[New Rule: Conspiracy Theorists Who Are Claiming That We Didn't Really Kill Bin Laden Must Be Reminded That They Didn't Think He Did The Crime In The First Place. Come On, Nutjobs, Keep Your Bullshit Straight: The Towers Were Brought Down In A Controlled Demolition By George W. Bush To Distract Attention From Hawaii, Where CIA Operatives Were Planting Phony Birth Records So That A Kenyan Named Barack Obama Could Someday Rise To Power And Pretend To Take Out The Guy We Pretended Took Out The Towers. And I Know That's True Because I Just Got It In An E-mail From Trump.]

Author: Bill Maher Quotes

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Jean Simmons Quotes

"If I hadnt gone to dancing school, I would have married and had children like my mum and had a normal life."

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"My perfect morning is spent drinking coffee, eating porridge and reading the paper at a local cafe."

Samora Machel Quotes

"Salaries and wages must reflect the reality of the enterprises economic performance; deviations from the planned performance should be reflected in pay."

James Wolfe Quotes

"A few regular troops from old France, weakened by hunger and sickness, who, when fresh, were unable to withstand the British soldiers, are their generals chief dependence."

Robert Turnbull Quotes

"The greatest mathematics has the simplicity and inevitableness of supreme poetry and music, standing on the borderland of all that is wonderful in Science, and all that is beautiful in Art."

Lysa TerKeurst Quotes

"Forgiveness is mandatory; reconciliation is optional."

Amy Fusselman Quotes

"My dad is dead. And as I type this, by the window, on the rainy day, I am alive, yes. I am living. But sometimes it doesnt feel like I am doing it fast enough, or hard enough, or all the way. And it is times like that when I can understand wanting a cigarette in my hand, then my mouth, then my hand again. Holding the cigarette. Tending to the cigarette. Giving the cigarette what it needs. Tapping it in the ashtray. Sucking on it.Then flicking it in the street, like it meant nothing to me."

Stan Rice Quotes

"For the book unwritten is the book burned."

Thomas Arnalsteen Quotes

"Live healthy NOW, You wont regret it"

AE Housman Quotes

"The sum of things to be known is inexhaustible, and however long we read, we shall never come to the end of our story-book."(Introductory lecture as professor of Latin at University College, London, 3 October 1892)"

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"Reading is an act of resistance in a landscape of distraction.... We regain the world by withdrawing from it just a little by stepping back from the noise." - Author: David L. Ulin

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"People peep into boxes at moving stereoscopic prints, imagining theyre in other worlds, and the crowd around a glassblower wonders whether icicles have formed in summer. Potted trees revive and suddenly look fresh when a florist sprinkles water on them, while papier-mâché turtles hanging out for sale move in the wind and take on souls." - Author: Haruo Shirane

Quotes About Thinkers

"Talk of world peace is heard today only among the white peoples, and not among the much more numerous coloured races. This is a perilous state of affairs. When individual thinkers and idealists talk of peace, as they have done since time immemorial, the effect is negligible. But when whole peoples become pacifistic it is a symptom of senility. Strong and unspent races are not pacifistic. To adopt such a position is to abandon the future, for the pacifist ideal is a terminal condition that is contrary to the basic facts of existence. As long as man continues to evolve, there will be wars..." - Author: Oswald Spengler

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"Most business schools are geared toward churning out investment bankers and management consultants." - Author: Vivek Wadhwa

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"Besides, Rose Bradwardine, beautiful and amiable as we have described her, had not precisely the sort of beauty or merit which captivates a romantic imagination in early youth. She was too frank, too confiding, too kind; amiable qualities, undoubtedly, but destructive of the marvellous, with which a youth of imagination delights to dress the empress of his affections." - Author: Walter Scott

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"We have a need to be religious, we need to worship, we need to build totems and shrines and icons, but nobodys sure in honor of what." - Author: Robyn Hitchcock

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"If the followers of the Oversoul are kept blind, if they cant judge the Oversouls purpose for themselves, then they arent freely choosing between good and evil, or between wise and foolish, but are only choosing to subsume themselves in the purposes of the Oversoul How can the Oversouls plans be well-served, if all its followers are the kind of weak-souled people who are willing to obey the Oversoul without understanding? I will serve you, Oversoul, with my whole heart Ill serve you, if I understand what youre trying to do, what it means. And if your purpose is a good one... I will not be tamed, only persuaded. I will not be coerced or led blindly or tricked or bullied -- I am willing only to be convinced. If you dont trust your own basic goodness enough to tell me what youre trying to do, Oversoul, then youre confessing your own moral weakness and Ill never serve you." - Author: Orson Scott Card

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"America is in a runaway-train position and dragging all the world with it. Its grotesquely mentally ill." - Author: Joni Mitchell

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"The Taylors have this gift for imperturbable presence. They are not nervous talkers. The Harrises, on the other hand, have always been constant talkers, not so much for the sake of entertainment or information but because if a silence caught and held for too long they might have fallen into a bottomless sullen discord, a frozen mutual quietude that could never be broken because there never had been and never would be a shared topic of sufficient reviving urgency (not at least one either of his parents could bear to broach), and so they needed to hydroplane forward together on an ever-replenished slick of remark and opinion..." - Author: Michael Cunningham

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"When the great history of trouble is written, my family will stand extremely high in the table of contents." - Author: Allan Sherman