[My Work Is Whatever I Want It To Be, And I Report To No One Regularly. The Head Librarian -- The Man In Charge Of The University's Entire Collection -- Is A Figurehead, Well-to-do And Poorly Read, With Whom I Have Only Perfunctory Contact.]

Author: Martha Cooley Quotes

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"Its funny to think of Dave Chappelles show and how popular it was and he was before YouTube. I would imagine Chappelles Show would be even more giant if there was a chance to put his stuff online and pass it around."

Keith Barry Quotes

"Magic is all about directing attention. If I didnt want you to look at my right hand then I dont look at it."

Anwar Robinson Quotes

"Seven is a lucky number, so I plan to do a lot of lucky things with my seventh place title."

Robin Benway Quotes

"Its funny how bed and pillows and covers can change a conversation. Words turn quiet and you mean more and say less. Its like you can build your own little world, Population: 2."

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"We always had chocolates and my mother was careful to make sure they were unwrapped in advance so the paper wouldnt rustle in the middle of a performance."

Bret Harte Quotes

"Tommy, youre a good little man, but you cant gamble worth a cent. Dont try it over again. He then handed him his money back, pushed him gently from the room, and so made a devoted slave of Tom Simson."

Laurence Bradbury Quotes

"If you write about a place, you need to be right about the place!"

JC Reed Quotes

"In the harsh veracity of the real world, he was rich, successful, and one of the most desired bachelors in New York—and I was, well, me. A world I hoped wouldnt tear us apart by pointing out just how different our lives were."Youre probably eager to get home," Jett whispered in my ear so the flight attendant serving coffee wouldnt hear us, "but will you stay with me one more night? Im not quite ready to let this go."

Helen Dawes Brown Quotes

"She fancied herself superiour to her surroundings: surely there were higher things to live for. Yet the ugliness of this room was but a part of what she felt to be the dreariness of all life outside of books."

Trishelle Cannatella Quotes

"Id like to be an assistant producer to a reality show."

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"sleep is the most innocent creature there is and a sleepless manthe most guilty." - Author: Franz Kafka

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"There are 10,000 books in my library, and it will keep growing until I die. This has exasperated my daughters, amused my friends and baffled my accountant. If I had not picked up this habit in the library long ago, I would have more money in the bank today; I would not be richer." - Author: Pete Hamill

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"Hicimos una parada para comprar licor, hielo y cigarrillos, luego regresamos al apartamento. Su única copa había puesto a Cecilia soltando risas y hablando sin parar. Ahora estaba explicándonos que los animales también tenían alma. Nadie se lo discutió. Era posible, lo sabíamos. De lo que no estábamos tan seguros era de si la teníamos nosotros." - Author: Charles Bukowski

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"I am sure many of you know that the veil can be very thin-that there are people over there who are pulling for us-people who have faith in us and who have great hopes for us, who are hoping and praying that we will measure up-our loved ones who have passed on" - Author: Ezra Taft Benson

Quotes About Being Happy And Sad At The Same Time

"Its such a thrilling part about being in a relationship at a young age, and all your feelings are apocalyptic, all your emotions are so huge." - Author: Marc Webb

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"Im reluctant to get involved in science fiction, because I feel like Ive done it and done it well, so unless something comes along that I feel has the potential to do something even more interesting, it seems a shame to sort of re-live something in half-measures." - Author: Jamie Bamber

Quotes About Friendship From Books

"By educating me at home, my parents were able to give me individualized attention without the usual distractions that kids in regular school experience, like dating and friendship. Not to mention that traditional school can be dangerous. Ive heard about kids catching the flu and chicken pox, even Judaism.And how about those poor kids lugging all those heavy books to and from school every day? My books never went anywhere, just like me. I felt so bad when Id see kids on my street giggling and chasing each other around with those awkward backpacks." - Author: Colin Nissan

Quotes About Zelda Fitzgerald

"Zelda Fitzgerald, languishing in an asylum, drew a picture of a salamander and wrote: "I believed I was a salamander, and it seems I am nothing but an impediment." We have all tried to be salamanders, but nobody really survives the fire. The mystery is that some get burned worse than others; some get burned in ways that are liveable, and some do not." - Author: Megan K. Stack

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"- Child is abused, perpetrator threatens to hurt mother. Child feels protective of mother. - Struggle to escape perp reinforces feelings of mutual protection. Its Mom and I against the world. - Something necessary at the time later creates "enmeshment." Child doesnt see her actions as separate from mother. Even during normal adolescent individuation. But-- - Normal individuation doesnt happen in abuse survivors. They dont feel normal, so they--- Act out in unhealthy or self-destructive ways, which creates--- Fear and pain for mother, which creates-- - Guilt for child who still feels responsible for mothers emotional health. - Child seeks release from the guilt and from not feeling normal, which leads to-- - Escape to the world of other not normal people, where mother cant see her child self-destruct, which leads to--"The bad news." - Author: Claire Fontaine

Quotes About Oppositional Defiant Disorder

"Psychiatric diagnoses are getting closer and closer to the boundary of normal," said Allen Frances. "That boundary is very populous. The most crowded boundary is the boundary with normal.""Why?" I asked."Theres a societal push for conformity in all ways," he said. "Theres less tolerance of difference. And so maybe for some people having a label is better. It can confer a sense of hope and direction. ‘Previously I was laughed at, I was picked on, no one liked me, but now I can talk to fellow bipolar sufferers on the Internet and no longer feel alone." He paused. "In the old days some of them may have been given a more stigmatizing label like conduct disorder or personality disorder or oppositional defiant disorder. Childhood bipolar takes the edge of guilt away from parents that maybe they created an oppositional child." - Author: Jon Ronson