[New Rule: Stop Calling Bagpipes A Musical Instrument. They're Actually A Scottish Breathalyzer Test. You Blow Into One End, And If The Sound That Comes Out The Other End Doesn't Make You Want To Kill Yourself--you're Not Drunk Enough.]

Author: Bill Maher Quotes

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Sue Moorcroft Quotes

"Were not mad. Were inhabited"

Larry Gagosian Quotes

"I dont wear plaid shirts."

Natalie Martinez Quotes

"Being Latina for me is also being a strong woman."

Kate Noble Quotes

"So often, she had found herself transported by music. She would get lost, lose herself to the time and fullness of the tones, the way it conjured up air around her as she listened or as she played. But this, she thought, one did not get lost in this music.One was delivered by it."

Jennifer Brown Quotes

"I didnt answer. Just shook my head and let the tears roll. "I just want it to go away. I just want all the drama to stop. Nobody would believe me anyway," I whispered. "Nobody would care."

Kevin McCarthy Quotes

"There are two different types of leader. A person can either be like a thermometer or a thermostat. A thermometer will tell you what the temperature is. A thermostat will not only tell you what the temperature is, but itll move you to the temperature you need to get to."

George H Smith Quotes

"When conformity is required, as it is in Christianity, what are the results? To begin with, the sacrifice of truth inevitably follows. One can be committed to conformity or one can be committed to truth, but not both. The pursuit of truth requires the unrestricted use of ones mind--the moral freedom to question, to examine evidence, to consider opposing viewpoints, to criticize, to accept as true only that which can be demonstrated--regardless whether ones conclusions conform to a particular creed."

Jeffrey D Sachs Quotes

"Si continuamos haciendo las cosas como de costumbre, acabaremos padeciendo una crisis social y ecológica de consecuencias catastróficas"

Ruth Wilson Quotes

"What really excites me is the unknown, and getting to grips with something you have no idea about."

Juliano Alves Quotes

"We live in an illusion of safety while we hide in caves made ​​of glass looking for trees of concrete. Even our music resounds with the drums of the past."

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"When a child is locked in the bathroom with water running and he says hes doing nothing but the dog is barking, call 911." - Author: Erma Bombeck

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"There is a vast expanse of time before the Norman Conquest in 1066, from which fragments of literary texts remain, although these fragments make quite a substantial body of work. If we consider that the same expanse of time has passed between Shakespeares time and now as passed between the earliest extant text and 1066, we can begin to imagine just how much literary expression there must have been. But these centuries remain largely dark to us, apart from a few illuminating flashes and fragments, since almost all of it was never written down, and since most of what was preserved in writing was destroyed later, particularly during the 1530s." - Author: Ronald Carter

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"(...) o conhecimento e a comunicação com os maus elementos do nosso próprio sexo é muitas vezes tão fatal para a inocência quanto todas as seduções do outro." - Author: John Cleland

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"When he reached his own room again, he found Khloe curled up on his bed, asleep. He stood over her, watching her sleep peacefully for a few moments before taking a deep breath and moving to the other side of the bed. He sat down on top of the covers next to her and watched the rise and fall of her chest as she slept. He withdrew a leather bond journal from the nightstand drawer and tried to push Hecates words from his mind.Khloe is yours to deal with." - Author: Lia Davis

Quotes About Loving While You Can

"And of course Brian was far more upset about separation from those two blond moppets than about leaving Louise. There shouldnt be any problem loving both, but for some reason certain men choose; like good mutual-fund managers minimizing risk while maximizing portfolio yield, they take everything they once invested in their wives and sink it into their children instead. What is it? Do they seem safer, because they need you? Because you can never become their ex-father, as I think I might become your ex-wife?" - Author: Lionel Shriver

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"Innocent tourists? You make me sound like the big bad wolf.""And youre not?" I questioned."Only if youre Red Riding Hood," he said flirtatiously."Wow, thats original." - Author: Alyssa Rose Ivy

Quotes About Blinded To The Truth

"Truth is always stranger than fiction. We craft fiction to match our sense of how things ought to be, but truth cannot be crafted. Truth is, and truth has a way of astonishing us to our knees. Reminding us, that the universe does not exist to fulfill our expectations. Because we are imperfect beings who are self-blinded to the truth of the worlds stunning complexity, we shave reality to paper thin theories and ideologies that we can easily grasp – and we call them truths. But the truth of a sea in all its immensity cannot be embodied in one tidewashed pebble." - Author: Dean Koontz

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"Most of the time, beauty lies in the simplest of things." - Author: Winna Efendi

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"Sartre, in his memoirs, confessed to much the same experience. "Like Plato, I passed from knowledge to its subject. I found more reality in the idea than in the thing because it was given to me first and because it was given for a thing. It was in books that I encountered the universe: digested, classified, labelled, mediated, still formidable." - Author: Alberto Manguel

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"From secrecy and deception in high places, come home, America. From military spending so wasteful that it weakens our nation, come home, America." - Author: George McGovern