[Never Have I Found The Limits Of The Photographic Potential. Every Horizon, Upon Being Reached, Reveals Another Beckoning In The Distance. Always, I Am On The Threshold.]

Author: W. Eugene Smith Quotes

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Alexander Lebedev Quotes

"I am probably the biggest equity investor in the history of modern Russia."

Czon Quotes

"Vampires.I´ve come across a few of them through the years, thought that I got rid of them, Fate wanted otherwise.."

Saigyo Quotes

"Todays satori:Such a change of mind wouldNot exist withoutMy lifelong habit of havingMy mind immersed in blossoms."

Nyan Prater Quotes

"If religion is the answer, the question must be utterly absurd."

Kim Stanley Robinson Quotes

"The only part of an argument that really matters is what we think of the people arguing."

Kate Adie Quotes

"Ive never been one to sit around and eat my heart out. Lifes too short."

Philip Green Quotes

"Im in the retail business, not the circus business."

Richard Kind Quotes

"Doing theater, I call it concentrated shampoo. You put a dime in the palm of your hand and you get a headful of lather. When you do a play, youre there for two and a half hours, and you live a lifetime."

Laurie Garrett Quotes

"In all, 86 per cent of the increased life expectancy was due to decreases in infectious diseases. And the bulk of the decline in infectious disease deaths occurred prior to the age of antibiotics. Less than 4 per cent of the total improvement in life expectancy since 1700s can be credited to twentieth-century advances in medical care."

John Franklin Bardin Quotes

"Not today! No, never again would she sit by the window, her back turned so she would not see him walk down the flagstone path with Dr Danzer, the limp volume of her favourite Bach spread open to the first page of the text, the black notes swarming before her eyes, her fingers arching in elaborate dumb-show as they practised the first trill, her mind on the beats, the leaning upon the upper note, the precise apperception of the stopping point - not a moment to soon, not a moment too late - and in her ears once more the sound, the slow dignity, of Anna Magdalenas sarabande, a delicate ornament for her melancholy."

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Quotes About Digital Advertising

"At the casting sessions it was all boys and though I wasnt exactly bored I didnt need to be there, and songs constantly floating in the car keep commenting on everything neutral encased within the windshields frame ( … one time you were blowing young ruffians … sung over the digital billboard on Sunset advertising the new Pixar movie) and the fear builds into a muted fury and then has no choice but to melt away into a simple and addictive sadness." - Author: Bret Easton Ellis

Quotes About Gene

"The world has genetically modified opinions, but mine are organic. Taste them and you will see." - Author: Jarod Kintz

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"Grandma Mazur stood two feet back from my mother. "I gotta get me a pair if those," she said, eyeballing my shorts. "Ive still got pretty good legs, you know." She raised her skirt and looked down at her knees. "What do you think? You think Id look good in them biker things?" Grandma Mazur had knees like doorknobs." - Author: Janet Evanovich

Quotes About Attraction To Someone

"The world population is nearing seven billion. John Travolta and Farrah Fawcett didnt procreate and produce all seven thousand million of us. Audrey Hepburn and Burt Lancaster didnt personally populate the world. Almost every child that was ever born is the byproduct of two everyday people who found each other attractive enough to go jump in the sack together. Almost every child that was ever born came about because two everyday people thought the other was attractive enough to warrant a second glance. If you want proof that attraction belongs to the individual, go sit on a bench at the mall and look at all the different couples walking by.You will believe that there literally is someone for everyone." - Author: Dan Pearce

Quotes About Cool Moms

"I dont know that I have any role models now that are fixed. Definitely my mom - shes the coolest. Shes worked really hard her whole life and I just think shes got a great attitude. Moms just know so much its so silly." - Author: Larisa Oleynik

Quotes About Movie Sets

"Elephant, beyond the fact that their size and conformation are aesthetically more suited to the treading of this earth than our angular informity, have an average intelligence comparable to our own. Of course they are less agile and physically less adaptable than ourselves -- nature having developed their bodies in one direction and their brains in another, while human beings, on the other hand, drew from Mr. Darwins lottery of evolution both the winning ticket and the stub to match it. This, I suppose, is why we are so wonderful and can make movies and electric razors and wireless sets -- and guns with which to shoot the elephant, the hare, clay pigeons, and each other." - Author: Beryl Markham

Quotes About Automne

"Chanson dautomneLes sanglots longsDes violons De lautomneBlessent mon coeur Dune langueur Monotone.Tout suffocant Et blême, quand Sonne lheure,Je me souviens Des jours anciens Et je pleure ;Et je men vaisAu vent mauvais Qui memporteDeçà, delà,Pareil à la Feuille morte." - Author: Paul Verlaine

Quotes About Woman Of Substance

"One must not live ones life through men but must be complete on oneself as a woman of substance." - Author: Helen Fielding

Quotes About Business Transactions

"When God brought the first man his spouse, he brought him not just a lover but the friend his heart had been seeking. Proverbs 2:17 speaks of ones spouse as your "allup," a unique word that the lexicons define as your "special confidant" or "best friend." In an age where women were often seen as the husbands property, and marriages were mainly business deals and transactions seeking to increase the familys social status and security, it was startling for the Bible to describe a spouse in this way. But in todays society, with its emphasis on romance and sex, it is just as radical to insist that your spouse should be your best friend, though for a different reason. In tribal societies, romance doesnt matter as much as social status, and in individualistic Western societies, romance and great sex matter far more than anything else. The Bible, however, without ignoring the importance of romance, puts great emphasis on marriage as companionship." - Author: Timothy Keller

Quotes About Switzerland

"Jacob wrote that the true poet ‘is like a man who is happy anywhere, in endless measure, if he is allowed to look at leaves and grass, to see the sun rise and set. The false poet travels abroad in strange countries and hopes to be uplifted by the mountains of Switzerland, the sky and sea of Italy. He comes to them and is dissatisfied. He is not as happy as the man who stays at home and sees the apple trees flower in spring, and hears the small birds singing among the branches" - Author: Jacob Grimm