[-No Me Lo Prometas A Mí, Cass. Prométetelo A Ti Misma.]

Author: Y.S. Lee Quotes

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Ted Conover Quotes

"...required for good fiction: character, conflict, change through time. And if youre really blessed, you get resolution. But life doesnt usually work out that way."

Victoria Justice Quotes

"I do love getting dressed up, but sometimes its glam and edgy mixed together."

Katee Sackhoff Quotes

"Im a bit insane when it comes to doing my own stunts and getting down and dirty. Its fun, you know? Its things I wouldnt normally do in my real life, so when I go to work and get to beat people up and shoot guns and get waterboarded, those are things I find completely interesting."

Andrew W Saul Quotes

"Good nutrition and vitamins do not directly cure disease, the body does. You provide the raw materials and the inborn wisdom of your body makes the repairs. Someday healthcare without megavitamin therapy will be seen as we today see childbirth without sanitation or surgery without anaesthetic."

Andrew Von Eschenbach Quotes

"Our purpose in this project is to begin to turn that fear of cancer, actually Americas greatest fear, into a future, not only free of fear, but full of hope."

K Lamb Quotes

"Step inside your favorite storybook and become lost in a journey only your imagination can envision."

Richard Hanna Quotes

"I do think there is room at the very top for marginal tax changes."

Tom Jermoluk Quotes

"Forget UNIX - it will be gone in 5 years."

Atom Egoyan Quotes

"The programme has ended, something has finished, and he has a sense of something having finished its course, and then all of a sudden he turns away and this other thing has just finished its course, this other person."

Brian Behlendorf Quotes

"I think the most that Ive learned has been, how do I put this? The innate goodness inside of all of us."

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Quotes About Taking Last Breath

"The train blows through towndelivering reality,slapping my face and screaming,"You are alone"Rose colored memories drown,taking their last breath." - Author: Kellie Elmore

Quotes About Billy Elliot

"In a way, Billy Elliot was autobiographical. I cant dance, but I think his dancing was me discovering about writing and literature." - Author: Lee Hall

Quotes About Being Beautiful And Strong

"Heroes rarely look the way we draw them in our minds: attractive, imposing figures with rippling muscles and strong chins. More times than not they are humble beings, small and flawed. It is only their spirits that are beautiful and strong." - Author: Richard Paul Evans

Quotes About Ladies Underwear

"Ladies, dare to be a rainbow beneath your clothes. Do not wait for a special day to wear fancy underwears. Do not wait until you are old to wear orange. Everyday is special." - Author: Gloria D. Gonsalves

Quotes About Plateau

"Fear is that thing that keeps you up there on that other plateau. Fear is that thing that just keeps you closed down, and quite frankly, alone." - Author: Andrew Shue

Quotes About Good Writing Skills

"Like good reading skills, good writing skills require immersion and imaginative engagement." - Author: Sara Sheridan

Quotes About Sacrificar

"-Sí; ¿por qué te has de sacrificar así?-¿Quererla? Ella me quiere a mí. Ella me sacrifica por mí.- Pero es una mujer vieja, casi un cadáver; tu no puedes...- Ella tiene más vida que yo. Sí, es vieja, es repulsiva...Felipe, no quiero volver...no quiere ser como ella...otra...- Trata de enterrarte en vida. Tienes que renacer, Aura...- Hay que morir antes de renacer...No. No entiendes. Olvida, Felipe; ténme confianza." - Author: Carlos Fuentes

Quotes About To Thine Own Self Be True

"to thine own self to be true" - Author: William Shakespeare

Quotes About Almost Love

"Just when normal life felt almost possible - when the world held some kind of order, meaning, even loveliness (the prismatic spray of light through an icicle; the stillness of a sunrise), some small thing would go awry and veil of optimism was torn away, the barren world revealed. They learned, somehow, to wait those times out. There was no cure, no answer, no reparation. (161)" - Author: David Wroblewski

Quotes About Across

"I think were glazing eyes all across America." - Author: Ted Koppel