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Author: Amanda Stephan Quotes

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Jo Ana Starr Quotes

"Your beliefs create your world."

Amiri Baraka Quotes

"You look like death eating a soda cracker."

Kenny Guinn Quotes

"Gaming is the backbone of Nevadas economy."

Paul Gauguin Quotes

"Art is either revolution or plagiarism"

Staind Quotes

"I sit here locked inside my headRemembering everything youve saidThe silence gets us no whereGets us no where way too fast"

PT Forsyth Quotes

"Prayer is not mere wishing. It is asking – with a will. . . . It is energy. We turn to an active Giver; therefore we go into action."

Sal Albanese Quotes

"Id love to have our trains, our subway cars and our taxis built right here in New York City. You can create 40,000 living wage jobs... the citys contracting power is huge."

Sarah Warning Potentially Off Topic Quotes

"This is fan fiction, but its the fan fiction of a classical scholar who knows his stuff, even if he is a touch irreverent and unorthodox."

Rick Kennedy Quotes

"Tokyo is a very safe city. At night it becomes quiet the way New York never does."

Al Maarri Quotes

"Make not, when you work a deed of shame, The scoundrels plea, My forbears did the same."

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Quotes About How He Will Miss Me

"Though he may dally with loose women, hes been raised a gentleman. He would never touch me unless I gave him permission." He might use incredibly powerful seduction tactics, but that was her problem, not Anguss."Aye," Mary said. "Dont ye remember how the miss took care o the squires son when he tried to kiss her in the garden?" She beamed at Sophia. "That was well done."Sophia grinned. "He limped for a week"Angus grunted. "The squires son isnt half the man this one is. This is no boy yere dealin with here. Hes a mans man;ye can see it in his eyes."She placed a hand on his arm. "Angus, if it will make you feel better, I promise to call for help if MacLean so much as looks askance at me." - Author: Karen Hawkins

Quotes About Different Communities

"Relying on hard data, committing to open and democratic communication, acknowledging fallibility: these are the central tenets of any system that aims to protect us from error. They are also markedly different from how we normally think—from our often hasty and asymmetric treatment of evidence, from the cloistering effects of insular communities, and from our instinctive recourse to defensiveness and denial." - Author: Kathryn Schulz

Quotes About Neutral Feelings

"To be neutral does not mean to be indifferent or insensitive. You dont have to kill your feelings. Its enough to kill hatred within yourself." - Author: Andrzej Sapkowski

Quotes About Orion

"Orion nodded, then asked, "Dwarf cheese?""Cheese made by dwarfs.""Oh," said Orion, relieved. "They make it. Its not actually . . .""No. What a horrible thought.""Exactly." - Author: Eoin Colfer

Quotes About Regret And Trust

"l do not trust easily.So when l tell you l trust you .Please,dont make me regret it." - Author: Simbarashe Dungare

Quotes About Ice Cream Flavors

"And I was normally a pretty emotional person. In any given day, I experienced a hundred different things like I was trying ice cream flavors." - Author: Jennifer L. Armentrout

Quotes About Barking Up The Wrong Tree

"Hey, Alec," he said.The man was on his hands and knees, leaning his face into the middle of a bush; he grunted something that kind of sounded like a "Yeah?""Why are we spending so much time on this side of where we left them?"Alec pulled himself out of the bush and looked back at him. "Seemed logical. Id think they either followed us out of here to find us, or they were taken by the same yahoos who attacked us. Or... maybe they went to investigate the fire."Mark thought that was all barking up the wrong tree. "Or they ran away from the fire. Not every person on earth is as wacky-brained as you, good sir. Most people see a huge roaring inferno coming at them? They decide to cut and run. Just saying." - Author: James Dashner

Quotes About Life Of A Man

"For as we would wish that a painter who is to draw a beautiful face, in which there is yet some imperfection, should neither wholly leave out, nor yet too pointedly express what is defective, because this would deform it, and that spoil the resemblance; so since it is hard, or indeed perhaps impossible, to show the life of a man wholly free from blemish, in all that is excellent we must follow truth exactly, and give it fully; any lapses or faults that occur, through human passions or political necessities, we may regard rather as the shortcomings of some particular virtue, than as the natural effects of vice; and may be content without introducing them, curiously and officiously, into our narrative, if it be but out of tenderness to the weakness of nature, which has never succeeded in producing any human character so perfect in virtue as to be pure from all admixture and open to no criticism." - Author: Plutarch

Quotes About Vanzetti

"The trial of Jesus of Nazareth, the trial and rehabilitation of Joan of Arc, any one of the witchcraft trials in Salem during 1691, the Moscow trials of 1937 during which Stalin destroyed all of the founders of the 1924 Soviet REvolution, the Sacco-Vanzetti trial of 1920 through 1927- there are many trials such as these in which the victim was already condemned to death before the trial took place, and it took place only to cover up the real meaning: the accused was to be put to death. These are trials in which the judge, the counsel, the jury, and the witnesses are the criminals, not the accused. For any believer in capital punishment, the fear of an honest mistake on the part of all concerned is cited as the main argument against the final terrible decision to carry out the death sentence. There is the frightful possibility in all such trials as these that the judgement has already been pronounced and the trial is just a mask for murder." - Author: Katherine Anne Porter

Quotes About Sunday Afternoon

"After all, these were not topics you could discuss with someone else; what was there to say to another person about how it felt? You could concoct things you wanted but in certain moments the light shifted or time slowed – on Sundays in particular, time slowed, and occasionally on Saturday afternoons, if you didnt have a game – and you saw that it was all really nothing. It was just endlessness and what you got or didnt get would hardly make a difference, and then what was there? The loathsomely familiar room where you lived, your horrible face and body, and the rebuke of other people, how they were unbothered, how you would seem, if you tried to explain, kind of weird and kind of boring and not even original. Why did their lives proceed so easily? Why was it that you needed to convince them and they needed to be convinced and not the other way around? Not, of course, that you would actually succeed if you tried." - Author: Curtis Sittenfeld