[Never Trust The Occultist Who Tells You That He Is The Head Of A Tradition, Because If He Were, In The First Place, He Would Not Tell The Fact To The Uninitiated, And In The Second Place He Would In All Probability Be Living In Great Seclusion And Inaccessible To All But His Immediate Subordinates. If A Man Is A Great Artist He Does Not Need To Inform Us Of The Fact; We Shall Know Him By His Pictures That Are Hung In The Galleries Of The Nation, And We Shall, Moreover, Find That He Guards Himself From Casual Acquaintances Because Of The Inroads On His Time To Which His Fame Renders Him Liable. The More Eminent A Person, The Harder He Is To Approach, Not Out Of Any Spirit Of Pride And Exclusiveness, But Because So Many People Want To See Him That Discrimination Has To Be Used In Admitting Them.]

Author: Dion Fortune Quotes

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