[Nevertheless, When It Is Your Lot To Have To Endure Something That Is (or Seems To You) Worse Than The Ordinary Lot Of Mankind, Spinoza's Principle Of Thinking About The Whole, Or At Any Rate About Larger Matters Than Your Own Grief, Is A Useful One. There Are Even Times When It Is Comforting To Reflect That Human Life, With All That Is Contains Of Evil And Suffering, Is An Infinitesimal Part Of The Life Of The Universe. Such Reflections May Not Suffice To Constitute A Religion, But In A Painful World They Are A Help Towards Sanity And An Antidote To The Paralysis Of Utter Despair. - About Spinoza]

Author: Bertrand Russell Quotes

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"Love is all fun and games until someone loses an eye or gets pregnant."

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"In my work, I construct texts and images. Between those two points the blur occurs. Each is altered by the other again and again, back and forth."

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"Are you a journalist?""Im a doctor.""Good. We need doctors, Wallahi." Sadoon scowled. "Journalists only tell lies and smuggle carpets."

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"Its been a grand, elevating, life-confirming experience these last two years."

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"Knowing how to paint and to use ones colors rightly has not any connection with originality. This originality consists in properly expressing your own impressions."

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"Choice betrays character," I said."Thats not true." Loring moved his finger along thesheet as if writing his name in cursive. "Eliza, you cant judge a man solely on his actions. Sometimes actions are nothing more than reactions."

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"The reason many people fail is not for lack of vision but for lack of resolve and resolve is born out of counting the cost."

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"My father had retained an emotional affection for the ceremonial of his parental home, without allowing it to influence his intellectual freedom." - Author: Franz Boas

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