[Nevertheless, When It Is Your Lot To Have To Endure Something That Is (or Seems To You) Worse Than The Ordinary Lot Of Mankind, Spinoza's Principle Of Thinking About The Whole, Or At Any Rate About Larger Matters Than Your Own Grief, Is A Useful One. There Are Even Times When It Is Comforting To Reflect That Human Life, With All That Is Contains Of Evil And Suffering, Is An Infinitesimal Part Of The Life Of The Universe. Such Reflections May Not Suffice To Constitute A Religion, But In A Painful World They Are A Help Towards Sanity And An Antidote To The Paralysis Of Utter Despair. - About Spinoza]

Author: Bertrand Russell Quotes

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Neil A Maxwell Quotes

"You rock a sobbing child without wondering if todays world is passing you by, because you know you hold tomorrow in your arms."

Satyajit Das Quotes

"Risk management seemed to have completed its transformation into pure entertainment. Dudley seemed the epitome of a risk manager who would drown crossing a river that was 12 inches in depth on average."

David Einhorn Quotes

"Both poker and investing are games of incomplete information. You have a certain set of facts and you are looking for situations where you have an edge, whether the edge is psychological or statistical."

Brian A Leslie Quotes

"True success cannot be achieved until you have experienced failure"

Nicolette Day Quotes

"The next three hours went by in a mind-numbing haze. By the time the cab pulled up to the airport terminal, she was pissed. Not at him though. She wanted to be-shed fallen back in love with him, and he couldnt even stick around to have a waffle and say good-bye?-but she couldnt."

Christopher McDougall Quotes

"Just move your legs. Because if you dont think you were born to run, youre not only denying history. Youre denying who you are."

Anamika Mishra Quotes

"True joy of nature is when every drop of water shines like a pearl."

WHD Rouse Quotes

"My heart is hardy, for I have suffered much on the seas and the battlefield: this will be only something more. But a ravenous belly cannot be hid, damn the thing. It gives a world of trouble to men, makes them fit out fleets of ships and scour the barren sea, to bring misery on their enemies."

Lord Acton Quotes

"Learn as much by writing as by reading."

Fleur Adcock Quotes

"It is 5 a.m. All the worse things come stalking in and stand icily about the bed looking worse and worse and worse.-From the poem Fear"

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Quotes About Onyx Stone

"It was an unusual sunset. Having sat behind opaque drapery all day, I had not realized that a storm was pushing in and that much of the sky was the precise shade of old suits of armor one finds in museums. At the same time, patches of brilliance engaged in a territorial dispute with the oncoming onyx of the storm. Light and darkness mingled in strange ways both above and below. Shadows and sunshine washed together, streaking the landscape with an unearthly study of glare and gloom. Bright clouds and black folded into each other in a no-mans land of the sky. The autumn trees took on the appearance of sculptures formed in a dream, their leaden-colored trunks and branches and iron-red leaves all locked in an infinite and unliving moment, unnaturally timeless. The gray lake slowly tossed and tumbled in a dead sleep, nudging unconsciously against its breakwall of numb stone. A scene of contradiction and ambivalence, a tragicomedic haze over all. A land of perfect twilight." - Author: Thomas Ligotti

Quotes About Being Broken And Put Back Together

"The world being broken. Maybe it isnt that were supposed to find the pieces and put them back together. Maybe were the pieces. - Nick" - Author: Rachel Cohn

Quotes About Precaution

"Darkis pointed toward the dwarf sitting btween them on the ground. "Uh, dont you think thats a bit much?"Turi and Ethis each held separate ropes around the bound hands and feet of the dwarf. A gag was tied tightly over hi mouth.Ethis considered the prisoner for a moment before replying. "No, it seems a resonable precaution." "Why? What did he do?" Darkis said. The chimera looked at each other, thier blank faces considering for a moment. "He kept promising not to escape," Thuri answerd at last. "He promised not to escape," Darkis asked, his brow furrowed with the puzzle, "and so you tied him up?""He wouldnt shut up about it," Ethis replied, his large eyes blinking indignantly. "He kept going on and on about how we could trust him and how he had nowhere to run and how he was glad it was us who took him as a slave captive of war.""It was unnerving," Thuri finished." - Author: Tracy Hickman

Quotes About Sangu

"O que é o desejo do nosso coração?""A vingança," a voz dele era baixa, como se tivesse receio de que alguém estivesse ouvindo. "A justiça," Príncipe Doran pressionou o dragão de ônix contra a palma da mão dela com seus dedos inchados e gotosos, e murmurou "Fogo e sangue." - Author: George R.R. Martin

Quotes About Name Meanings

"Since then I have learned many things, and above all the way in which dinosaurs conquer. First I had believed that disappearing had been, for my brothers, the magnanimous acceptance of a defeat; now I knew that the more the dinosaurs disappear, the more they extend their dominion, and over forests far more vast than those that cover the continents: in the labyrinth of the survivors thoughts. From the semidarkness of fears and doubts of now ignorant generations, the Dinosaurs continued to extend their necks, to raise their taloned hoofs, and when the last shadow of their image had been erased, their name went on, superimposed on all meanings, perpetuating their presence in relations among living beings. Now, when the name too had been erased, they would become one thing with the mute and anonymous molds of thought, through which thoughts take on form and substance: by the New Ones, and by those who would come after the New Ones, and those who would come even after them." - Author: Italo Calvino

Quotes About Dinner Dance

"I would rather go swimming with great white sharks than wade in romance cause I can never find the courage to ask her to dinner or even to dance." - Author: Adam Young

Quotes About Every Morning

"One writer I know tells me that he sits down every morning and says to himself nicely, "Its not like you dont have a choice, because you do-- you can either type or kill yourself." - Author: Anne Lamott

Quotes About Organic Life

"Community is like a garden, it is an organic living thing; if it is neglected, it can overgrow with weeds and suffer decline. Communities must be actively maintained... all this activity is the lifeblood of culture, and this is where the essence of patriotic spirit and a sense of togetherness is born." - Author: Cory Bernardi

Quotes About Love Wiz

"It was a terrible thing to undergo, but during the year I stood there I had time to think that the greatest loss I had known was the loss of my heart. While I was in love I was the happiest man on earth; but no one can love who has not a heart, and so I am resolved to ask Oz to give me one. - The Tin Woodsman, The Wonderful Wizard of Oz pgs 72-73." - Author: L. Frank Baum

Quotes About Everdeen

"Your stylist turned out to be prophetic in his wardrobe choice. Katniss Everdeen, the girl who was on fire, you have provided a spark that, left unattended, may grow to an inferno that destroys Panem." - Author: Suzanne Collins