[Never Trust The Occultist Who Tells You That He Is The Head Of A Tradition, Because If He Were, In The First Place, He Would Not Tell The Fact To The Uninitiated, And In The Second Place He Would In All Probability Be Living In Great Seclusion And Inaccessible To All But His Immediate Subordinates. If A Man Is A Great Artist He Does Not Need To Inform Us Of The Fact; We Shall Know Him By His Pictures That Are Hung In The Galleries Of The Nation, And We Shall, Moreover, Find That He Guards Himself From Casual Acquaintances Because Of The Inroads On His Time To Which His Fame Renders Him Liable. The More Eminent A Person, The Harder He Is To Approach, Not Out Of Any Spirit Of Pride And Exclusiveness, But Because So Many People Want To See Him That Discrimination Has To Be Used In Admitting Them.]

Author: Dion Fortune Quotes

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"Why would you waste a second of your life, when thats one less second you get to live?"

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"I used to think 40 was old. Now I think, Hey, 40s hot!"

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"Tomorrow is not another day; tomorrow is todays backup plan."

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"You want science and studies? Fuck you. Ive got scars and blood and vomit."

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"Long before the Europeans arrived in Africa, the blacks were enslaving each other. They still do," said Valmorain. "Just as whites are enslaving each other, monsieur," the physician countered. "Not all Negroes are slaves, nor all slaves black. Africa is a continent of free people. Millions of Africans are subjected to slavery but many more are free. Slavery is not their destiny, just as is also the case with thousands of whites who are slaves."

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"At the back of my mind I wanted to be a journalist when I grew up since I didnt seem to be getting any better at goalkeeping."

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"Ive already figured out when Im going to be No. 2 and No. 1."

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"Education does loads of things for girls that wont surprise you at all - it provides self-esteem, teaches important life skills, and offers the kinds of choices a good education can give anyone."

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"Reality isnt the way you wish things to be, nor the way they appear to be, but the way they actually are."

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"I have had a few turning points, the first day I entered a gymnastics school at age 6."

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"If your fundamental is a man dying on the cross for his enemies, if the very heart of your self-image and your religion is a man praying for his enemies as he died for them, sacrificing for them, loving them - if that sinks into your heart of hearts, its going to produce the kind of life that the early Christians produced. The most inclusive possible life out of the most exclusive possible claim - and that is this is the truth. But what is the truth? The truth is a God become weak, loving and dying for the people who opposed him, dying forgiving them." - Author: Timothy Keller

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"Its not the writing part thats hard. Whats hard is sitting down to write.What keeps us from sitting down is Resistance." - Author: Steven Pressfield

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"In the time we spend reeling in confusion, grasping at straws trying to piece our egos together, we forget to acknowledge some things. Society created gender roles and categorizations and lifestyles and names and titles because we fear the unknown, especially when the unknown is us.Its as though were stranded in the middle of an ocean, but we were promised the current would bring us back ashore. Were given all we need on the life raft. As far as we can see, were being led back, slowly. We dont know when well approach the shore, but all evidence points to the fact that we will. But we dont spend our time looking around, enjoying the view, seeing who came with us, and riding out the waves. We sit and panic about what were doing and why we came here.It doesnt matter where we started because we may never know. It matters where were going, because that, we do. We begin and we end. Weve seen one, so theres only one other option." - Author: Brianna Wiest

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"Jimmy: One day, when Im no longer spending my days running a sweet-stall, I may write a book about us all. Its all here. (slapping his forehead) Written in flames a mile high. And it wont be recollected in tranquillity either, picking daffodils with Auntie Wordsworth. Itll be recollected in fire, and blood. My blood." - Author: John Osborne

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"A good self-esteem level is mostly dependant on how we value ourselves without any bias." - Author: Stephen Richards

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"Heroes who shed their blood and lost their lives! You are now lying in the soil of a friendly country. Therefore rest in peace. There is no difference between the Johnnies and Mehmets to us where they lie side by side here in this country of ours. You, the mothers, who sent their sons from far away countries wipe away your tears; your sons are now lying in our bosom and are in peace. After having lost their lives on this land they have become our sons as well." - Author: Mustafa Kemal Atatürk

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