing to reduce suffering."

Ishmael Balfour Quotes

"Im just a ghost in your eyes, for I was just a shadow following you."

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Quotes About Depending On Someone

"Ive a habit of placing a happy-face or a frowny-face on my calendar, depending on what kind of day Ive had.  Often I slap a droopy circle in the box, discouraged by the things I failed to accomplish and the unpleasant encounters endured.  But then, invariably, a wise muse stops to ask me these three questions:  Did your children let you hug them today?  Yes.  Did you do a kind deed for someone?  Anyone?  Yes.  Did God forsake you today?  No.  Then, my dear, despite your challenges, it was a good day after all.  Standing corrected,  I twist that frowny-face upside down and smile." - Author: Richelle E. Goodrich

Quotes About U Dont Understand Me

"I can see a sticker on the back of that truck! Would you like me to tell you what it says? I just want to be normal again! Like you!" - Author: Michael Scott

Quotes About Chocolate And Friends

"Why should any guy want to be only friends with a girl? Its like agreeing to be near a chocolate cake and never eat it. Its like sitting in a racing car but not driving it." - Author: Chetan Bhagat

Quotes About Sappy Love

"Now I understand all those chick flicks I made fun of. Cause now Im the sappy dork willing to risk it all for the girl. Estoy enamorado...Im in love." - Author: Simone Elkeles

Quotes About Hurry Up And Wait

"A stationary bike is a device that epitomizes the phrase "hurry up and wait." - Author: Jarod Kintz

Quotes About Salary Day

"The wages of sin is death but so is the salary of virtue, and at least the evil get to go home early on Fridays." - Author: Terry Pratchett

Quotes About History Repeating Itself

"History keeps repeating itself. Thats one of the things wrong with history." - Author: Clarence Darrow

Quotes About Cold Weather Tagalog

"The economy of your country shall never determine the size of your three square meals if you know you can rise against and above all limitations! The climatic emergencies in the weather shall never determine your survival rates if you know you are above their standards!" - Author: Israelmore Ayivor

Quotes About Being A Young Mother

"There are things coming from me that I felt I wanted to talk about. My search for my own blend of spirituality, my acknowledgement of my sexuality, my being the single mother of a young man." - Author: Ana Castillo

Quotes About Summer Haze

"I first saw Lucas at the end of July last summer. Of course, I didnt know who he was then... in fact, come to think of it, I didnt even know what he was. All I could see from the backseat of the car was a green-clad creature padding along the Stand in a shimmering haze of heat; a slight and ragged figure with a mop of straw-blond hair and a way of walking - I smile when I think of it - a way of walking that whispered secrets to the air." - Author: Kevin Brooks