[Mystery Is But Another Name For Ignorance; If We Were Omniscient, All Would Be Perfectly Plain!]

Author: Tryon Edwards Quotes

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Christoph Wolff Quotes

"Music is a mixed mathematical science that concerns the origens, attributes, and distinctions of sound, out of which a cultivated and lovely melody and harmony are made, so that God is honored and praised but mankind is moved to devotion, virtue, joy, and sorrow."

Leigh Allyn Baker Quotes

"Having it all is such an intimidating concept. Just when you think you have all those plates spinning perfectly... something changes. It is a constant balancing act."

Joss Stone Quotes

"I never pay a fortune for clothes."

Friedrich Hecker Quotes

"Grease the guillotine with the fat of tyrants. Pull the concubine out of the clergyman`s bed. Monarch`s blood must flow, as thick as our boots. From there the free republic will rise."

Bella Sara Quotes

"Be a person you respect."

Millard Drexler Quotes

"Im looking for best practices constantly. Apple has beautiful design, beautiful product, incredibly functional. But mostly its about picking product, getting behind it, marketing it and introducing it to a customer. What theyve done just inspires me."

Delphine De Vigan Quotes

"I dont go after him. Hes a funny sort of boy. Ive known that from the start. Not just because he seems angry and contemptuous or the way he walks like a tough guy. Because of his smile - its a childs smile."

David Rubenstein Quotes

"What do most people say on their deathbed? They dont say, I wish Id made more money. What they say is, I wish Id spent more time with my family and done more for society or my community."

Ludwig Feuerbach Quotes

"As we expand our knowledge of good books, we shrink the circle of men whose company we appreciate."

Nick Lake Quotes

"He owns them more completely than if he had seized their balls in his hands"

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Quotes About Bush Putin

"Im not going into personal details of meetings I have with anybody, be it John Howard or President Bush or President Putin or President Yeltsin, in years gone by, whoever it may be, Im not going into that." - Author: Alexander Downer

Quotes About Letting Go Of Worry

"Letting go maybe hard, but its the best thing possible for you to do when you cant take anymore pain! Whether youre letting go of a person, a pet, or the past. No matter how hard it is to forget, to let go, you have to do it! Take that weight of your shoulders, kill that selected memory that hurts you and move on. No matter how hard it is to forget about that person, that pet, or that memory, in the long run it will be for the best! Why should you let go? You should let go because, you will be free from that pain it brings you, you will be free to move on from the past, you will be free from it all and not have to worry about the troubles it may have brought. It all starts with you! Make that change in your life that need to be done, because if you dont it will just be an anchor dragging you down, pulling you farther away from the shore in which your dreams, and your goals lie. Just let go of what you want to forget, let go of that you need to forget. It all starts with you!" - Author: Benjamin Ford Crouch

Quotes About Tattoos And Art

"Chicken began to cry then or seemed to cry, to weep or seemed to weep, until they heard the sound of a grown man weeping, an old man who slept on a charred mattress, whose life savings in tattoos had faded to a tracery of ash, whose crotch hair was sparse and gray, whose flesh hung slack on his bones, whose only trespass on life was a flat guitar and a remembered and pitiful air of "I dont know where it is, sir, but Ill find it, sir," and whose name was known nowhere, nowhere in the far reaches of the earth or in the far reaches of his memory, where, when he talked to himself, he talked to himself as Chicken Number Two." - Author: John Cheever

Quotes About Husband And Wife

"If any difference should be made by law between husband and wife, reason, justice and humanity, if their voices were heard, would dictate that it should be in her favor." - Author: Ernestine Rose

Quotes About Confronting Your Fears

"Remember that fear always lurks behind perfectionism. Confronting your fears and allowing yourself the right to be human can, paradoxically, make you a far happier and more productive person." - Author: David M. Burns

Quotes About Beirut

"Ones first response is that these Beirutis must be savagely insane to murder each other for such trivial divergences. Dont judge us too harshly. At the heart of most antagonisms are irreconcilable similarities. Hundred-year wars were fought over whether Jesus was human in divine form or divine in human form. Belief is murderous." - Author: Rabih Alameddine

Quotes About The Final Curtain

"People Power is too often an inverted fairy story - the triumph of innocence coming at the start and the Ugly Sisters of intrigue and ambition coming on stage in triumph for the final curtain." - Author: Mark Almond

Quotes About Different Roles In Life

"My basic profession is as an actor, and I have learnt much about life through working as an actor. Working as an actor is really a spiritual profession, since it means to create life on the stage. It means to play a role totally, while at the same time you know deep down inside yourself that you are not the role that you are playing. Working as an actor gave me early a spiritual discipline, which taught me a lot about awareness and meditation. Life is also about learning to play different roles, and learning to change between different roles with the same easiness that you change shirt." - Author: Swami Dhyan Giten

Quotes About Purged

"Locker rooms, in Schwartzs experience, were always underground, like bunkers and bomb shelters. This was less a structural necessity than a symbolic one. The locker room protected you when you were most vulnerable: just before a game, and just after (And halfway through, if the game was football) Before the game, you took off the uniform you wore to face the world and you put on the one you wore to face your opponent. In between you were naked in every way. After the game ended, you couldnt carry your game-time emotions out into the world - youd be put in an asylum if you did - so you went underground and purged them. You yelled and threw things and pounded on your locker, in anguish or joy. You hugged your teammate, or bitched him out, or punched him in the face. Whatever happened, the locker room remained a haven." - Author: Chad Harbach

Quotes About Get Together Again

"I have been a little embarrassed always. But less so the last time. It will all disappear. You have such a delicious sense of humor--I adore that in you. I want always to see you laughing. It belongs to you. I have been thinking of places we ought to go together--little obscure places, here and there, in Paris. Just to say--here I went with Anais--here we ate or danced or got drunk together. Ah, to see you really drunk sometime, that would be a treat! I am almost afraid to suggest it--but Anais, when I think of how you press against me, how eagerly you open your legs and how wet you are, God, it drives me mad to think what you would be like when everything falls away." - Author: Henry Miller