[Nevertheless, When It Is Your Lot To Have To Endure Something That Is (or Seems To You) Worse Than The Ordinary Lot Of Mankind, Spinoza's Principle Of Thinking About The Whole, Or At Any Rate About Larger Matters Than Your Own Grief, Is A Useful One. There Are Even Times When It Is Comforting To Reflect That Human Life, With All That Is Contains Of Evil And Suffering, Is An Infinitesimal Part Of The Life Of The Universe. Such Reflections May Not Suffice To Constitute A Religion, But In A Painful World They Are A Help Towards Sanity And An Antidote To The Paralysis Of Utter Despair. - About Spinoza]

Author: Bertrand Russell Quotes

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"Nostalgia"How often we use this word reminiscing about the past - our childhood, school days, college days.. We feel nostalgic, we dwell in the memories of the past, we talk about how great those days were and how we would do anything to just go back in time and live those days again..Perhaps we fail to realize the fact that tomorrow we will say the same things about today, about the days we are living in now, about the emotions we are feeling now, about the time we are spending now..I love this day. I love this weird feeling I feel today. I belong here." - Author: Sanhita Baruah

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